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  1. Just bought a 55 inch LG Nanocell. Will report back.
  2. My two cents...he is done playing professionally. Who cares about the circumstances, glad he is ok. The amount of massaging his balls in this thread is disgusting. If this was anyone else you could care less.
  3. I have been to Greensboro multiple times...not a fan.
  4. I would have dreams about my ex randomly, and then a few days later get a letter from her attorney.
  5. Seattle historically can't get 1 freaking yard to keep a drive alive. They have no 3rd WR to help out, and we have no true pass catching TE. I believe Wilson is the 2nd most sacked QB in history, and the Oline seems to have been bad since 2005. Wilson has played bad recently, but he has had the piss knocked out of him. He is not letting plays develop and he is bailing out of the pocket to soon. Defense gave up over 150 rushing yards to one guy. Tons of blame to go around, but wanting to get rid of Wilson is silly.
  6. It was not terrible. Wife actually really enjoyed it. *She hates Christmas movies.
  7. I am getting old. I come into the Shark Pool for NFL news. Shout out to MOP, I said this thread would not last 24hrs. I was wrong. Apparently a worthy discussion.
  8. I have supported most of your posts over the years, but this is over the top. This thread wont last 24hrs.
  9. I am happy to see charges, but punishing the entire team by opting out of the playoffs is wrong.
  10. I just heard the news and I am shocked...not the good kind of shocked.
  11. April 18th 306 FBG Start 272.0 Week 1 269.8 Week 2 266.6 Contest -5.4 Overall - 39.4 Sorry for posting late. Moved this weekend and it has been a nightmare.
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