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  1. 12 Team 1PPR SuperFlex (rookie/Devy combined draft) Team A: 2021 1st (1.07-1.12) Team B: Adam Thielen, Laviska Shenault
  2. Bit of context if it helps: Team getting Gurley/AJG is all-in, traded all his 2021 picks away in the off-season, and has kept losing RB2s (Mack, David Johnson, Justin Jackson). Team is strong at QB/WR, and his RB1 is Dalvin Cook. Team getting Mimz (me) is eyeing up a window of 2021-2023, and Gurley/AJG were the last aging assets left to trade away (along with Rodgers, Julio, MelvinG, etc over the last year). I think Gurley is worth more in 2020 (almost undervalued at this point), but looking to 2021, I’d rather have Mimz to build around... especially if he ends up with Trevor La
  3. 12 Team 1PPR SuperFlex Legue Todd Gurley/AJ Green for Denzel Mimz/2021 3rd
  4. 12 Team 1PPR SuperFlex Team A: Aaron Rodgers, Travis Fulgham, 2021 3rd (early-mid) Team B: George Kittle, 2021 4th (mid-late) Team trading for Rodgers just lost Dak and still has Travis Kelce. Team getting Kittle is rebuilding.
  5. I was on the side getting Swift. I hate the value, but like the fit for my rebuild/retooling plan. Overpaid a bit, but wanted Swift to build around. Julio was the last aging asset I wanted to move to avoid having an aging team core fall off a cliff. Offered Julio/Hubbard/2021 1st for all of the Zeek/Kamara/Cook/CEH backs, Julio/Hubbard/2nd to Dobbins/Taylor but those were all turned down. Julio's trade interest in this league was non-existent for a year.
  6. 12 Team SuperFlex 1PPR Team A: Julio Jones, Chubba Hubbard Team B: D'Andre Swift, 2021 3rd
  7. Even with my rebuilding team, I don't think I would have moved DJ unless I HAD to clear 6+ roster spaces before the 3rd-4th round. He's one of my biggest redraft targets this year, as the offense seems set up to go through he and Watson. Such a good value in dynasty leagues, in my opinion.
  8. Sorry for the confusion, I meant I was offered Calvin Ridley for my 2.12, so I took Ridley there. There were some wild deals in the mid-late 2nd when those pick were OTC! I also saw: Team A Gave: Davante Adams For: Kareem Hunt, Michael Gallup, 2.07 Team B Gave: Keenan Allen For: Sterling Sheppart, 2.11 Team C Gave: Darius Slatyon, 3.02 For: 2.08 Team D Gave: Calvin Ridley For: 2.12 My biggest takeaway from this draft: 1) This class runs deep into the late 3rd with players owners are willing to pay up for 2) If you're going to move a pick, wait until it's o
  9. Thanks! I didn't love the value on the Engram/Jeudy trades, but I had FAR more picks than roster spots so I didn't mind giving a little to get assets I wanted to build around long-term. Same with the Bridgewater deal...probably could have gotten a bit more, but I'd rather build around one of the tier 2 WRs and find a better long-term solution at QB, as Bridgewater was a throw-in on a deal from last year with the intent of flipping him if he signed a starting gig this off-season. Overall, Im just trying to accumulate as much roster value as possible to fit a 2021-2023+ window: 12 Team | 1P
  10. Well that was a fun draft. Went into it with 14 picks and made quite a few deals. Rebuilding, 12 Team 1PPR SuperFlex League: Pre Draft: Was offered: Evan Engram For my: Irv Smith Jr, 2.07, 4.04 Gave: Teddy Bridgewater For: Brandin Cooks, 2.02, David Njoku Gave: Preston Williams For: 2.12, 2021 2nd Gave: Devante Parker For: David Johnson Gave: Devin Funchess, Josh Reynolds For: 2021 3rd, 2021 4th During Draft: Was offered: 2021 1st For my: David Johnson Gave: 1.10 (Hernet), 2.09 (AJ Dillon), 3.04 (Darrynton Evans), Gerald Everett For: 1
  11. 12 Team PPR SuperFlex/Devy League: Team A: Miles Sanders Team B: Tyreek Hill
  12. I agree. In a 12 team superflex, I felt Bridgewater should have fetched something in the 1.09-1.12 range, but he's also not a player anybody is excited to trade for...especially in this rookie class and fit my plan of accumulating assets that come together by 2021-2022. Not sure if I believe in Bridgewater enough to hold a starting job for 2-5 years. With a rebuilding roster, I was happy to get the 2.02 and a dice roll on Cooks/Njoku being traded into situations that cause a little excitement. Also gives me the 1.04, 1.07, 1.10, 2.02, 2.04, 2.07, 2.09, 2.10, and another 7 picks in the 3rd
  13. 12 Team 1PPR Superflex (rebuilding) Gave: Teddy Bridgewater Received: Brandin Cooks, 2.02, David Njoku
  14. 12 Team 1PPR SuperFlex League: Was offered: Evan Engram Gave up: 2.07, Irv Smith Jr, 4.04 I like Irv, but still have 13 2020 picks after this deal so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to solidify my TE group (Evan Engram/Hunter Henry)
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