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  1. The Charity itself is pretty sketchy too. It's being investigated for embezzling money.
  2. Good for Tony and AEW. This scumbag needs to be canceled if there ever was someone needing to be canceled.
  3. I've always liked this idea and not sure why American leagues are so secretive about this. It just leads more to the conspiracies that these games are all fixed by people.
  4. Miz deserves way better but that's a broken record with insert any name thats good with WWE these days
  5. What time is this on because it might cut into my Mayan's Time
  6. Police raid FC Barcelona and detain former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, according to reports Catalan police raided FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium on Monday, detaining former president Josep Maria Bartomeu and other team officials in connection to an ongoing investigation into the so-called Barçagate scandal, according to multiple reports. Bartomeu resigned as president in 2020 following reports that he hired a marketing firm to disparage the club’s players on social media. In a statement, the club said that it is cooperating with Catalan police and that it has “great respect for the j
  7. Some interesting stuff I've heard from a trusted source regarding Suning group and Inter Milan. UEFA sent a delegate to Milan last Thursday who watched the Milan Europa Match vs Red Star Thursday and then they are now investigating Inter's ownership group. That's kind of a code red right there in they might be in big trouble. Take this with a grain of salt but there's reports that Suning and Inter still owe Chelsea 50M Euros for Lukaku.
  8. Yeah my issue with EPL is a lot of the officiating. I know English fans are hating VAR but it's not the problem. The Refs are and they need a real revamping of it. EPL Refs do not use VAR as well as they should. it is suppose to be a tool and option to help make sure the right calls are made. It's not there to discredit officials or make their job harder. it's there to help them. For whatever reason English Refs seem to not want to be part of this.
  9. Yeah I heard about this from Shaw in his interview. The CalcioCast Pod I just mentioned Matteo and Kay had a question about this. Sounds like Italy might start experimenting with Ref interviews after games (at least main ref) on key decisions in the game and overall match. Definitely think this could help and maybe more sports could do this. Would help explain numerous controversial decisions and such. From what it sounds like to me Ref didn't give it but VAR was. If this was the Refs answer he needs to be disciplined
  10. Update I just got a message from David. "I just know so much more about plusvalenze, amortization and stuff like that than Chinese ownerships groups and I try not to speculate on things I’m not familiar. I’m working on getting a good guest on that knows about this stuff" In other words guys stay tuned
  11. If Players breath on Tom Brady Rodger makes sure the refs have a flag out before the play is over. If Lebron gets fouled the league is so quick at calling a foul for him. Both of those guys overall have far more talent than Cam ever had. I'm not even a fan of either of those guys. My issue with Cam is it's never his fault and he doesn't take accountability. It's always someone else's fault why he didn't succeed. We're talking the same guy who when at Florida told people he wasn't starting because the coaches were racist and Tim Tebow was white. When he got to the NFL talked himself up wh
  12. My dad hates confrontations in general. I hate saying it but his mouth on somethings is bigger than his actual actions. Maybe it's the Italian in him who down plays any success he gets as he's always thinking there's some negative on the horizon. My dad doesn't have any of the cash flow yet. There's another guy who has a small percentage of ownership who lives in Germany but is willing to sell his half to my dad for full ownership. My Dad is discussing with potential buyers for the property but so far no one wants to buy all four. Either 1 or 2. However there is a guy who lives on the corner w
  13. @B Maverick Sounds like you guys dropped points yesterday. Was at work. Milan beat Roma 2-1 but given how they played probably should've had about 3-4 goals in the 1st half alone. Zlatan re-aggravated the abductor muscle injury he had and will miss at least 10 days. Missing Udinese Match on Sunday as well as first leg at Old Trafford now. Pioli just dropped Alessio Romnagnoli our Captain in the back for Tomori who played excellent. Looking really likely Milan will purchase his buyout.
  14. I'm a patron to David Amoyal's podcast but has been doing podcasts for soccer specifically Italy for awhile now. He first started out with ESPN Color guy Matteo Bonetti and I've listened to both for a while now. Followed Matteo as an Intern as the MilanGuy when he did the blog on ESPN Soccernet all those years ago. Went to BEIN as an analyst and did some in game commentary for the French league and Serie A while there. Joined ESPN when they got the SERIE A rights. Matteo and his wife do their own podcast which I love. His Wife is Kay Murray English Journalist who does ESPN International and so
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