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  1. Existing Formula: The logic checks the Column K (rows through 2-14) for "Rej" =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF($A$2:$A$14=A2,IF($D$2:$D$14="Final",IF($I$2:$I$14="C D w/ I",IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Rej",$K$2:$K$14)),$E$2:$E$14)))),--$E$2:$E$14),$E$2:$E$14)) How would I remove the logic to check for "Rej" without impacting the rest of this formula?
  2. There is no way I would give a 2nd round pick for Darnold. He's been bad. Teams like Washington, Chicago, Denver and NE may need a QB so there could be a market her for him, but there's no way I'm moving a 2nd rounder (plus another mid-round pick) for him based on his performance two years in.
  3. What happens to the price the more corporations but bitcoin?
  4. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I know I was eating a lot of processed foods and was including white rice in many meals. I am 5-7 and weighted in at 191 on January 12th. I knew I was heavier, but didn't realize I was that high. Over the last year, with being at home more due to Covid-19, I definitely became in-active. Anyways, this was more than a wake up call. I used to lift weights, and am back at. Starting from scratch and rebuilding myself with workouts for shoulders, triceps, biceps and chest. I also am doing daily walks (a few short walks a day currently will she
  5. As I start 2021, here are my current holdings: AAPL: 40 shares ($126.31 cost basis) ABNA: 13 shares ($146.82 cost basis) BA: 46 shares ($144.37 cost basis) DIS: 47 shares ($122.38 cost basis) DNKG: 50 shares ($30.00 cost basis) FB: 10 shares ($259.91 cost basis) GS: 25 shares ($206.60 cost basis) SBUX: 11 shares ($73.95 cost basis) SNOW: 5 shares ($245.00 cost basis) TGT: 25 shares ($113.87 cost basis) UAL: 75 shares ($23.76 cost basis) UBER: 25 shares ($38.50 cost basis) I also participate in my company's stock purcha
  6. Since mid November, I have added about $1500 to get started with bitcoin. It's been doing very well. I'm still much more dedicated to stocks, but am seeing the upside since I've been in. Why is Bitcoin going up so dramatically in the last 24-48 hours? I see predictions of hitting 30K, but even that was not this soon. Any worries about a pullback, even significant coming? How much does the current US/global economy play into the performance we are seeing for bitcoin? Where do you see bitcoin being on December 31, 2021? From an investing standpoint, like I said, I'm n
  7. I use Paypal, but it's very limited/basic. No limits, reports, etc. I would love if Fidelity would ever get into this so I can just invest in one spot.
  8. Thank you! Same questions i asked D House. How would you allocate the funds from what I currently have? Doing VIEIX sounds logical, just want to now figure out how to adjust
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I added the Expense Ratio Below. How much VANGUARD EXTEND MARKET INDX FD (VIEIX) do you recommend adding? With the Columbia Fund performing well, but having a higher ER, do you recommend getting out completely and then moving that to what? Ultimately, knowing where I'm currently at, how would you allocate on a 100% ratio, given I want to stay aggressive. Current Holdings: 80%: COLUMBIA TRUST CONTRARIAN CORE FUND ----->YTD Return 21.49%, 4 stars from Morningstar Net Expense Ratio: 1.02% 20%: VANGUARD INSTITUTIONA
  10. I currently have all of my allocations in equity/stocks. It wasn't as easy to find performance on COLUMBIA TRUST CONTRARIAN CORE FUND.. 80% of my 401K in COLUMBIA TRUST CONTRARIAN CORE FUND ----->YTD Return 21.49%, 4 stars from Morningstar 20% in VANGUARD INSTITUTIONAL INDEX (VINIX), ----->YTD Return 14.01%, 5 stars from Morningstar, $331.47 9.2 scorecard from USNewsMoney The investment seeks to track the performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of large-capitalization stocks. The fund employs an indexing investment approach des
  11. Do you make adjustments/reviews of your 401K allocations on a periodic basis? I'd like some advice/recommendations on my current 401K and any funds that would make sense to consider for 2021. I'll post over the weekend.
  12. How am I doing? The bulk of my buys were from February - July, I've been adding slowly, but really trying hard to just keep adding to these, investing into them longer-term (I'm not a day trader). I've been seeing the benefits of stocks like Boeing, my cost basis is $142.00 for these, and, in general, most of those companies have good reputations and long-term success. AAPL: 38 Shares BA: 45 Shares DIS: 47 Shares DKNG: 50 Shares FB: 10 Shares FUBO: 4 Shares GS: 25 Shares SBUX: 11 Shares SNOW: 5 Shares TGT: 25 Shares UAL: 74 Shar
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