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  1. Same. Did not expect this with all our injuries. I'm amazed that they didn't fold when it got to 16-14 in the 3rd. I don't know how to act with the Defense getting 3rd down stops. The grit this team has is unreal.
  2. I don't buy it one bit. Raiders used Drake extensively when he was splitting time with Jacobs last week. Barber has some value this week in deep leagues, but I certainly wouldn't start him over Drake.
  3. https://www.fieldgulls.com/2021/9/15/22676019/las-vegas-raiders-taking-g-jordan-simmons-back-from-seattle-seahawks-waivers-2018-denzelle-good Sunday the Seattle Seahawks opened the 2021 season with a 28-16 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Then on Monday the Las Vegas Raiders opened their season with an absolutely bonkers Week 1 overtime win against the Baltimore Ravens. However, in the course of playing the Ravens, the Raiders lost starting guard Denzelle Good to a knee injury that will keep him out for the remainder of the season. In order to address their sudden lack of depth on the interior of the offensive line, Las Vegas looked to the Seattle practice squad. The Raiders were already without starting guard Richie Incognito prior to Good's injury, and poaching Simmons puts him back where he was before landing with the Seahawks. Originally signing with the then Oakland Raiders out of USC, Simmons was waived at the end of training camp in 2018, only to be claimed by Seattle where he wound up filling a key depth role in recent seasons Raiders added DT Damion Square as well. Square has been in the league since 2013 and played under defensive coordinator Gus Bradley with the Chargers as a rotational defensive lineman. Simmons made 6 starts for the Seahawks last year. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix hasn't played a game since 2019.-Per Tashan Reed on Twitter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Good and McCoy are out for the year. It looks like Yannick avoided a major injury but might still miss next week. I think it'd be best to rest him and avoid re-injury. Glad Simmons at least has some recent starting experience. Yannick is the hardest to replace out of the Three.
  4. Just saw a video on Youtube of Lot J - Russell Road side, not Hacienda had a lot of tail gamers. But no, it is never going to be cool in September.
  5. You can reserve parking spots and tailgate via www.Spothero.com. There are 6K spots at the stadium and other spots surrounding the stadium. I saw a few people tailgating with tents and grills and coolers. FYI it was over 100 most of the day. It will never be like the vast sea of tailgating parties at the Coliseum. I think they really want you to party at the various casinos and then walk over.
  6. That was one hell of an experience. I've never been at a sporting event with so much energy.
  7. "Suites Now Available: Limited inventory still available. Contact us today at 1-800-Raiders or AllegiantStadiumSales@Raiders.com" Ticket prices continue to tumble.
  8. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
  9. There are a hand full of upper deck tickets left for the opener, at standard prices. Maybe some anti-vaxxers returned theirs, I don't know. just snagged a ticket. They are nose bleed sections but if you just want to be in the building here's your chance.
  10. If I had McCaffery I would have him on my roster. He's looked good in the receiving game. Of course it always depends on the size of your bench. Edit to say he did catch 3 of 4 in his last preseason game. The one drop did look bad, like he was fighting the ball.
  11. I picked him up in my Dynasty leagues as a flyer pick. He passed the eye test tonight. Carson missed some games last year, and Penny is Penny.
  12. I have Etienne and Dobbins in one of my Dynasty Leagues. Went from playoff contender to bottom feeder. At least there's draft picks for next year.
  13. Too many to think about. Devy League TE premium. I took elite prospect Bucky Hodges. Two picks later, Alvin Kamara went.
  14. It's only preseason of course but O-line holding up. Zay looks great. Peterman doing a good job on opening drive.
  15. Donavon People-Jones is not on the list as far as I can tell. He's generating good camp buzz.
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