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  1. Congrats Tampa Bay fans. What a lucky break for you that New England didn't wrap up Brady and he walked.
  2. Should been an amazing TD there went through his hands hit him in the face. Mahomes is simply amazing to even get that off yet alone be that accurate a throw.
  3. NE was down 28-3 vs Atlanta with about this amount of time left in the 3rd quarter.
  4. Remember when TB lost 38-3 at home to New Orleans and Brady looked like poo that week ? Man they have come a long ways. Tampa Bay lost 5 games and KC basically lost 1 game all year.
  5. 3 players not on Tampa Bay's rosters last year have accounted for all the TD's. Brady, Gronk and Brown.
  6. Just think Cleveland had their chance to knock off KC 8 mins left and down 5 and Henne as their QB. 1 Drive could done it possibly.
  7. KC should gone for 2 there to try to get up 3 scores if they miss it Buffalo still needs a 2 pointer instead of 2 2 pointers.
  8. For the postseason contest I had TB vs KC Superbowl but so many people are stupid and went 2 players from like 6 different teams I didn't make the cut the 1st week. last year we didn't have 4000 people so the winner had only KC and SF players. This year that didn't work because we had 6600 people. How can you know what strategy you are supposed to use if you don't know how many people play. I wonder how many players left from TB and KC/Buf people will have left this year with so many people going the 2-3 players per team I checked standings on a few teams so many people did that which
  9. GB should never kicked that FG but I understand it. Had they kicked the XP before I doubt they would have kicked a FG.
  10. TB going to have to throw now on 3rd down. If they had declined that penalty they would had a much better shot to have ended this.
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