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  1. https://am.ticketmaster.com/allegianttours/#/ So Allegiant Stadium Tours are now open to the public. The tickets are through Ticket Master so you're going to need to create an account with them. The Team Store at the Stadium is Humongous with a great selection. That's the only thing open to the public now. I'm doing the Stadium Tour on April 25th.
  2. It is independently owned but it is inside the M Resort, which is the Official Team Hotel and is right next to the Henderson Practice Facility. The Team is promoting it, supplied memorabilia, and opened a small team store in it. https://www.raiders.com/news/raiders-tavern-grill-at-m-resort-spa-casino-sets-opening-for-april-1
  3. ***Off Topic*** Just an FYI, I stopped by the Raiders Tavern and Grill at the M Resort this weekend and was very underwhelmed. The food was mediocre and the service was nothing special either. The Décor is Raider themed of course but nothing spectacular. If you're in town don't bother. There's plenty of better places to check out. ***Return to Pointless Draft Speculation***
  4. Devy Depleted 14 Team League: 2021 1.12 NFL Rookie pick and 2021 1.12 Devy pick for Trevor Lawrence. 1 QB League. Team giving up Lawrence has Holmes, Burrow, and Hurts.
  5. The Las Vegas Raiders and OT Kolton Miller have agreed to a three-year extension worth more than $18 million per year, per source. Deal includes $42.6 million guaranteed at signing and goes through 2025 (including a fifth-year option) for ascending tackle.
  6. I was thinking more about Right Tackle. I agree Miller (LT) and James (C) will be fine. They have invested a lot in free agents along the D-Line this year, the hole at RT is now a more pressing issue.
  7. Got both shots of Pfizer. No side effects either time other than a sore arm for a day.
  8. Based on the Raiders offseason, I think they'd be inclined to go OT.
  9. Lol, it's a quote from John Brown, our new receiver. Said he took less money to come to Raiders.
  10. Nice, thank for the link.
  11. RAIDERS now have 8 draft picks - No. 17, No. 48, No. 79 (from AZ for Hudson), No. 80, No. 121, No. 162, No. 167 (from SEA for Jackson) AND #200.
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