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  1. so I did a thing last night and it was pretty fun. RUN317 event 4, Carmel The 4th of 5 runs was yesterday evening. For those that don't recall, they do 3.17 mile events for the 317 area code. My plan was to just be smooth and have fun. Was targeting about 8 minute miles but there's something fun about having a group around you when you run. I started in the back of the A group - for social distancing they have relatively small waves. Weather was awesome for late summer - 73*. Mile 1: 7:33, 156 HR Mile 2: 7:39, 169 HR Mile 3: 7:38, 178 HR Final .2: 7:07 pace, 180 HR Total: 24:18 - means a sub 24 5k (strava estimate 23:35 +/-) Also, there's a guy that sandbags and starts in group b with a stroller in these and then has passed me in the final bit of each of the first 3. Not tonight! He finished just behind me, which means he still had a better time, but no catching me here! However, there was a woman running with a stroller in wave A and she left me in her dust right off the line. She was an obvious badass! Anyway, that was fun. 1 more to go in October. Only bummer was that they input my bib wrong - I had bib 887, which doesn't show as finishing. My name is linked to bib 888 with a finish time of 29:30. I've sent an email to them - meaningless since I'm not winning or anything, but there is a 'prize' for running all 5 with a combined time under some level. I should get there easily but still a bummer to see my time be 5+ minutes slower than I was. Also means at least one other person got screwed in the process.
  2. holy crap, that sounds terrifying! I'm glad it had a somewhat good ending - at least not a bad one. Hopefully you can work with them to develop some procedures so nothing like this ever happens again - either to you/your family or anyone else that may follow in your footsteps.
  3. Your timing is impeccable, especially for me and keeping a proper perspective. I kind of ghosted here also. Also basically quit running for a little over a week. I had several runs in a row that just weren't fun and I was asking myself "why am I doing this?" Basically came to the realization that I am neither physically nor mentally prepared to tackle a marathon. So, I started just taking my dog for long walks and/or going to throw the frisbee. He's hit a point that he really can't run with me any more, which is kind of a bummer. Anyway, after a couple runs that I just didn't have fun, I realized I had to figure out what I was going to do. And it's pretty much this - I have to find a way to enjoy this if I'm going to do it. I think the solution is to scrap the monumental for now - actually I'm still going to run it, but I'm just going to do the HM. I have that and the Fort Ben HM on the schedule. I'm not even going to set any kind of time goal for either. I'm going to do my best to reset my mental approach to that of my first HM 3 years ago - if you recall, I basically went from "couch to HM" in about 8 weeks +/-. I'm not in anything near that bad of shape as I was then, but I'm very, very far from the peak shape I was in when I did my first (and only) full marathon 2 years ago. Last night was my first run in a little over a week and was just an easy 4 miles. But it was fun and that's what all this has to be for me, IMO. I know I can "gut out" a HM next month and hopefully can capture some of the fire and do "justice" to the HM at the monumental but we will see.
  4. In a dream world, I'll be trying to hang with you. In reality I'm nowhere near prepared for that kind of time.
  5. For a lot of the times, they had 2 pacers for each time. Also, a guy I used to work with is involved with PBT, who I am pretty sure is still doing the pacing, and I could reach out to him if you want.
  6. For the record... that run Saturday felt nothing like "being back" but I felt pretty good Sunday, really kind of wanted to run but didn't. Went out tonight for what counts as a hilly 10k for me with a150+ SI. Full rollercoaster effect in force as I'm feeling sort of back today. We'll see about tomorrow.
  7. Week 5 This was the first week since week 1 that really went "as planned. As noted above, the long run felt awful but the good news is that I really feel pretty good today. Also spent some time last night looking at my runs from 2 years ago. I am definitely behind what I did then but in reading through some of my own comments and looking at the data from the runs, it could be worse. I don't exactly feel great about where I am as compared to where I want to be, but I do think I have a lot of things I can do better between now and November than what I did 2 years ago, so I have that going for me. Basically I'm behind the curve, but there are opportunities to catch up and get in front of it if I can have/find the discipline going forward from now. So, onward and upward...
  8. I find it kind of an interesting line to try to draw/debate to have. I think a lot of it comes down really to the sponsorship aspect of the sport. While they talk about the track technology, no one is really complaining about it. Everyone is competing on the same playing field - literally. I am not an expert on the inner workings of high level track athletes but I am fairly confident that all of them are part of various sponsorship 'packages'. So, when it comes to the shoes, everyone basically has access to the same technology but due to sponsorship deals, some of them are excluded from the Nikes. Which is kind of different than someone doing something they "shouldn't". Now, I believe swimming went back and banned some of the hightech suits that had been coming out, and maybe track does something different with the shoes. But right now, their beef/complaint is really more about their sponsors being behind the tech curve than anything else. MLB still requires an all wood bat. Tennis embraced graphite and other materials for racquets. Golf has embraced some club improvements and banned others. It will be interesting to see what happens with the shoes. IIRC, this really is how Nike got started in the first place. I think the story goes that the guy that invented them found a better way to make shoes for track athletes and was selling them out of the trunk of his car. Next thing you know he has a bazillion dollar company.
