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  1. I was thinking more time goal - you are running the half, right?
  2. what's your plan/goal running at the Monumental?
  3. I run the streets in my neighborhood regularly. For most of the run, it's not really necessary but those runs always involve a few street crossing and/or a patches along a busier road that I definitely prefer the extra light to make me more visible - plus I absolutely hate it when I am driving and come up on someone out for a walk/run and they are almost unseeable until you are right on top of them.
  4. Huge fan of the one I have. A number of people were wearing them in the 5k Thursday evening.
  5. Had the 5th and final Run (317) event tonight. Officialy 3.17 miles in 24:19. Felt more or less decent and was consistent throughout (7:36, 7:33, 7:41, 7:26 pace final .17ish). Still seems insane to me that I averaged a little faster than that pace for an entire half marathon right at 2 years ago. Oh to get back to that... not overnight but going to try and see what happens.
  6. Are we still in the running thread?
  7. For the record, "shape" should have nothing to do with coming to hang out and go for an easy long run with some friends, imo. Family stuff, on the other hand, is more than understandable. And if you ever let yardword keep you from a couple beers with buddies, you are doing it wrong! Yard work sucks.
  8. Much of my yard is currently turning into a giant mud pit as they is a lot of work going on. Going to need you to come put it all back together when they are done for me, imo!
  9. For some part of the rest of the weekend, I did contemplate trying to do something dumb and actually still do the full marathon - @Zasada saying something about planning to do it as a run walk had me tempted. Even this morning it took everything I had to push the button to officially change the entry. One part of me is going to be really really sad to make that left hand turn when the split happens but it will be much more enjoyable. Also, hope it will be something that gets me motivated again to tackle the rest of the year and 2022 with a much more consistent effort.
  10. Fort Ben HM Race Report First the self shaming... from August 22nd until October 1st, I ran a combined total of 31.2 miles. That was 3 weeks of 0.0 miles, 1 week of 7.2 miles, 1 week of 11 miles and 13 miles last week on 2 runs before Saturday... So then Saturday rolls around and I figure I'd just go do what I could and see how it turned out. I set the following goals, just to give me something to think about why trudging along: Just finish the damn thing - check No walking - check (although pace up the hill at mile 11 was a jog/shuffle, imo) Run at a mostly consistent pace - check (mostly - hill gets an *) Be under 2 hours - check Try to be about 1:55 or just under - X Pre-race - got up plenty early, had a movement and out the door with my breakfast to eat on the drive over. Couple cliff bars and a banana with a large glass of water. Got to the parking lot and the only 'warmup' was going to be the 1/2 mile or so walk to the starting area. Then got in line for another movement, which was significant. Finished up and came out of the port o pot right as the national anthem was playing. Hustled over to the starting line, ignored the "wave A" on my bib and looked for the 1:55 and 2:00 pacers. Fell in with them in wave B just as wave A was sent out on their way. Miles 1 and 2: 8:38 (HR 140), 8:48 (144) First mile is a gentle descent into the park and 2nd mile is nice and flat through the park before exiting out the backside to get to the first of 2 hills on the course. I was feeling pretty good here with a little too much energy... started to pull ahead of the 1:55 pacers and but realized that was dumb and made myself slow. Chatted with the 2 of them for awhile until we neared the 2 mile mark. Miles 3 - 7: 9:07 (155), 8:46 (161), 8:40 (163), 8:35 (166), 8:30(167) Toward the end of mile 3 is the beginning of the first hill and I started losing the 1:55 pacers a bit but I was ok with that. Miles 4 and 5 also are more or less uphill. My goal was to just stay calm and not work too hard until we got back out on 56th street, where I knew it would level out. I used the flat area from mile 4.25+/- to mile 7 to slowly catch back up to the 1:55 pacers, which I did at about the halfway point of the race. I could always see them but actually being beside them was nice. Miles 8-10: 8:46 (168), 8:36 (169), 8:50 (173) Here you turn back into the park and end of mile 8 into mile 9 goes back downhill. I really wanted to use this to pick up a little time on the pacers that I could use for the hill coming back out of the park, but just didn't quite have that. Mile 10 is nice and flat through the park and combo of my pace and my HR, I knew things were about to get tough. Miles 11 and 1: 9:36 (171), 9:04 (175) Toward the end of 11 is a lovely hill. It's not that much - like 70 feet up over .2 miles at the worst but it might as well have been a mountain. This year they embraced strava segments for it - they had special timing mats out for that section and had it all labeled as the "kill the hill challenge". A number of people went cruising past me here to get a time on that segment but I just did a slow crawl up the hill. Mile 12 is back out of the park with a little bit of a climb but not too bad. I tried to pick it back up a little but didn't have a lot in me. I lost sight of the 1:55 pacers by the time this was over but I knew that I was still going to be comfortably under 2 hours. Mile 13 and the finish: 8:47 (171), 1:58 for .23 miles (8:33 pace, 158 HR?) The last mile+ is basically flat but with a number of turns. I know where the finish is, but it isn't really visible until the very end. I had a few people near me that I was trying to pick off as motivation to get there as fast as possible. The last .23 says I had a little something left but it wasn't a ton. I was definitely feeling the end of this one. Official Results: 1:56:41, 318 of 1032, 240 of 550 men, 15 of 50 AG All in all I'm happy with the effort. Hoping to get a solid month of actual running in between now and the Monumental, where I just now changed my entry to do the half marathon. Goal there is to see how long I can keep up with Mr. London Marathon Smasher before he splits off to pace his group towards Broad Ripple while I take the shortcut to the finish line.
  11. Thanks. I would like to get sub 1:30. Need to find the motivation to run consistently... hoping to give it a go in the spring if I can get myself moving from now till then but it's hard some times. The one big thing you missed in the "la di da"... I decided a while ago that I am just planning to do the half at the Monumental. I haven't officially changed my registration but will be doing so this week - there's no chance I could run a sub 4 marathon. I might not be able to walk for a week if I even tried! A month or so ago, I realized I was neither remotely mentally nor physically prepared to really try to do a full right now. I figured I could gut out a couple of HM's and hopefully rekindle the fire to get consistent heading into the winter and give it all another go next year. The run today reminded me why I would really, really, really like to get out there consistently. I do love this stuff! Just have to develop some better habits! My hips ache pretty good right now, however. Heading out the door right after send to attend a wedding. Looking forward to the open bar afterwards to lube up the hips and get to feeling better!
  12. Will also be around after for awhile but have a fundraiser thing to go to that night.
  13. And I should be in for dinner. Might have a +1 but not sure.
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