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  1. https://www.redrockcanyonlv.org/ If you get tired of the strip just head west on Charleston Blvd., and check out Red Rock Canyon. Also make sure you check out the Bellagio's Winter display. It's right past the main lobby and it's free.
  2. Every team, every team passed on this guy at least once in the draft...some of them twice. Wow.
  3. I was just going to post this. How can a dude that big be that fast?
  4. No weirdness or last minute drama...it was definitely different. Good but different.
  5. Been a fan for about the same time period and this doesn't faze me. Not a gruden fan, I'm a Raider fan. Next man up.
  6. We are better off without him. Bad in game coaching decisions, bad personnel decisions, high contract, poor character. I was already concerned about the lack of diversity in our coaching staff, which the Raiders have traditionally had. Hire Bienemy (sp) now and stick it to the Chiefs.
  7. We're going to miss Mullen. Hope he gets back soon.
  8. I came here to post this. Most frustrating player ever I've ever owned.
  9. FYI, ticket prices for Sunday have dropped significantly on Ticket master. I am out of town this weekend otherwise I'd be there. I was in Section 408 for the Monday night game and still found it to be a pretty good view of the field. It certainly didn't feel like nosebleed seats. Also, there are Facebook Groups where PSL holders put their tickets up for sale. A little more risk involved with a person to person exchange so be cautious.
  10. At first blush, Wisniewski and Townsend jump off of the page for me.
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