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  1. "Quick Reaction Force"...does this sound vaguely like the Nazi SS Squad less than 100 years ago? There are like 25+ different agencies in the DC area such as the FBI, ATF(real SOBs), the CIA, DC Police, County Police, State Police, Capitol Police, All 4 branches of the Armed Services, they got missiles up there and now they need an additional quick reaction force to go door by door and shut down any outburst of energy or pushback from free thinking Americans.
  2. I decided to get on the scale this morning, was just feeling really light and I felt a little less in that flabby lower mid section I always ##### and complain about in here. I was rolling close to 190 which is absolutely my mason/dixon line, I start getting anxiety. I have eluded to my drinking and @bostonfred and @TheFanatic have both reached out and made it clear if I need some help the can step in. I had a post up briefly in the Otis thread and erased it, was pretty chilling what i was writing about my alcohol intake of late or how it has slowly grown over the last 6 Months, I really
  3. He posted like 35-50g of fiber and that is what i want to key in on. A lot of folks have impacted bowels that hold a lot of #### literally and many folks can lose a hug amount of weight in the beginning just getting proper bowl movements going. I know this is not sexie talk but honestly your health is toilet related IMO and if you are constantly in that 24 hour period of either leaving or approaching diarrhea and never having a solid movement or constipation going the other way....it's not good.
  4. You say it better than I do but they mean similar. Billy Hill: "I'm not taking no vaccinations and those things are filled with poison from China" Capella: "How's $250 sound?" Billy Hill: "What time should I arrive for my shots?"
  5. MoP big fan of this, like going on black coffee until around Noon sometimes later and then I like eggs and I like expensive eggs, the green and blue ones that are like $8 a dozen but they are so good. You've never seen yokes this bright in your life I promise, they are almost safety color orange. Fasting can be easier for some than others. I almost never eat more than 2 meals in a day so the 6-8 hour block when you can eat doesn't impact me much which is what you are saying about not feeling restrictions.
  6. He's a lawyer and they like to settle things and many times money is one of the easiest ways to do that in a blood thirsty capitalistic society like the one we are living in is to pass out money so that everyone shuts up and goes on with their lives. That's my take.
  7. Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Brooksville? I loved Tampa Bay. Let's get back to Cuomo which is why i rolled in here tonight, just got done reading the Post with what seems like a very credible person, this Charlotte Bennett. Now I'm not one to constantly watch news so I had herd blurbs about this stuff but we now hear her talk for the first time and it's pretty awful. If those allegations are true and she would have to be a complete boldface liar and Public Enemy No 1 if these things aren't true. It's clear sexual harassment and people have been fired for less. He really should do the only
  8. 1st of all the avg temp in Cinci the last month or two has to be bone chilling cold. I am not a big fan of walking indoors. When the weather gets a little nicer I would try and walk around the ballpark, outside of it if you can during lunch and pack a sandwich you can just eat at your desk or while you are working, use the 60 minutes at lunch, maybe try a 25-30 minute walk and use the rest of the time for whatever you want. Headphones, music, podcast, ask someone else you know who tends to drift to the healthier side of life if they want to come with you, walks go by faster when you
  9. Is Miami one of the few teams that has virtually nobody they have to franchise tag? The Dolphins have rarely used it in the last 20 years and quite frankly have not had the type of players you would really want to use it on. They had DT-Randy Starks in 2013, Landry in 2018 before shipping him to Cleveland. 15 teams used it in 2020 just for comparison. some years there are more like 5-6 who are designated.
  10. Maybe it was mentioned but Golden Tate was released from NYG, he had a PED suspension but prior to Matt Patricia taking over the Lions he was catching a lot of balls from Stafford, I see him finding his way to Los Angeles for a small contract and a chance to compete. Like 1 master thread for all the fee agent moves. Easy to find out what has happened.
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