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  1. I did got a bonus offer from MGM for $1k bonus match with 1x rollover - on the bonus only, 😂. I divided 1000/36 and tailed Alan Boston’s new pod. Hit just under break even, I think 51ish percent came in. Churned the bonus with no deposited funds risk, and withdrew. Was fun but never again for every game, it was intense.
  2. Going to do the Barstool Buzzer Beater promo. Tournament total o1.5 buzzer beaters (game winning score inside last 2 seconds) -180. 10k limit. 64% implied probability, this has hit 78% of the time from 2006 - 2020 so there’s solid EV here. The promo is for every full buzzer beater over you get 2x your stake. If you bet 100 and 3 games hit, you get 200 as a 1x rollover bonus. 4 games hit, you get a 400 bonus, and so on. Plus this is a fun full tourney bet so I’m in. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/friv/ncaa-buzzer-beaters.html
  3. MSM/TX SO getting whatever the opening number is vs Michigan
  4. Already took Winthrop +6 (opened 7.5 and is crashing fast) vs Nova and Ohio +10.5 vs UVA. It’s March!
  5. Anyone ever do NHL shutout props? Heard about these, labeled “both teams to score” on FanDuel and you blind bet No. priced anywhere +500 to +800 a game. Last Monday to Sunday it would be a 21u win blind betting every game at let’s say +600. Would love to know longer term trends on this, and if anyone here has dabbled. Might see how it goes.
  6. I think you have to play him out in 2021. If he’s good, that’s huge. If not, you can move on and play into higher draft position.
  7. Objectively he has nude pics / dirt on Lurie to still have his job. He needs to be fired yesterday, this will just get worse.
  8. FCS college football kicks off this weekend https://twitter.com/bookmaker_eu/status/1359482135577526272?s=21
  9. They also paid out Gronk over 68.5 and Anytime TD +690 “because it was a bad beat.” It wasn’t a bad beat, just gambling, but I’m not complaining.
  10. Barstool giving anyone who bet 100 on the game a 1k bonus with 1x roll because their site went down if you bet there.
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