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  1. Yeah - I didn't watch the whole thing, just some snippets. She does seem very very off mentally. Her jumping off a cliff would not surprise me based on her mental state. However, some of the reddit comments really push that this is classic controlling/narcissistic behavior from him and she is representing someone who is in a mentally abusive relationship. So I dunno. Hope she is ok, but I'm seriously doubting it.
  2. Full body cam footage from the domestic stop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJafbksSnJc Not sure what to think of either of them individually after that. What's clear is that they were having some major issues.
  3. I am REALLY REALLY hoping that some of you guys jumped on this and did not get stop lossed out like I did.
  4. Agreed. Innocent or guilty of anything, it's smart on his part. However, at this point it's hard to imagine a scenario where 1) he's innocent, and 2) she'd dead or missing, which appears to be the case after no contact for 3 weeks-ish.
  5. That youtube video about pleading the 5th is interesting. I definitely am guilty of thinking it's suspicious in general. In this specific case it's hard to imagine a realistic scenario where he didn't have something to do with it.
  6. I watched the Honduras game last week before flying to Vegas at 6 AM the next morning... Right now I'm on Wednesday at 5 PM of this thread... got my ready as I catch up...
  7. This looked like a save to me (and a good one).
  8. IMO run Sarge out there in the pressing role like you said and let him run ragged. Bring Pepi in at 70. I can't see Miles sitting. He's been a rock.
  9. There's an actual soccer match tonight btw.
  10. Nah, those are the "signed" versions or whatever which are tomorrow I think. Mine were the /2500 and /1500 versions.
  11. FWIW, local soccer guy here I know stayed in the Nashville team hotel, saw Weston's family, etc. He said Weston got in trouble for staying in his girlfriend's room one night and had his girlfriend in his room the other night. It wasn't a rando, partying on the town, teammate's sister, etc. Take that for what it's worth.
  12. Suuuup. I can always use some more peeps to play with. I think I'm somewhere over lvl 300. Creeping towards 100 wins with my boy Mirage, but have had some fun playing Octane and Path recently. Hard stuck in Plat IV in ranked BR for two seasons (only been playing for 3). I won't be back on for a week or so but add me! GT: Wormus Maximus
  13. Holding for now, but keeping a close eye on prices. I hopefully learned from my topshot experience where I saw my collection drop 60%...
  14. Somehow snagged both a platinum and emerald Jeter today!
  15. I think it's far more likely we go and 2-0 them than we quit and lose the match.
  16. It was easily the best alcoholic ginger beer I've had. The non-sweet ones were the best - Thai Basil and Lime Agave were our favorites.
  17. A player's sister is the rumor. Stress that it's a rumor, could be way off. No idea who. But that... combined with doing it during the first WCQ window? Yikes.
  18. Enjoy, friend! We live in Charlotte but recently did a weekend in Asheville and hit some new (Gingers Revenge) and old (Rockys) favorites. The Gold Rush lager was just recently released by Cabarrus Brewing, who's founder is a Charlotte alumni. I love a really well made simple beer and I enjoyed this one. The others are some local favorites. Cheers!
  19. In my view the back line did everything expected. The midfield and forwards were not good enough.
  20. Biggest disappointment is the expectations coming in to this match vs the result. It's been a long time coming and the lack of a W sucks.
  21. Result is fine but performance disappointing. Imo.
  22. US is an 80th+ team now, just face it
  23. Yall I'm freaking out Let's get some ####### points
  24. Haha... I don't remember which year was you but I think I still wear all my shirts I've gotten over all the years, and definitely drank all the beer! But Kutta does set a high bar.
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