  9. Thinking about this some... not quite sure it means I'm back yet. I don't recall ever really having so little enthusiasm for a run ever. A lot of it is just knowing/feeling what all I have lost and feeling sorry for myself for not being ready to crush this race this fall. There's still time to prepare but not the way I wanted and I know I have no one to blame but me. Nothing I can do about that now other than to try to salvage something... I just lack a certain level of motivation but I'm working on it. The upside is that I feel better this afternoon/evening than I thought I would, and that is even with doing a couple hours or so of work in the yard. So, I am feeling pretty good about it now, but I still remember how little fun I was having this morning. 2 years ago, pretty much every run leading up to the race involved me doing something I had never done before, which made it all new and exciting. Now I have something to compare to and the comparison is pretty pale.
  10. So... I went out to run 13 today. I spent the first 4 miles trying to talk myself into an alternate route and going shorter. And then miles 5-8 or so when there was no longer a "shorter option" I suddenly found a little of the old passion and felt ok out there. Miles 9-13.1 were a brutal slogfest that was zero fun. Made me question why I even bother. But then I was done, had done a HM, I think my second slowest ever but I did it. If not for a recent talk with @ChiefD, I might have quit early. Unfortunately he made me finish it. Thanks, man!
  11. depending on the day, I can fit a few of those but some combo of flappy hands and day dreamer might be the most common of the demonstrated.
  12. Also, FTR, the mass avenue/Bottleworks area would be a great place for those in town for the Monumental to hang out after the race. The area is an old Coca Cola bottling plant that has been redone. It's the first time I had been to it since it opened after remodeling. I didn't exactly explore a ton but did walk through the one bar that is pretty awesome. There's duckpin bowling, pinball, ping pong, bocce and I'm not sure what all else in there. Pretty sure it also has a pretty big selection of craft beer, etc.
  13. Run (317) Event 3 - Bottleworks/Mass Avenue I didn't exactly "race" this but you get a race report anyway... A little bit of the 5k+ course is actually part of Monumental course in the early going. It's a near perfectly flat course (7 ft of elevation gain per strava) and the only issue was some broken roads in the early going that you had to be careful not to turn an ankle. Mile 1: 7:39, HR 151 Mile 2: 7:59, HR 171 Mile 3: 7:42, HR 178 0.23: 7:39 pace, HR 180 Official (preliminary) time: 24:57, 107 out of 1006 My goal last night was just a nice, consistent pace with a solid effort. I mostly accomplished that. First part of Mile 1 I was side by side with a rather attractive runner who pulled in front of me about a half mile in. I happily followed along for about 1.5 miles until my watch buzzed at the 2 mile mark and I realized we had actually slowed down some. From there I picked the pace back up a bit and sadly left the scenery behind. Finished strong and felt ok other than my breathing was not nearly as smooth as I would have liked and my HR was a lot higher than I wish. That said, it was 85 with a DP of 58 so a healthy suck index of 143 so I'll take it for now. Especially considering that Tuesday night I ran 7 miles that had my legs feeling absolutely toasted by the end. I gave myself the day off on Wednesday after running a little over 25 miles in 5 days plus having done about a 6 or 7 mile brisk trail hike in between.
  14. Black Widow on the weekend it came out. Not sure on the exact cost. 4 of us so probably around $50 +/-.
  15. The Indiana choice is a very nice call. Kind of surprising to see that in there. It's been a long time since I worked near there and have been to The Workingman's Friend pretty cool to see that there. My wife and I were just talking about that place recently and talking about going but haven't made it there yet.
  16. A lot of the schools around here (Indiana) have gone to a "balanced schedule". Schools starts even earlier than before and summertime is shortened. But they get out 2 weeks for fall break and 2 weeks for spring break. I think the school she is at splits the fall break apart - one week in early October and one week for Thanksgiving or something like that.
  17. My wife and I fired up Night at the Museum via disney+ and greeted with the surprise that 'Freddie Mercury' plays the pharaoh.
  18. My daughter started kindergarten again today. Her first day of school with her own classroom. Where does the time go? Doesn't seem long enough ago that she did this as a student. As a running note, I have the 3rd event in the run317 series tonight, so that should be fun.
  19. Also ordered some new shoes that were delivered while I was away for the weekend. Wore them for the run last night and some 'fresh kicks' (as the kids like to say) were a good idea, IMO. Still have some life in the existing ones but there was a distinct difference in the padding/support with the new ones.
  20. Week 4 update I think things are back on track. I'm light years behind where I wish I were but you can't turn back time and fix that so forward we look. With the 8.6 mile run on Friday, about 8 miles of hiking trails on Saturday and a 5 mile run yesterday, I feel good about where my back is. So, back on the training train and we will see what I can do between now and November. Going to concentrate just on getting miles in more than anything and see what happens. 4 weeks in and I have about 1/2 has many miles done as "the plan" calls for so there's that. But considering where things were a couple weeks ago, I'll take it. Not really sure what my goal will be for the Monumental beyond "just finish" at this point but we will see how things go over the next month or so and can worry about that later.
  21. Took an easy test run tonight and it went well. Back felt fine. Also took my dog along to throw some frisbee too. He's not been happy with the idea of me being back in the office.
  22. @ChiefD I've hinted at this before and someday we should talk more about it. We appear to share a lot in common. Just know that you inspire me to want to be better - and that is in a wide range of ways. Be a better dad, be a better husband, be better at taking care of myself, getting a better shovel collection. Thanks for all you do and sharing as openly as you do. I appreciate you greatly.
  23. week 3... things are kind of bad. My back is really pretty angry right now. I ended up taking a few more days off here after running Tuesday and Wednesday this week to try to heal. I'm doing a lot of stretching and core strength stuff and it is a lot better now than it was but I need it to get "more better" soon and not be a lingering issue that I keep dealing with. A truly long run isn't in the cards right now.
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