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  1. Going to Night 2 of NJPW Showdown here in philly at the ECW arena. Can't do tomorrow as I'm traveling home from Vacation and won't make it but night 2 looks amazing October 17: FinJuice vs. Yuya Uemura & Kevin Knight Daniel Garcia, Brody King & Chris Dickinson vs. BATEMEN, Misterioso & Barrett Brown TJP vs. Clark Connors Jay White & Hikuleo vs. Wheeler Yuta & Fred Yehi Ariya Daivari & Lio Rush vs. Chris Bey & El Phantasmo Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer - Philadelphia Street Fight Tom Lawlor, West Coast Wrecking Crew, JR Kratos & Danny Limelight vs. Rocky Romero, Fred Rosser, Karl Fredericks, Ren Narita & The DKC Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Coughlin Will Ospreay vs. Alex Zayne
  2. Gonna play devils advocate with this article from about a few weeks ago about the rookie QB deal myth Riding the Rookie deal QB to win in the NFL? Studies show why that might be a myth
  3. He threw many short passes and WR screens after midway in the 2nd. Something tells me if he had a better finger or whatever the 4th down play he doesn't over throw the WR. This game last night shouldn't have been close and TB didn't go for the jugular. Now a lot of Eagles fans today have false hope and the media will run with it
  4. Also speaking of last night Devonta Smith was destroying the TB DBs. Why didn't they target him more after Sherman went out despite every play he was toasting Sherman?
  5. It'd be nice but I also don't want to undervalue trades. I think Cox should at the very least net us a 3rd rounder but his contract might be iffy. Wouldn't be opposed to seeing what we could get for Barnett. I wouldn't trade Kelce because I think he might retire this year just based on the contract he signed unless he's going Full Brady in terms of deal 1 yr at a time.
  6. For context Dwayne Johnson partnered with Under Armour to give both his former High Schools he played football in (HI and Bethlehem Pa) new gear and equipment provided by him and Under Armour. Cornett made a tweet that said Bethlehem was a great wrestling town in the 70s and 80s and Rock's tweet if read the context could make the town look bad. Rock then went in how he moved in with his Uncle Alfa after his dad couldn't get anymore bookings when Rocky Johnson was in Tenn in 87 working for Jarret. Dwayne and mom got evicted from their home in HI. The Rock lays the smackdown on Cornette after JC Subtle's makes fun of one of Rock's Hometowns
  7. Jimmy Kempski @JimmyKempski Howie Roseman twice mentions Tyree Jackson's potential emergence as a legitimate TE as a reason the Eagles felt comfortable dealing Ertz. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet Week 8 or 9. Should be interesting...
  8. Also I saw a review by someone one Vice who clearly has never played these types of games even complaining about the large map. Like Dude I'd hate to see you play AC Vahalla then. One of the things I see players complain about is the new weapon mechanics of crafting them and such. I haven't gotten real big in detail on any of the game as I'm waiting for that first big update and check review after while I finish other stuff
  9. Yeah I was starting to like JD. I was LMAO at the other tribe trying to tank the immunity challenge and Nasir (I believe his name is) goes on beast mode in the challenge and has his moment. The other guys are looking at him like "seriously you choose now to have your moment? We're trying to tank dawg!!!!"
  10. Gowan opted out of last season because he ended up with COVID prior to the season. I found this from Revenge of the Birds who thought they got a steal. Seen a few Byron Maxwell comparisons. 6th rounder in the draft. Tay Gowan could be a steal in the draft
  11. Probably could've traded him sooner but my source at the time said Howie was asking too much. They were asking for a 5th and didn't get it. ARZ is somewhat desperate losing Maxx "That's 2 X's not one" Williams at TE for the season. Buff has D Knox emerging this year so they were out of the picture unless they wanted a TE2. Honestly got to give Howie some credit here because they got what they wanted in a 5th and a young player from this years draft
  12. Yeah at the same time you risk Ertz getting hurt. Sounds like they got a lot of faith in Jackson when he comes off IR
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