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  1. I have the Over/Under at about 2 seasons as well. Spurrier went 2(maybe less), Saban lasted 2, they grow tired quickly and don't really desire to be fired and try to bolt quickly. Atlanta had one that bolted overnight back to college football.
  2. Any Phinsfan, Phins Sports Writer, anyone associated with Miami during the Saban era will tell you he was a debacle and a bold faced liar who ran as fast as possible back to college football. Saban Era Not Remembered Fondly Former Dolphins star guard Bob Kuechenberg called Saban a “scoundrel and a skunk’’ in addition to a “lair.’’ Former Dolphins tight end and radio analyst Jim Mandich, who died of cancer in 2011, told the NFL Network that Saban was the “biggest two-bit phony fraud I’ve ever known in my life. … (If) Nick Saban walked through that door right now, I’d say, ‘Let’s go.
  3. $12,000,000 per year should get you a face to face interview with any and I do mean ANY assistant coach in the league. Add in the No 1 and a bonafide franchise QB, hard to fathom people mention names of coaches and have no idea if they were truly interested or not.
  4. I would have been interviewing OC/DC/Asst Coaches from as many organizations as possible, these college hires almost never work well. Any of them have better ideas on how to attack NFL Defenses and run NFL offenses than Meyer and then there is all this other baggage that comes with Meyer that i already listed item by item in the other thread on urban. I'm not going to repeat it all in here. Jacksonville is going to lose a lot of football games this year. -Pete Carroll got lucky on a 3rd round QB and was able to exploit that to his advantage assembling players and loading up at othe
  5. Interesting answer but then we are assuming these are the only possible candidates that could have even been interviewed. I think any and all coaches can be bought for the right amount of money and control over the organization. Well thought out though and gives us a roster of names that were floated around but I don't give most losing franchises a lot of credit that they have the right names always on their list.
  6. This is a fair question and I want to unwrap it some. -Khan paid $770M for the Jags in 2012, they interviewed him on 60 Minutes and they asked him "Why didn't you buy one of the more marquee teams in the NFL?" about the 12:30 mark and Khan's response is fantastic and tries to keep himself from laughing as he says "You buy what's available for sale. This isn't like going on Craigslist and picking out an NFL team" Joe, are you saying that perhaps Meyer was the best name that would agree to coach Jacksonville? I would think it should have been easy with Lawrence in the hopper to
  7. Week 1 '97 the beginning of a new day in Tampa Bay as I like to say. This would be the game where Sapp and crew give Steve Young a new outlook on the NFL, sorry Niners fans. This was the game where fans took a step back and asked "who are these guys?" and from the opening shot I think you can tell it wasn't exactly a sellout that day. This is what got me energized towards the team and made me a believer early on in the Dungy era that things were about to change. I keep waiting for the Phins to have one of these breakout games vs one of the NFL elites...maybe this year? Maybe Phillips can
  8. Watch who you're calling bandwagon, chief I watched this team under Sam Wyche at the Big Sombrero, worked with Lee Roy Selmon when USF launched their football program, the Community Investment Tax Stadium and so on and so forth. After Gruden left I did start to lose some interest but had high hopes when they got Arians, you can call me bandwagon, it's fine. I just enjoy watching them and wish they would wear the creamscicle jerseys more often.
  9. You also understand that Ross was adamant they draft Tua and looking back I wish we had missed or landed Herbert instead. And even better would have been to get our "rookie" QB this season and used that No 3 on Fields or Lance for ourselves. I think Fields is going to be tremendous for the Bears, that team changed their arc the most in the draft IMHO. Miami is so half full/half empty depending on how you frame it. You cannot downplay the fact they will have something like 11 starters this season from the '19, '20 and '21 Draft, that's all on Flores and Grier. Miami has built thru the draf
  10. Rodgers Recruiting Players to join him on his new team. I am moving into the 95%+ category that he has played his last down for Green Bay. I cannot see the two sides coming to any type of agreement where everyone feels good and goes back to their office.
  11. 10 Wins and we didn't get scheduled but 1 time on Sunday Night Football. Week 16 we get 1 MNF appearance and that will be at New Orleans, gotta be around the time of the college playoffs. They only have 2 home Playoff games 1st 6 weeks during the hottest stickiest part of the season, thankfully they have them scheduled at 1:00. There was a time where the owner had asked the league to start those games later due to the intense heat. Sure it sucks for the fan base but its a huge advantage for Miami to play as many home 1:00 games in Sept and Oct as possible.
  12. I'm at 15-2/16-1, they could make a run. Rams on the road not easy BUT they aren't going to be gassed rolling into town after B2B home games to open the season. They go to Foxboro week after the Rams, could be an upset brewing there. They are going to be favored vs all 3 Division opponents but the Falcons have the offense and I think they are going to win 10 games this year, Bucs could easily split there. But 5-1/4-2 likely in the Division, maybe more like 6-0. @ WFT however that will be after a very smooth BYE week the NFL handed them right in the middle of the season, perfect. Th
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