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  1. Great job BB, thanks for the laughs.
  2. Did you want yours rated?.... please!TIA ditto! I have a pic with me and 3 of my buddies holding our shafts, they are all extremely long. Will that work? Golf pic huh? That obvious? Dammit.I'm the pudgy one 3rd from the left. Was your team name "Not Peanut Butter - Belly Putter"?
  3. I caught one. e-mom says I go with the former Aggie. I guess I can't argue with that. gb culdeus
  4. There was as much chance of you saying that as MacArtist posting that she was marrying a Mexican guy. Great thread. I'm savoring, should be caught up in about a week.
  5. Yeah, a celebration!! Woo Hoo uhhh, just what are we celebrating? who cares, Gotta love that dancing cucumber Oh the celebration...doing well in my Chemistry class :resettlingglasses:Um, if you want I can help you with your chemistry homework. :shysmile: Was kinda hoping that mojo would help me Ouch. Poor SP. That was a bitter pill. Lose the purple handle, SP.
  6. I'm pretty sure my wife had an allergy test when she was a kid. If I heard her right the doc loaded up a bunch of needles with different allergens and then slapped it on her arm. Red bump = allergic reaction. I'm guessing they don't do this for Peanuts. How do they test for anaphylaxis without actually sending the person into shock?
  7. Actually, we did have them but you never heard about them because most people either didn't say anything or didn't know what exactly was going on. But yes, I would agree that they have become more of a problem than ever before. Problem is that no one knows why. I defy anyone to find a kid with gd peanut allergy between, oh the BEGINNING OF TIME and 1995. Didn't exist - and if it were so dadblamed dangerous it would have been killing kids right and left. Its only been the last 10 years that we've even seen signs about "Peanuts served here" well no ####, they are served everywhere and never
  8. Just came back from the PA forum where I found my next clue. Can somebody tell me what post # the Peanut Moms showed up in this thread? tia.
  9. Could be on to something, I have yet to hear/read anything about this in NYC but middle American you hear about it all the time. I wonder if this has more to do with insane/overprotective mothers. I went to that peanut board mentioned on the last page and posted a link, so maybe some of those mothers will show up and share their perspective. LOL that would be a trainwreck. I'm on Page 5/64, so I'm guessing that this actually happened.
  10. Dave? He was pretty limber back in the day. I don't know if he could still hang though. I'm intrigued. Were you ever on the U.S. Judo team?(might have been tae-kwon-do)
  11. Can I toast the tortilla, or at least heat it up in a frying pan for a few seconds? How about wetting down the tortilla?Are talking large fajita tortilla or the smaller soft taco tortilla? I was talking about the smaller soft taco kind, but if you could fling a burrito sized tortilla 150 feet that would really be something.What benefit would you get by wetting it down? I'm inclined to let you do it, because I don't see the advantage. Seems like it would make it slippery and hard to grip.
  12. Can I toast the tortilla, or at least heat it up in a frying pan for a few seconds? Negative, nor can you use a stale tortilla.
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