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  1. I'm non-PPR, so yeah, I guess Penny is the guy. I'll see what happens by tomorrow night. Gotta think if Collins doesn't practice by tomorrow, he's not happening.
  2. So silly--if he was vaccinated, he still could spread the virus. It's been made very clear over the last couple of months that it doesn't matter if you're vax'd or not. Oh well, at least I know it will allow my start choices to be a bit easier.
  3. I have Collins slated as a 2nd starting back for me this week, and I really don't want to roll the dice on Khalil Herbet. Is the pick up here Penny or Deejay Dallas? I only have room for one.
  4. Snagged Moss, dropped Gainwell. I just noticed Jerry Jeudy is available for pick up now. Debating him and Bateman now.
  5. If Moss were not on a bye this week, I think I'd grab him. The problem I have right now is Collins being up in the air for MNF, as I have him as a starter right now with Barkley on the shelf. I'd have to have Penny (or even Deejay Dallas) at the ready should Collins be out.
  6. Hi, I'm dying at 1-5, and need some re-enforcements. After last night's waivers run I saw some interesting players still available, plus some who've been dropped, that may be worth me grabbing. We are allowed only 3 adds per week, so I have to make these count. Non-PPR League Ty'son Williams (dropped, available on Friday) Rashon Batemen (available NOW) Jerry Jeudy (available NOW) Rashad Penny (available NOW - I have Alex Collins as a starter right now) My only real options to drop are Sterling Shepherd and/or Kenneth Gainwell. I snagged Tua on the waivers run last night, but I have Tannehill as my QB start this week. May cut him if he is blah against the Chiefs. My backs are Barkley, Montgomery, Eli Mitchell, K. Herbet, Collins, Damien Williams, Zack Moss Receivers are Adams, Woods, Godwin, Shepherd.
  7. Daniel Jones or Ryan Tannehill? My opponent's one of top 3 scoring teams, I'm middle of the pack thus far. Could really use a juiced up effort from my QB.
  8. Wow, Tannehill should not be on a WW. Grab him. Out of the remaining bunch, I'd go Fields based on short term upcoming schedule. Really can't worry about playoff matchups yet, but if things hold to what is currently true, his is not all that bad. I think Tannehill gives you the safe floor that's a bit higher than what Carr gives you.
  9. As a Giants fan, I can tell you the rushing ability is for real, he's been doing it from day one. It's just whether its designed runs or the frequent breakdown in pass-protection. One you can count on, the other you just don't know. Then again, since the OL is so freaking bad, maybe you can count on one or the other! LOL Thanks, I think I'll roll the dice on Jones and maybe I keep Shep on the bench. I've got a strong WR corps and can always start Godwin or Woods as a flex.
  10. Strongly considering a drop. He's basically my 5th WR behind Davante, Woods, Godwin and Shepherd. We have a few guys of interest on the WW. You think any of these guys have more ROS value in non-PPR? Pascal KJ Osborn Cephus Van Jefferson Reagor Elijah Moore
  11. I have Tannehill as my QB1, encouraged by last week but still would like to see Top 12 production. Tua is/was my backup, and we have have Daniel Jones and Teddy Bridgewater on the WW. My opponent is top 3 in scoring, and I'm middle of the pack at 1-1. I feel like I need a Hail Mary who can get me an extra 5-10+ points at QB. I like Jones' matchup, but it's Daniel Jones, and I'm already starting Barkley and considering Shepherd in the Flex. As a Giants fan, that is already too many Giants lol! Do I roll with Tanney again and hope he starts tossing TD's, or take a chance by dropping Tua for Jones or Bridgewater?
  12. Carter was dropped in my league, he's among my considerations for this week, though not too excited about it. Right now I have an ugly situation for RB with Montgomery, Barkley, Eli Mitchell, and Gainwell (i have Damien Williams and Booker as handcuffs to Barkley and Montgomery). Also thinking of adding Trent Cannon or Darrell Williams.
  13. Thanks guys--as a Giants fan who was a huge Barkley fan when he was in college, I have to put the bias aside and go with hiim on the bench. I just am not feeling it. I kept him on the bench for Most-hurt last week, and, well, they did produce equally at least (for the wrong reason).
  14. Trying to pick between my 2 RB spots, WR2 (Davante Adam is my WR1), and Flex. Landed Elijah Mitchell at a steeper than I'd like FAB price, but tough matchup, and Saquon has a tough D on short rest tonight. Who is my odd man out? Pick 4 Barkley David Montgomery Elijah Mitchell Robert Woods Chris Godwin
  15. So glad I streamed Ebron at TE today. Claypool doing all the scoring. Banging my head.
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