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  1. Something I’m thinking about it.....just getting into a startup where TEs get 2 PPR and all others get the standard 1. What type of value are we looking at for the position at this point? Required to start 1RB 1WR 1TE and then 4 flex.
  2. 12 team PPR 1QB Wasn’t involved but interested to see feedback: Team A trades: CEH 1.04 Team B trades: DK Metcalf
  3. 12 team PPR, 1QB 1RB 1WR 1TE 3Flex Team A trades: 1.03 Allen Robinson Team B trades: AJ Brown
  4. No doubt. Was just speaking to the return involved and the fact that it may be difficult to get real value if you are dead set on trading him. Definitely agree that I wouldn’t want to potentially greatly help out another team for such a little return.
  5. It does seem light but I’ll also say I’ve found it difficult in 1QB leagues to get anything of note for someone like Russ. I agree that he’s worth more, but most of the teams have a decent option at QB and don’t want to part with anything of note for what is perceived as a marginal upgrade. Again, I’d agree that Russ is worth more than this, but the QB8 in a start 1 league is not an easy one to move in my experience.
  6. 12 team PPR Team A trades: Damien Harris 3.07 Team B trades: Myles Gaskin
  7. 12 team PPR 1QB 1RB 1WR 4FLEX Not involved in this one. Team A trades: 1.03 4.03 Team B trades: 1.10 1.12 2022 1st (projected playoff team, pick probably 9-12 area as of now)
  8. 12 team PPR, 1QB 1RB 1WR 1TE 4FLEX Team A trades: Aaron Jones Team B trades: 1.02
  9. 12 Team PPR, 1QB 1RB 1WR 1TE 4RB/WR/TE Team A trades: Alvin Kamara Team B trades: DK Metcalf Clyde Edwards-Helaire Keenan Allen
  10. 12 team PPR QB/RB/WR/TE/3 FLEX Team A trades: 2020 1st (currently pegged at 10th) Team B trades: Terry McLaurin
  11. 12 team PPR Team A trades: Corey Davis 2020 1st (feels like mid 1st at the moment) Team B trades: Stefon Diggs
  12. 12 team PPR Team A trades: 1.01 - Josh Jacobs was the pick Team B trades: Julio Jones
  13. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/1WR/1TE/3FLEX Team A trades: DeAndre Hopkins Team B trades: Stefon Diggs 1.06 1.09
  14. 12 team PPR 1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/2FLEX Team A trades: 1.03 Team B trades: 1.08 1.11
  15. 12 team PPR Team A trades: 2.05 Team B trades: Dede Westbrook 3.03 2.05 was then Hakeem Butler.
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