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  1. Its just that we're over the cap by 8 or 9 million. The Raiders can't afford his 10+million salary. And if we can get a 3 for him they should jump all over it.
  2. Great Day for the Organization with him and Woodson making it in today. So glad Flores made it in.
  3. Speaking of people no one wants, Carl Nassib is a 9.5 million dollar hit on the cap this year with no relief if he is cut. https://overthecap.com/player/carl-nassib/4778/
  4. 2.7 million? Jesus what a waste of money. Nobody else wants this guy, they could have paid him the minimum.
  5. I mean I like Carr, a top 10-15 qb is nothing to dismiss. We've been through some really lean years, but Watson's arm talent is so much better than Carr's and his mobility and we can do without the fumbles. They're just as bad as INTs. I'd give up Carr and 2 1sts for Watson, easy.
  6. You know, I'd take some pimple faced GM wannabe, keyboard warrior's analysis, over the Horror show that has been foisted on us over the last 30+ years. We're always reaching trying to show how GD smart we are. Been going on for Decades. Any argument that the "experts" and people that "do this for a living" know more means nothing to me. 2016-2018 drafts should be the cornerstone of our team. Other than Miller and Hurst, we have next to nothing. Kolton Miller P.J. Hall Brandon Parker Arden Key Nick Nelson Maurice Hurst Jr. Johnny Townsend Azeem Victor
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/two-raiders-offensive-coaches-hired-234511682.html What was looking like an overhaul of the defensive staff by the Raiders is looking more like much more. For the defense, it was the firing of Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther that brought on an almost entirely new defensive staff, led by new DC Gus Bradley. The offense is also going through some overhaul, but for the opposite reason — because of their success. Two offensive coaches are reportedly leaving for promotions elsewhere — Running Backs coach Kirby Smith and Tight Ends coach Frank Smith.
  8. https://www.insidenu.com/2021/1/19/22239142/breaking-northwestern-to-hire-oakland-raiders-db-coach-jim-oneil-as-new-defensive-coordinator We're being raided for our coaching "talent". Regarding Gus, I'm hoping for the best but I would have been happier if we would have hired an up and coming minority coach. 1) I think they would connect better with our young players and 2) if that coach goes on to a HC job the Raiders would get 2 3rd round picks. -like SF is getting this year and next. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/15/49ers-get-nfl-draft-picks-jets-hire-robert-saleh-head-co
  9. There's a lot of "talent" we can lose to get under the cap. Getting rid of T. Williams (remember him?), Joyner, and Mariota ($10mil is too much for a backup) gets us under the cap by 22 million. https://overthecap.com/calculator/las-vegas-raiders/ Cut Nassib and Incognito and we're under 32 million. Trent Brown has no guaranteed money left of his contract, he should be willing to restructure his $14 million dollar cap number. I'd put the screws to Jalen Richard too, he's not worth 3.5 million per year. Re: Littleton-I saw some hope for next year. He seemed a lot more act
  10. Speaking of Interior help, why isn't there any chatter regarding Leonard Williams? He's a DT with 11.5 sacks and 30 QB pressures this year. Would go a long way in helping out Cle and Maxx.
  11. Probably one more year. I'm not going to judge Abrams or Arnette until we get a new DC. If God willing we get Morris maybe he can get Abrams under control. Also when I was watching the last game it seemed that Littleton was a lot more active and effective. Gruden concerns me, his in game management is suspect and his decision to stick with Guenther so long is also a huge red flag. Since he's not going anywhere he needs to do a deep analysis of his staff because none of the Defensive assistants show the ability to teach up players. WR coach is suspect as well.
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