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  1. Yeah this is exploded. I was 156k in line if it helps you feel better.
  2. I can legit see this happening
  3. Going to make a case for $HEC as somewhere very low risk to park cash. - $HEC is a SPAC that is merging with online therapy company TalkSpace - TalkSpace will be the only publicly traded company that solely focuses on online behavioral health - TDOC earnings report indicated something like a 500% increase in their online therapy arm. Talkspace will compete for a large portion of that market share going forward - Current price - ~$10.45 - Current price range seems to be the absolute base level of support looking left back to announcement date - Max loss @ NAV of ~$
  4. A week or so ago DFV doubled down on his # of shares at like $50 a share. Legend.
  5. Both. Sold a couple bigger moments for maybe $300 total and invested that into a bunch of others at a lower price. Buying at $5-$30 and are worth $20-$100. My current biggest holding is one I got from a pack however - an Anthony Davis that is about $250, but was as high as the $400's when I posted two days ago.
  6. I think I mentioned AZFL in here when I listed my holdings. Little bit of news: https://www.yahoo.com/now/azfl-announces-organization-lab-subsidiary-130600295.html
  7. Jumped in @ $1.50 It was on my radar from twitter perusals so just needed one last push.
  8. I added today on dips: CBBT SENS
  9. Yeah there is so much interest right now that the odds of getting a pack in the stress test 5k drops are pretty low. Nice pull on the Luka. That's why it's worth it to join these though. You never know when you'll open a multi-thousand dollar moment.
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