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  1. What if Watson lands in Miami? Parker looked a lot better when Fitz was running things.
  2. Javonte Williams tonight? Now we gotta be serious in our projections, anything telling you tonight he manages to clear say 15-18 points and has his biggest total of the season? Or will the Browns rally around Keenum and their Defense steps up extra tonight shutting down the run lanes forcing Denver to beat them thru the air? What you got?
  3. "Ace and Gary" at OC aren't doing him a lot of favors.
  4. WA/DEN said they are not involved and were clear about it. No upgrade in Cle and only further muddies the waters there. Philly I could see but I think they should be trying to clip us to scoop up Watson. Saints are another team I agree with you, Niners have Lance, they're not looking.
  5. Why? He's a top-5 Known commodity and this off the field nonsense is going to end up being more comical/embarrassing than anything else. He learns a lesson misses a few games but he's pretty darn good. Not sure what you find in the Draft that is going to be better. Just my thoughts, we can disagree. I bet some Philly fans would like him.
  6. Is there any particular reason Philly doesn't just start the 2022 NFL Draft Party right now? "Hi, Houston? Yeah so we got like 3 top-10 selections going in the Draft next year and we hear you might want to part with DeShaun Watson, can we discuss what's reasonable and also what are you being offered so we can 1-up it and help us both out?"
  7. Who is the 3rd team involved? I went thru a bunch of scenarios when Washington and Denver are removed. -Philly is on my short list and it wouldn't shock me if somehow Miami doesn't get Watson but he ends up in Philly somehow and we recoup draft picks and send Tua off to Houston, that's one scenario, Philly is armed right now and could easily just start their 2022 Draft right now. -Cleveland which is a QB away from being pretty good.
  8. $80M Under the Cap next year depending on where they set it. $20M+ in loose contracts that could vanish, Miami can afford Watson but then they will have to make some sacrifices other places and they need an entire new offensive coaching staff.
  9. Oh Parker has been floating around some of my leagues. Where is the upside at the moment? He has been terrible mostly.
  10. Is it Hou-Mia-Den, Hou-Mia-Was and what I'm asking or wondering is if a bidding war is about to break out or if Miami has a deal already set up.
  11. If the Watson to Miami, Tua to WFT, if these things are true and there are Miami WRs available you might want to grab some.
  12. I heard 3-team deal with WFT involved and Tua going to D.C. 🤷‍♂️ Same things we're talking here?
  13. Breaking news: 3 Team trade involving Tua to ???, Watson to Miami... -We actually don't know the 3rd mystery team involved -Not sure that's official but its getting some run right now
  14. Who is backing up Keenum, guy might not finish the evening. I wouldn't start a single Browns skill player that night, total suicide mission.
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