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  1. Even if it wasn't 18 months old, it was an editorial with all sorts of partisan propaganda language in there. A clear giveaway that it was old news: A clear giveaway that it wasn't real news:
  2. You really need to stop using that phrase everywhere. Please learn what is actually required to impeach.
  3. Don't forget about the defense of "sure, he commanded his subordinate to perform an illegal action, but his subordinates had such little respect for him that his subordinate didn't do the illegal action so therefore it's all good."
  4. Six times trump's allies have defended him by pointing to his incompetence.
  5. Is anyone surprised by this? Seems like exactly the people you'd expect to be doing business with trump.
  6. Some more info on that successful mission: Trump actively tried to derail the 3 biggest things that helped take out ISIS leader al-Baghdadi
  7. The only thing that is sad is that he's still the president. He got booed because of all his reprehensible actions since taking office. Somebody in the military doing their job doesn't offset all of the ways trump has failed at his job.
  8. Trump is a proven liar and leaks things all the time. This isn’t what you are concerned about They already have enough to impeach him, just a matter of continuing to get the public enough behind it to get Senate to do their part. Many Republicans are dying to cut this guy loose but not politically advantageous for them yet. https://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/trump-has-told-13-435-while-in-office-wapo-71560773873
  9. As I've already stated, they were in the trump thread to depict exactly what people are attending these "well attended" rallies you like to brag about. Be careful who you call jokers. One could easily make a case that the jokers are the people bragging about rally sizes instead of addressing the catastrophes and scandals created by the person they helped elect and are attempt to help reelect.
  10. I think quite a bit of it was "look at who is attending these 'well attended' rallies" by showing it was full of racists and ridiculous conspiracy theorists (the Q anon shirts). This is a solid contingent of who remains loyal to him. When your candidate is aligned with these "people" you might need to reevaluate how you are picking your candidate.
  11. @Shula-holic https://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-wealth-tax-from-1999-more-severe-elizabeth-warren-2019-10
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