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  1. Looks like he played every snap. Didn't see the game so I can't say if his performance was hindered by the injuries or the embarrassing offensive line
  2. Yeah that might be the best because he gets fined. I would suspect that Ben tries to get the NBAPA involved to see what his legal rights on in that case. But yeah this guy is basically destroying whatever was left of his NBA career.
  3. You can plead the 5th and ask not to speak to the feds without a lawyer present. The minute you start talking to the police and don't use that that right, and know things and lied you are screwed
  4. If he told them everything and the Feds questioned them asking if they knew anything then yes the parents are legally in trouble and could be charged with obstruction as well as aiding in the murder even if they didn't murder her themselves. So basically if they knew anything and led the FEDs on or lied they can be booked.
  5. Per Shams Joel Embiid, Seth Curry, THybule and other 76ers planned a trip to LA to try and convince Ben Simmons to stay. Ben basically told them F off because he wasn't changing his mind on leaving. At this rate if I'm the 76ers I just let him sit out the season and keep fining him or trade him to the worst team possible and ask them to give them whatever he's your headache now. Like I said before I believe this is an eye opener for NBA Execs and the next CBA could get messy with a work stoppage.
  6. Great rampage tonight. Smoke show match is up next with Anna Jay and Penelope Ford
  7. They were big in the blogging community already. Just because you may not have known who they were others did
  8. You know Hollywood is chomping at the bit to see how this ends to make a movie about it at some point right
  9. I said in the other thread if I were in charge of this and saw this kid wasn't under 24/7 surveillance I'd be looking to get rid of a few people and add to the unemployment line. Sure he's not arrested but seriously have people watching this kid. Shows how inept the people using our tax $$$$'s are at times.
  10. They were deleted. Mod mentioned something about racism and other disgusting things being made by some. I don't know exactly what it was or what was going on as the thread was locked by the time I got home and here. Apparently someone decided to show their true colors I guess you can say fortunately or unfortunately depending how you view wanting to associate with such people on a forum.
  11. Good point this allows the FEDs more options with his parents and possible bring them in as well for aiding a fugitive
  12. If she died before the date he used it then thats concerning especially since apparently he put over $1K worth of charges on it.
  13. There's numerious reasons. I said in another thread a girl in my school who's mom worked at the school went missing. After the cops and feds realized she was a drug addict they seemed to lose interest in looking for her which is why her parents hired a PI for the case. Unfortunately there's a lot of reasons some cases get this coverage and others don't. My friend's sister maybe got a 2 minute thing on one news station here in Philly but no where else because they weren't interested in a drug addict missing person. She was a really pretty girl but the minute they found out drug addict a lot of places lost interest in the story. Every now and then randomly I see a random article updating previous reports but it's the same stuff being repeated. I could tell you the whole story word for word without reading it anymore.
  14. Like I said I don't think he is either. Joe Walsh of catch a criminal doesn't even think Brian was ever really home besides 1 day. Parents say they didn't see him since X date but he's probably been gone longer then that. I can definitely see an instance where the parents get Jail time in this. Think they find Brian eventually. Question is will he being coming back in handcuffs or a bodybag.
  15. Ding Ding Ding. I agree but I think they need a stronger salary cap floor and max. I can see a lockout at the next labor talks though and a league stoppage. Owners are finally seeing the effects and I think the next work stoppage is the start of the end of these super teams unless the Superteam is a group of players who were drafted together or the players take a huge pay cut
  16. Sam AMico reports a Simmons trade could happen in the next week. Team is actively shopping and looking for a deal. Per his source he says the 76ers will deny this at all cost but Trade in the next week is imminent and they are actively trying to get rid of him.
