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  1. Collins will be fine. My concern is Seattle gets down and Homer takes over.
  2. My question is why you didn't confront this guy before the neighborhood kids started walking home?
  3. I just told my wife 10 mins ago only reason for the family to call the police is because he took off and they fear he will do something to himself. Now he is missing. Side note...why do the police not have him under 24hr observation?
  4. I wish Summer Wells was getting this much attention.
  5. My 4th grade son tested positive on Monday he is out of school until the 20th. The school said my 3rd grade daughter could still come since she has no symptoms. (We are keeping her out until the 20th) I find that mind boggling. Wife and I are vaccinated...took home tests and we are negative so far.
  6. I live 110 miles north of NO, and this is our first experiance. The stores and gas station lines were surreal. Seeing it on the news is totally diffrent than being in it. Good luck to all involved.
  7. I would recommend the Calm app. It has children's stories and works like a charm.
  8. I won't pick low hanging fruit. 1. Cardinals 2. Saints 3. Patriots 4. Colts 5. Rams
  9. I don't see any one giving an actual answer so I will. Lamar Jackson. I have drafted the last two years. Has had Covid twice, won't get a vaccine. Has not shown me he can be dependable.
  10. I thought you would be more of a Cannon Beach guy.
  11. Both my kids under 12 started school last Monday. Fast forward today...both down with a respiratory infection. Tested negative with the rapid test. This is a ####### nightmare as a parent. I also feel bad for them as they are scared to death.
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