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  1. I call "Mother's Day Weekend" on Saturday I make her a nice breakfast and then pump her full of drinks all day. On Sunday, she just wants to be left alone while I take care of the kids. On Monday, I am the best husband ever. She is already asleep for the night...this has worked 9 years in a row.
  2. Last April through October, I woke everyday thinking that it was the day I die. I also swear my allergies get worse every year.
  3. Our office will open back back up in September. We do have the option of WFH 100% if we choose to do so. I advised my manager I will come in 2 days a week, as getting out of the house wouldn't be a bad thing. My manager advised that we have to come in 3 days a week in order to keep our desk, less than that and we will desk share. I told her let me know when I can pack up my desk because I will be 100% WFH.
  4. I don't understand how Written In Reverse did not make the list.
  5. Congrats! Blackstone and others have a lot of videos on stuff. The griddle makes cooking so easy as you have so much workspace and literally can cook anything on it.
  6. Ordered a Wilson Launch Pad Driver two weeks ago. Will arrive some time mid April.
  7. I got my #1 Pfizer...no sore arm no side effects. Wife #1 Moderna wicked sore arm, nothing else.
  8. Got my 1st Pfizer dose at Kroger today. No wait time at all. Took about 5 minutes total to check in and get the shot. No arm pain or other symptoms except for a bad case of diarrhea. I did have a Spicy East Coast Italian from Jimmy Johns. First sub sandwhich I have had in 2 years. Diarrhea is not a listed side effect on my form, so hoping it's just food related.
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