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  1. zero starters from the 2012 draft is not good. Mayhew is just Millen-lite guys.I see they made a move to bring in someone from Denvers organization to the F/O.Brian Xanders, as Sr. Personnel Executive. He's being tasked with bringing the scouting process out of the stone ages and helping with evaluating talent. Great move assuming Mayhew lets him do his job.He was the GM during the McDaniels years...good luck with that.
  2. It's quite obvious that this team is all about stat padding and records and not about wins. You could say they were done after the 2nd loss to the Vikings, but the last two games specifically were very winnable if they had any interest in clock management and securing the win. If they are serious about moving on from Titus Young, why didn't Thomas get more than 4 targets with Broyles leaving in the 1st quarter?
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