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  1. Jan 1 - 214.0 Jan 8 - 211.4 Jan 15 - 207.2 Jan 22 - 207.6 Jan 29 - 207.2 Feb 5 - 205.6 Feb 12 - 204.4 Feb 19 - 203.8 Feb 26 - 202.0 Nice disciplined week. Feeling good about getting back under 2 bills in the next couple of weeks +/-.
  2. I was a little afraid to click that...
  3. Ran a route tonight that I've run a lot. It was basically the first "long" run I went on when I started this journey many moons (gibbous or otherwise). I've never done a "max effort on it" but it is a route that I often run with a given effort and can use strava and the "matched runs" feature for some comparisons. Anyway, I ran it tonight and found myself pushing it a little bit but felt good, heart rate was pretty good, and the comparison to other runs is not bad all things considered. Feeling pretty happy about now, especially with putting in the effort I have lately without really hav
  4. About to go out on a run but had a massive bear attack before leaving the house. For those also following the weight loss thread, this is so substantial that I may weigh in under 200 tomorrow for the first time in a long time.
  5. Pretty sure I've mentioned the asparagus before but I've found a number of spicy pickled or brined veggies that I love to eat after a run. Brussel sprouts, jalapeno stuffed olives, spicy pickles, etc. Low in calories, replenish the "electrolytes", and just plain tasty.
  6. Also, it wad nice to have my headphones back to help with the monotony. Thanks @Zasadafor pointing out the aftershokz sale.
  7. Went downtown to the indoor track for the first time in a long time. Lots of tiny circles to get to 7 miles but was fun. I didn't want to fight the ice on side streets or mess with traffic on the cleared ones. Worst part of the indoor track - it's toasty in there. Best part - the scenery.
  8. you are still on track. the 5.x is just a number. stay the course, stick with the process!
  9. Jan 1 - 214.0 Jan 8 - 211.4 Jan 15 - 207.2 Jan 22 - 207.6 Jan 29 - 207.2 Feb 5 - 205.6 Feb 12 - 204.4 Feb 19 - 203.8 getting there, slow and steady.
  10. that's a great point. I'm the same way. no phone in there for me.
  11. link from within the link to those shorts intrigue me... I'm a huge fan of wearing compression shorts under my running shorts. These with the compression and shorts built together AND an inner pocket look interesting...
  12. Music is on my watch - I've got the Garmin VivoActive3 w/music. Bluetooths to the headphones. Also note - the Aftershokz are bone conduction headphones so still get to hear ambient sounds, namely cars, etc.
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