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  1. Did AJB leave with an injury? Hope they find him a few times on the last drive. Terrible day
  2. And I thought I was going to light a blowtorch this evening but no need to get in anybody's way here. The 1-point win last week at Foxsboro had a lot of folks feeling righteous but it felt pretty empty and the 35-0 drubbing today only backed up some of our thoughts. I don't see any way fans can defend Tua rght now but I'm sure I will be reading about it this week. Will this turn into Tim Tebow? Is this TT 2.0 all over again? Worry about Flores Agree that as long as Ross is running things we are pretty much dead to rights and it has been easy semi-rooting for the Bucs the last 12+ months even though it took a long time for Brady to wear me down. It's obvious what a winner does when they enter the building.
  3. 1/3/21 Buffalo 56...Miami 26 9/18/21 Buffalo 35...Miami 0 Pretty definitive when in in Division rival pounds the ever loving mother bleeping spit out of you two times in a row by 30 plus points, my goodness.
  4. I totally whiffed on Kittle's projections this season, really whiffed on this one. I had no idea we would be lucky if he managed to get close to 25 yds receiving, I just didn't see that. There were signals last season but I didn't want to believe them and still think he is uber talented but...reality tells another story.
  5. He was fine last week when he threw that interception in Miami territory in the 4th Quarter? He was fine last week beating a cream puff 17-16 where they started a rookie at QB, he was fine last week? How was Tua fine last week my friend?
  6. Winston on pace for about the same 20 passes this week. Somehow different results this week.
  7. Your view, my view, either is a pretty sad sum of all parts.
  8. I'm wondering what will be the force to go get Watson but the next couple weeks will not surprise me. DeShaun should be on their radar whatever his suspension turns out to be. Dude is not playing and is not on the Commish list or serving a suspension, team says they haven't gotten a real offer, should be room for negotiations and a quick trade.
  9. So happy Miami Dolphins fans can get a cold dose of reality today, what a terrific waste of picks despite all the number we have invested. Austin Jackson Igb Waddle Tua Wilkins The team needs to part with Grier but his stain will forever be on this team because we will never have such a treaure trove of picks to waste as we did in the last 2-3 years. Still think Flores is a pretty good coach.
  10. The 1-pt win vs the Patriots last week looking worse and worse today. You would think the 60-0 pasting the Phins received last year to stop them from making the Playoffs might be a motivator today. Today is more indicative of what you face with Tua at QB, he looks like a midget compared to most on the field, ended up getting hurt today, most fans that have watched him from the get go would be honest and tell you that this day was inevitable. Not sure how long Tua will be gone but the team needs to rally around Brissett Albert Wilson should be flat CUT on Monday, no exceptions and nothing short of it. He was a mistake when we signed him, prior to Flores, should be made an example of on Monday, dropping passes inexcusable.
  11. I can't thank you enough TT for bringing quality info and clips into the Dolphins season long thread. Instead of arguing or debating, you just bring game tape and footage and say "OK, how about this?" and I just love watching guys like the one you linked t on Youtube, you never see that kind of in depth coverage from any of the mainstreams like ESPN, FOX Sports, etc... Cheers TT
  12. Sooner or later he will be put on Injured Reserve, he's buried right now on the depth charts, better luck in '22.
  13. USC would be FOOLS to hire Urban Meyer who still has the domestic violence stench around him and I don't think too many programs want to invite that type of nonsense on to their campuses when at the same time these same schools are taking very controversial social stances on a variety of issues top to bottom, how could any woman enroll at USC with a football coach that condones violent acts towards their loving wives? There's only 1 league that will tolerate this kind of nonsense and that's the National Football League and don't you forget it. -MoV OUT
  14. Big fan and like his long term prospects but the TD really pumps up the stat line. I don't see how you could start wheeling him out as a Flex option, you'll be lucky if you can use him on a Bye week. I also think 2nd half of the season he will see a lot more touches or consistent touches, many wil overlook him again this week, but you gotta hold him on your bench, that ties up a roster spot.
  15. ❤️ says that 5 TDs by Winston and no production equals What the Bleep?! says that it's early and he's a great buy low this week if you're inclined to gamble. Manage him in a few leagues, want to see a little more than a 100 yd 5 TD performance by his QB, it was a silly skewed stat line. What would have happened had he caught 2-3 TDs in this unlikely to repeat performance, many would scream to sell high. I would relax a bit here, HoF QB transition, going to be an up n down season I would think.
  16. McKinnon...yep Wilson...uh huh Mostert...never haelthy Tevin Coleman Trey Sermon The point is nobody ever get enough to make it worth the investment. You might get lucky for a week or two but eventually your lucky number gets shuffled into the back of the pack. And these guys never stay healthy, none of them can take a large workload week in and week out. And yet folks are still arguing about it.
  17. It's possible we just watched 2 bad football teams that are both going to miss the Playoffs
  18. Griese says this game will propel the Raiders, "they had to create a winner" -I didn't know that's how it worked -Griese is ready to get the anointing oils out and pencil Vegas in for the Playoffs, got it. He's a sharp one, that Griese.
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