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  1. Too bad they couldn't do a restructure of contract for Richardson. Losing him will hurt a great deal.
  2. This was a trade made in my 1 dynasty league late in the 2020 season Nantucket gave up Drake, Kenyan ARI RB; Kirk, Christian ARI WR; Thomas, Michael NOS WR; Higbee, Tyler LAR TE; Year 2021 Round 1 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2021 Round 4 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2021 Round 5 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2021 Round 6 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2021 Round 7 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2022 Round 1 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2022 Round 4 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2022 Round 5 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year 2022 Round 6 Draft Pick from Nantucket; Year
  3. I run 3 of these kind of leagues and also help run in 2 others. The commish work in these are insanity and I am not sure you do the same kind of RFA/FA we do which is ebay style bidding so even during the season if you want a FA you have go bid on them during the week and there is a 24 hour clock and it resets on every bid so $1, $2, ect........ When all bids are won I have to go in an process them manually and update the money manually. All trades have to be ok'ed both on MFL and on the forum we use and I must process them when double agreed upon. Labor day each year everyone
  4. Oops The 49ers reportedly offered the Jets their first-round pick -- 12th overall in this year's draft -- in the hopes of acquiring Darnold, per Cecil Lammey of 104.3 The Fan in Denver, but the timing of the offer is a key reason the Jets didn't accept it. At the time, as in earlier this offseason, the Jets were seemingly still concerned about the shoulder of Zach Wilson, whom they've continuously been eyeing as potentially the new face of their franchise.
  5. I am halfway there but won't get the 2nd shot until after the draft. Also I would rather just watch it on TV.
  6. 16 team PPR 1.5 TE Chubb 1 yr deal + Beckham 2 year deal for 2022 1st, 2022 2nd and $30 (Traded to defending champ so likely 1.15 or 1.16 next year the rich get richer) It's going to be impossible for most of you to comprehend this kind of BoTH league trade with contracts since you don't understand how it works. When the contract is up the player becomes a RFA (you can franchise 1 guy per year so Chubb will be franchised next year and possible traded and net more than what he gave up). The $30 is used for RFA/FA we get $50 a year it rolls over.
  7. Before last year played in 13, 15, 16, 14 and 13 games the last 5 years.
  8. Give me the guy who stays on the field playing 59 of his last 64 games and gets 8+ sacks for the last 4 years.
  9. Making almost 12 mill that's crazy but Keenum making 7+ mill even more crazy
  10. Hope they don't break the bank because he didn't do much last year. Good thing they didn't sign him last year to a long term crazy deal.
  11. Funny how fast things change in the NFL. Last year at this time JuJu was going well before Diggs in startups even with JuJu coming off a down injury year in 2019. I just looked now back on the 3 DFWC startups done last year and this is where these 2 guys went. JuJu went 25, 23,17 Diggs went 55, 51, 55 So at this time last year you would have needed to have given up Diggs + a 1st and 2nd to just get in the ball park of maybe getting JuJu. I remember when Hopkins/Patterson came out as rookies were considered a toss up on who to take in rookie drafts then after their 1st
  12. 16 team PPR 1.5 TE JuJu Smith-Schuster, 2022 1st round pick, 2.15 for Stefon Diggs
  13. I preferred him over Jefferson too after watching a BDGE show in early May last year. They had him rated as the #1 rookie WR and I took him at the 1.08 in 2 leagues over Jefferson and will regret for the next 10 years.
  14. Last year if you owned the 1.09 you might have landed Jefferson there. The picks look very bad at the time of trades but then a year later they have a shot to turn into gold worth more than the players you traded away even though at the time the trades seem to be bad. Last year I personally passed up Jefferson twice at the 1.08. In 3 of my leagues Jefferson went 1.09 or 1.10. In another I got Swift at 1.08 and in yet another I got Akers at 1.10. Both those guys are worth tons more in startups right that than just about any player you could have possibly traded at the time.
  15. 12 team PPR IDP 1.02 for J Jeudy Den WR, 1.09, 2.06, 3.04
  16. 12 team PPR IDP J Jacobs LV RB, 3.12 for S Ahmed Mia RB, D Mooney Chi WR, 2022 1st round pick (from defending champ), 5.09, 5.12
  17. 12 team PPR 6 pts TD pass IDP A Rodgers GB QB for L Jackson Bal QB
  18. Also in the FFPC dynasty format this works out perfect 14 week regular season you play your division twice and everyone else once. They always had to have you skip a team in the past to do 13 weeks.
  19. Maybe this will help in not getting screwed by the NFL for bye weeks during FFPC playoffs. Pretty much every year for a while now week 12 usually has had byes which means your playoffs had guys on bye. Of course the NFL stuck it to everyone last year going bye week 13 so if that continues it still will suck. They didn't have bye 13 until last year (except 1 other year a while back) so here is to hoping week 12 is the last bye week.
  20. Not this year. If they do go to this eventually it will create mass havoc in fantasy not only for having to cover now for 2 weeks from bye players but also extending another week of the season and possibly pushing bye weeks into the fantasy playoffs for many teams. If you have 2 bye weeks your going to want them not near the same time thus a lot of teams will probably have them in the late season.
  21. I hope the NFL doesn't push teams into the later bye weeks they are late enough as it is. Didn't enjoy week 13 byes at all for the National contests last year but who knows how the NFL will treat the bye weeks. This is another reason if the National contests extend the regular season then less chance the byes hit their playoffs like last year.
  22. From 1990 to 2009 all the leagues I ran played 14 regular season games + 3 playoff weeks. It was perfect for 12 team leagues. In most years week 17 wasn't even much of an issue if at all but NFL teams started resting more players in the 2000's until finally I had a championship game in 2009 where my opponent and I both fielded about 75% of our teams off the waiver wire and that is when I put an end to the 17 week season and finally went to what most were already doing with 16 weeks. I have been waiting for the day to be able to go back to 17 week season and it looks like this is that da
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