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  1. https://twitter.com/TaylorTwellman/status/1449161811383758849?t=880DgI3dcsrB5-ymnAU4jQ&s=19 Interesting MLS fact...
  2. Yeah, I read an article with an interview with JD where he said Genie made it obvious she wasn't going to work with him. She's not a very good player.
  3. I like JD a lot. Seemed like an awesome kid and a big fan. I think he was well enough versed in the game of survivor but just didn't have the real life experience to deal with the situations. A great player swaps that situation around on Shan. "Ok, I know you are freaking out. But you have to trust me. I showed you my trust and loyalty by giving you the advantage already. Now you trust me by me holding it." Play it off that way and go from there. Never ever give up your advantage. Ever ever.
  4. Aaronson has quickly turned into one of if not my favorite players. The kid just works his but off, makes runs, and connects so well with his teammates. Love him. When CP is back I'm not sure what the best lineup is. I don't want either one of them off the field.
  5. What a ####### rocket. Let's go
  6. I mean... it was a bad game all around. Coaching and players. We got Bad Lleget, Bad Acosta, Bad Weah, Bad Gyasi, Bad Nips. All in the same game. We've seen those guys play well at times but they just didn't. In the past I haven't seen "motivation" as a problem. Can't look at the two Mexico matches and say he doesn't motivate his guys. This was not the T&T match, imo.
  7. If we qualify and we are healthy, our lineup is going to pick itself moreso than it has in the past. And this will limit one of Gregg's perceived weaknesses. So, in that case, what are you gaining? Are we going to bring in some tactical savant that is going to steamroll us into the knockout rounds? Or are we better off with someone who has coached our guys for a couple years? Oh, and if we are NOT healthy come 2022... then it's sort of irrelevant. Let Gregg coach and see how he does and make a decision afterwards with 2026 in mind.
  8. Man... this play. I just can't.
  9. It really should have been done with just a word instead of a phrase. 'Broccoli' instead of the stupid broccoli line. 'Grandma' instead of the stupid butterfly line. Etc. Would have made it interesting without being over the top.
  10. I see what your saying. I think I understood the "must" in the advantage text to say that you must say the phrase if you want to unlock the immunity, not necessarily that you must say the phrase no matter what. But you could be right and that makes sense.
  11. Understood. What I'm saying is that it's dumb to be the *first* one to say it. You are taking a chance that no one responds and put a target on your back by saying a random weird phrase and then having to *repeat* that phrase again later. Smart play is to wait until the 2 other tribes say their lines and then you say yours.
  12. I don't know if it's just viewer knowledge talking, but why would you ever be one of the first two to say the goofy idol lines at the challenge? Wait to be the 3rd person and don't out yourself until you have to. Especially Xander. He already said that ####### line once. The other people would know. Just wait until you hear both other lines at this point.
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