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  1. If they do call it's during Training camp or first few weeks into the season where a contender maybe has a bit time player go down and gets desperate. Similar to Minny trading a 1st to us for Bradford.
  2. I wouldn't even put Fields in the same category as Wentz. People raved about Wentz football IQ. Avant said something about Growl liked to try and beat defenses with play designs that beat certain coverages. He tried to design plays that would beat Zimmers Minny Defense that Carson struggled with. Avant said Wentz has an amazing football IQ but had trouble when teams disguised their defensive looks. Fields also never played in a pro type offense like Wentz even though NDST is a hybrid Pro offense and you didn't see Fields making calls at the line. I'm not gonna sit here and say Wentz is l
  3. I only venture in there once in awhile. I think I got one suspension over there for a comment I made about Rose Ann. The others have been for stupid reasons here or in the shark pool. 2 of mine recent ones were a bit questionable and never got an answer what I did wrong exactly.
  4. Last I heard from people was they were interested but Brock wanted too much money and AEW felt Brock was using them as a stalking horse to leverage a better WWE deal. I mean that could've just been smoke from AEW's side though.
  5. we went from soccer talk to how many people post in these two threads but we're trying to count by when everyone is not in FG Timeout
  6. Timothy Weah's Cousin Patrick Weah has signed a homegrown Pro Contract with his parent club Minny
  7. Timothy Weah's Cousin Patrick Weah has signed a homegrown Pro Contract with his parent club Minny
  8. Thats the part I was talking about which I didn't know. I believe they did this with Nicholas Rovela (SP) but loaned him back to Genoa for 18 months.
  9. Don't think that was pre negotiated. I can check around though but I think this was part of the newer discussions.
  10. Super J podcast announced that Marty Scrull is no longer part of NJPW or Strong in anyway. He did a segment with ROckey Romero last week and apparently numerous people were not happy including talent. Scrull was involved in the #MeToo movement where he had at least 2 accusers both underage back in the UK accuse him of inappropriate behavior. The one girl admitted to being underaged drunk. After a Private investigation by his former Employer ROH where he was the main booker (Recently signed new big deal) he was let go. Really great to see the community holding these companies accountable for tr
  11. Tony did promise more surprises. I've missed most of it tonight so I'll watch it later
  12. Oh I know.... I just keep forgetting if I put it in one thread I like to put it in both in case people aren't following the threads and then see it.
  13. Dude is way too inconsistent for me. Also he couldn't beat out a Jake Fromm a RD5 pick this year at UGA though he apparently sought a transfer from UGA do to a claim a baseball player while there used a racial slur which was one of the reasons he gave in a filing to the NCAA to play immediately upon transfer. However nothing ever came of the racial allegations and there was talk from people on some SEC forums Fields was never profiled but was making an excuse because he knew he wasn't starting his sophomore year anyway. I won't go any further on the accusation made as I don't fully know the de
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