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  1. Well it matters to us which team drafts players. Mixon is a great example if he was in a better situation I think he could have been the best back in the league but Cincy has had a terrible OL and have not used Mixon to the best of his ability keeping him off the field on 3rd down.
  2. Bateman being in Baltimore scares me off. Lamar isn't going anywhere so unless he has a Josh Allen leap with Andrews and Brown already there.
  3. Which is why I like it so so much! To be honest I can't believe the offer was accepted but so happy right now.
  4. Good luck with getting them to do that. They will just call it "strategy" and say "you don't have to draft those players"...sure we don't want CMC weeks 15-17 playing for a half million. Better win the #1 or #2 seeds if you pick the big names. I will be cutting down my FFPC teams just can't stand this crap not their fault but we still have to suffer. "same for everyone though" yet it isn't because if you get #1 pick you are not fading CMC and you really don't want to have to pass on all those week 13 studs.
  5. Until last year we only had week 13 byes once and it was a couple crappy teams back in the day (2016 Cle and Tenn when both teams had no fantasy talent for most part). Last year we got hit for the 2nd time ever for week 13 byes but was just 2 teams. (TB / CAR) So we have never had to deal in the high stakes world with more than 1 week of byes in the fantasy playoffs and a max of 2 teams. Now we get 8 teams spread over weeks 13 and 14 for the first time ever week 14 byes. Obviously NFL don't give crap about fantasy football schedules but they have no byes week 4 or 5 this y
  6. Just as bad are the week 13 byes if you play in the FFPC. 2nd year in a row if you draft CMC you know he won't be available week 13 playoff game for you two years in a row CMC is on bye week 13. Last year he would missed because of injury but you had to be sick drafting him #1 overall knowing your #1 overall pick was not going to play for you in the playoffs. Cle, GB, Tenn, Carolina that's a who's who list of guys that won't be around if you make your league playoffs in the FFPC week 13.
  7. 14 team PPR 1.5 TE This is a bad one (though contracts are in play) but 1 player can be franchised up to 2 years in a row and players can be retained in RFA is they pay the high bid. 1.04 for Hockenson Gaskin 2022 1st round pick (1-12 last year so likely 1.01 next year as this team just got worst trading 2 starters in this deal)
  8. DWFC league draft in progress traded 1.12 and 3.12 for a future 1st from the team that has the 6th pick this year.
  9. Except in 1 of my 16 team leagues someone did a step down and still got Metcalf. I posted this a while ago. 1.06, 2.06, 3.06, 4.06, 5.06 for Metcalf. So basically picks 6 and 22 because everything after that in a 16 teamer is crap shoot.
  10. 14 team PPR 1.5 TE CEH Chicago def for two 2022 1st, 2.14, 3.05, 3.07, 3.14
  11. 14 team PPR 1.5 TE Keenan Allen for 2.01, 2.11, 3.01
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