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  1. I think if you are going to be in a program, Weight Watchers seems like the one where you learn the most and can survive away from the group and on your own. I use a few tricks I picked up from them like ZERO POINT meals such as chix breast and a couple veggies like green beans. There's no real food to purchase and you will meet at least 1 person and probably many more in much worse shape than you. One step at a time...you don't have to be a part of any of these programs, you won't be surprised but most of the commercial diet world is not that great for a lot of folks. Long term: T
  2. Got me Binks, i don't even eat burgers any more but I enjoyed watching the video on the 2 burger joints. I miss some of the chains I enjoyed in SoCal like Tommy's and of course In n Out which we don't have here. Live in Florida and our beef sucks but luckily we are surrounded by water and fresh fish.
  3. That's terrible but they also want to pump up Mac Jones on the Draft Board so he gets taken as early as possible. I see at least 3-4 QBs that could invite a small bidding war for their services. From reports, the Miami Dolphins have put together an OC/QB Coach combo that will also try and work in some college part of the playbook and that's why i think Miami would be best served in a 2 TE formation similar to what Brady was doing for a while up in New England where Flores was a coach. People don't seem to understand he came to New Eng when he was super young and actually started not in c
  4. HOLY MOTHER BLEEPER did I just get some major news dropped on me and I do mean ME as it relates to myself. My brother who serves as 2nd in Command for the Veterans Affairs Dept in Washington D.C. and was approved to be promoted to the acting Deputy Director or whatever the big promotion was back in Summer/Fall of 2020, he has decided to not accept that promotion and was set to step down and go back into the private sector...the VA Dept said "Oh no you don't" (My Brother also spearheads all CyberSecurity there) and they opted to offer him the option of staying in the position he currently
  5. There are 1280 calories in a quart of Og Half n Half I buy and sometimes I can go thru one of these in about 3-4 days, wife helps a little but she sometimes takes her coffee plain. That's like 400 calories a day and we all know I drink so let's add in another 3-5 hundred from alcohol, it's a wonder I'm not heavier and I have slowly been feeling like I might not be able to just exercise all this off forever and ever so i am trying to drink a little less coffee and also drinking a few cups, black. M&Ms, Half n Half, what's the difference really?
  6. I have 5-6 weeks to trim down to 175 where I would like to level out at, I roll between 183-187 depending on the day of the week, Monday is always a tough weigh in after the weekend. I started around 230-235 last Mar/Apr but my journey is different, mine was born out of survival and not being able to play Tennis for quite a while until they re-opened forcing me to do other things and that snowballed into a lot of daily exercise just to get out of the house and relieve stress from the pandemic and also Television You're gonna do it Fred, you're one of the team captains around here and you
  7. This a great post and will certainly be a staple in any plan to live a healthy lifestyle. -I was on my way to my Mon Night Men group it's called Ministry 2 Men, couldn't make that up. But I usually do not partake in all the pre-meet eating that goes on, the fellow I go with does not eat like the rest of the folks either and is a diabetic. Once in a while I bring some treats to share and brought some sweets, for whatever reason they weren't eaten and so i took them with me when I left, realizing once I bring them in the house that my wife and I will eat them whether we meant to or not in
  8. She texts with Coach Kingsbury, don't get too excited about what she spews on Twitter. I used to like her when I first discovered her but she has gone from a seasoning on the main dish to actually being the main course and I find her to be wrong a lot. That said, tough cuts are coming for sure. Miami's only other real option to say good bye to Ogbah which costs them zero in dead ca hit and saves the $7.5M and yeah I would cry if we lost him or let him go but this team was stripped bare and they did a lot thru free agency to make things look better, you pay a price when you cannot r
  9. Tua-Jackson-Igbo was the 6-18-30 last year...how do you really feel about those 3 guys right now? Honestly, I'm scratching my head looking at it all...we didn't really land 3 All Pros last season that I can see....hope they make some serious progress this year. I know Phinsfans are difficult to reason with but you can't be that excited about what they did and I'm not that confident this season to be honest.
  10. Starting Offense potential in 2021 LT-Jackson, LG-Flowers($10M to cut/release him and he's not bad), Center-Linsley from Green Bay(#1 on PFF), RG-Kindley, RT-Hunt TE1-Gesick, TE2-Pitts(Rookie) WR1-Parker, WR2-Elijah Moore-Rookie they take top of the 2nd Rd, book it! RB1-Aaron Jones QB-Tua Just a potential look of the team Kyle Van Noy: Miami only has 1 OLB with Van Ginkel, think they might have to make a move in free agency and despite eating $5M in a dead cap hit for KVN, they must be eye balling someone they think they can get in here that is perh
  11. Hello to both of you. I want to know more because my instinct or knee-jerk is that the NFL owners/teams get so much money on the TV contracts they don't even have to sell a single ticket to truly turn a profit, pretty sure that's true. To lower the salary cap seems very agreeable in smaller market cities or teams that aren't really trying to make a Super Bowl run right now. The stadiums are likely to be full, in Alabame(college) they are going full force with filling up the Stadium. I would think the NFL will be similar, there's enough vaccines for everyone by May we're hearing...it's po
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