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  1. Made me look again... 7 day average: 22 4 week average: 19 1 year average: 20
  2. thanks. actually in thinking about it, when my heel is really hurting, I will use 2 feet sometimes. But I've done it because I have needed a little help/support. This makes a lot of since on why.
  3. I had shots as a kid but seems to have mostly gone away. Only allergy issues I really suffer from any more are bee stings and poison ivy. I haven't been stung often in many a year but I swell up like a balloon when I am. And poison ivy is the absolute suck. I break out like there's no tomorrow - and there's no shot for that. Actually kind of funny story... when I was probably about 13+/- I got poison ivy something terrible. The next spring I got a series of like 3 poison ivy 'vaccine shots'. A few months later I got poison ivy so bad that I ended up in the hospital for about a week and th
  4. hmmm. I usually do 1 legged both directions.
  5. Well, now that you point that out, we did get acquired by a company based in the UK a couple years ago - might be that the date was done intentionally to get back at us rebellious Americans!
  6. We got an email just yesterday morning that outlined the plan to get people back in the office. It opened the door (figuratively and literally) for people to start coming back in immediately with a semi-mandate to be back in the office fully by July 4th. I'll probably continue to WFH at least 1 day a week forever, maybe 2. But I'm also ready to go back - actually have been back in the office 1 or 2 days a week the last few weeks (sitting at my desk eating lunch as I type...).
  7. When I am having/was having issues and was in the office, whenever I got up to pee and/or walked past/up/down a staircase I would stop and do a handful of drops/raises with each foot. Seems like there would be a point where you would be doing too many I would think but I'm not a doctor nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  8. Haven't checked in lately. Basically have just been "maintaining". Weigh ins for the last couple of weeks bounce back and forth between 198 and 202. I am umpiring HS baseball games, which is doing 2 things - one is limiting running time, the other is I am not eating all that great. The 2 combined mean I'm pretty happy to not be gaining. The games do get in some exercise and the eating isn't totally out of control but definitely not where I need to be to keep losing.
  9. Not sure you can say I raced this but I feel compelled to give a little more info on it. This one was mostly flat - total elevation gain per strava for the 15k was about 285 feet. Start of the race was all relatively wide trails - first part a bit windy through some trees then wide open through fields - much like a lot of HS cross country courses. At about the 2.3 mile mark we split off to a loop we had to run twice. It was about a 3 mile loop. The first 1.5 miles was twisty single lane trail the had much of the hills in the course. Not a lot of tree roots or anything so I just worked on being
  10. Hadn't run in a week and a half... have umped baseball games almost every day of the week lately other than Sundays and do a bunch of yard work them. Ran the 3rd in the trail 15k series today. It was a flatter, faster course that went pretty well all things considered. Have to commit myself to early morning runs but tasks more resolve to do so than I've had lately.
  11. Yeah, I get it. Just kind of curious. Take the course this weekend - it had a couple sections that had downhill stairs, which made its own interesting obstacle. Just kind of crazy to think how much terrain makes a difference. I rolled through the first mile in about 8 minutes but it was basically nice and wide, flat to downhill and little to deal with in the way of roots, hills, etc. Mile 2 had a couple hills, some almost single lane areas, both stair descents, plenty of roots. Mile 3 started with a long steady uphill, and included a lengthy stretch through mud that got worse with each lap.
  12. Anyone ever seen anything on the level of effort of trail vs road running? I had searched some stuff before but couldn't really find anything that wasn't a generic "it is harder" kind of thing. I was thinking about it during/after my run last night. Saturday I ran a 15k trail race, total climb per strava of only like 550 feet. There was some mud and yuck in places but I struggled to finish with a 10:07 pace - given the way things map on trails, it could have been a little faster than that - considering I did a bonus .25 and the watch measured the whole thing at like 9.25. But even if you
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