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  1. They said he didn't have a set back which I don't believe. He pushed it too fast apparently. It went from maybe be back last week to not this week to probably next week to now out 3 games at least. Brutal
  2. Where does the kicker like it ? This is how you center it or put it on the hash he wants it on. That said zero chance he makes it.
  3. Baltimore could easily be 1-4 and probably 4-1 now. CEH doesn't fumble might lose to KC Now way they should won vs Detroit Then this
  4. Indy on how to choke away a game wow. This game will come down to 1 play the 2 point conversion.
  5. Should not have lost today can't score 42 and lose I don't care who you play. I thought this team turtled when they were up 42-41 after being able to go up and down the field without being stopped they run the ball on 3rd and long and hand them back the ball with 2 minutes left down just 1 at midfield. A really crushing loss.
  6. Browns offense is not doing a good job though so looks like Chargers going to get away with it. The Browns blew this game by not getting a 1st down and going into turtle mode on 3rd down and 9 and running the ball. Try to win the damn game when ur only up 1 point.
  7. Kicker has been terrible but it was a 20 yarder down the middle that has to be 99%
  8. I just seen the dumbest play call of all time set up a 20 yard FG or give the Browns 90 seconds and a shot to win. How do you not kneel but thanks for giving my Browns a chance.
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