  17. Saw a mod make a comment about someone making disrespectful and racist comments or something and used the word disgusting. I was tryin to find it because I wanted to comment I think Brian's parents are leading the feds on. I think they know exactly where he is and gave them the Nat Reserve to buy their son more time. Got a feeling the Parents here are gonna see time in the slammer
  18. At least he didn't go to Club Risque like the one WR we had awhile back who got accused of stuff.
  19. I just think it makes people hypocritical and no better then those who intentionally use it. To me if something is that offensive to you, you shouldn't use it yourself as it makes you look like a hypocrite. I'm all for the word being used in art form for historical context and such but it shouldn't be part of anyone's daily vocabulary. Also it doesn't look good when you bring up race issues at work accussing others and you were recorded using this word a few times yourself. It kind of just discredits you on the spot. During the Riley Cooper Incident Stephan A Smith brought this up and I thought a lot of what he said made sense. There was no hyperbole or trying to get ratings. He was speaking to people in an open mind how he hates the word himself and makes his fellow blacks look uneducated. It's not about me wanting to use it or not. It's the hypocrisy of some okay with using it but god forbid someone else uses it the world is ending. I've called my own friends out on this countless times before too.
  20. Basically the IFTV guys will help coverage of Serie A to America with the help from the league itself and the English part of the league. Essentially these guys who started a YouTube pod in their garage Years ago have made it big time now. I thought they made it when Beckham wore some of their stuff (He's a pretty big Calcio fan) and then they interviewed Cannavarro last year during the pandemic and did something with Pogba when he was at Juventus. Then this year they partnered with Paramount plus and Marco Messina one of the founding partners of IFTV is an analyst on the show. Now today their Pod is officially partnered with Serie A English marketing. Not sure what this will include (Probably advertisement at stadiums for them during matches) and the league will pump out their socials of content from IFTV
  21. BREAKING NEWS FROM SERIE A & IFTV (Italian Football TV): Huge Serie A News involving IFTV who Paramount+ is partnered with for the Calcio Coverage. Serie A English is now partnered with IFTV. Italian Football TV has come a long way from a Youtube Podcast, to the sponsorships they'd have to now this. Serie A biggest problem over the years is their ignorance in marketing the game of Calcio around the world. One of the reasons EPL is so popular is the marketing which some fans assume just makes the EPL the best league ever which isn't always the case. They just have the money and resources to market better. For yrs Calcio was always hard to find. Sometimes back in the day random club match from smaller clubs on ESPN if we were lucky. RAI Italy which was a paid sub is available in the US but only with Italian commentators so if you didn't speak Italian it was kind of a good way to learn some at least. Then we got Fox Soccer for a bit till BEIN Sports took the coverage but it's a paid for channel as well so not everyone has it. ESPN+ which is dirt cheap ended up with the rights and brought Matteo Bonetti who worked as an Intern covering Calcio and had his own blog The MilanGuy back when he first started as a color guy to work along side Mark Donnelson. Partnership was great but after 3 yrs only a few matches on regular TV either ESPN News or 2 in the wee hours of the morning. Then after losing the rights to Paramount plus and seeing how much effort is put into the LaLiga and Bundisliga just shows ESPN was never a great Partner. With Paramount+ theres a pre and post match coverage and bonus you get Kate Abdo. IFTV became a partner with one of its owners Marco Messina as an Analyst alongside Matteo who's doing Commentary with Inter Miami and US Soccer on Paramount+ Andres Cordero plus Here We Go Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano. Gussippie Rossi is also a studio Analyst bringing some former player experience to the panel and as one of the first Italian American's to successful play Calcio for an Italian club and play for the National Team. A lot of us Calcio fans were worried we our league was being passed around like a used Slag but pleasantly surprised by everything with P+ going on and hopefully this partnership last a long time. Super proud of the boys too and I've become really good friends with both Marco and Mike on Twitter over the last 2 yrs. Very big for Calcio and America here. Italian Football TV - IFTV 5h · BREAKING: Proud to announce that IFTV have become CONTENT PARTNERS with Lega Serie A What this means for the Calcio Community is that we’re working directly with the league to provide the type of content necessary to take Serie A in North America to the NEXT LEVEL. We always dreamt and envisioned this day, but it still feels surreal and hard to believe. A dream that spurred from a garage in Brooklyn, New York, to now working hand in hand with the league we grew up watching as kids. Growing up in this country with Serie A being our favorite league, it’s truly a proud moment for us to help spread why we LOVE calcio so much. It may be cliche, but this achievement is only the start of something special, with much left still to strive for. And not one of these moments would be possible without the incredible support, assistance, and love from the greatest community in the world. A community that we will continue to push the pillars of and grow. Now the work begins.
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