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  1. CJ Gardner staying at safety is driving me nuts. The guys covers the slot all game long, i thought actual position x snaps is what Gary was looking at !?
  2. Jets are almost certainly moving to a 4-3, which would make Quinnen Williams an elite DT. Chargers moving to a 3-4 will be interesting. Risk of Bosa becoming a OLB. Melvin Ingram if he stays there too (he started his fantasy career at LB I remember those wasted years in some leagues).
  3. So Dan Quinn signed as DC of Dallas, probably means they will stay a 4-3 defense. In a 4-3 Under a guy like Aldon Smith could play the Leo (or the SAM) so there is a small chance Gary could put him as a LB. If you own him in dynasty and you play on MFL (and it looks like they still won't switch to Edge-IDL this year right ?), it could have been worse. Not a totally sure thing though.
  4. One thing that Rotoworld was also better at is the backend of the depth chart. Their DC were consistent even for the backups. and the backups of the backups. You wouldn't have a 250 lbs Attaochu at DE designation taking over for LB Von Miller.
  5. it would be better you are right, a majority agrees on that i think. But as long as myfantasyleague.com doesn't switch, it will be a headache, because that's where most serious idp leagues are hosted.
  6. its great news if you own him, but it's poor process overall. We will have players from the same role im the same defense playing on different fantasy positions. Its not an inseason move with positions locked; he will deliberately not be changed im the last changes on MFL. Either all 3-4 Edges are DEs or its just chaos and value of players depending on the mood of one inconsistent person. Kind of had enough of paying 80 bucks per league for that.
  7. looking to move some redraft leagues away from MFL to ESPN because if I want bad positioning I can get it for free there. And at least there I know they won't change players every 5 minutes and ask every month on twitter "what system do you guys prefer" 1).... When they got them from rotoworld it wasn't perfect but it was 100% predictable. There comes a time where MFL's refusal to switch to interior/edge designations just has to have consequences. It's hard to go away from them in dynasty settings though. 1) referring to this tweet: https://twitter.com/IDPSharks/status/125482
  8. Bruce Irvin is at DE on the Fantasy Sharks DC; you have simply missed him I guess, he is among the starters. Nice list tough, great work tripp.
  9. I'm not saying if it's right or not, you could of course make the case to have him at DT (though Brokers staying at DE just because he plays a higher % of base snaps, well it shows that subpackage role doesn't tell the whole story). But Fantasysharks took the job to do the DCs for MFL back in April. The changes to Clowney and Donald are based on their 2018 data. Why wait until now ? There have been multiple waves of position changes since they took over, yet they wait the middle of August to change the most important IDP player ?If it was based on changes that are new and only showed in the fi
  10. Yep, this is so outrageously bad timing to do this so late in draft season without a hint that it might happen for monthes before.
  11. The first year is free, but we plan to have an insentive around 20$ for year 2 if the initial setup works, to pay league fees and have a little price money for the winner.
  12. We are now 11, so i'd need a 12th so that I don't have to kick the 11th out of the league. Think of that poor guy and be his savior !
  13. Hello everyone, I'm searching for 6 players to fill a 12 teams league where the scoring format is set in a way that having the worst player makes you win the matchup. The league is a redraft league and will have no fees and no winnings in year 1 as I want to be sure that the scoring is playable, but if the first season is successfull and fun, I will certainly add them to have a little incentive for a second season. I'm searching for GMs who like to test out something new and exotic, while still taking it seriously enough to be competitive Just hit me up here per PM if you want
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