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  1. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/495922-progressive-group-to-endorse-biden-hes-abraham-lincoln-compared-to-donald
  2. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'd like to add Blount to the list. He didn't get many chances, but when he was given the ball, he was effective.
  3. He took the moral high ground on the impeachment vote, which earns him some credit in my book. I assume he's got plenty of baggage, though.
  4. This is all a bit of a stretch. Biden is not a great candidate but he's not looking to become a king as you imply with that last line. As for third parties, when was the last time someone actually fit to be president ran? I can't think of anyone after Ross Perot. I voted Gary in 2016, but that was just a protest vote. I didn't actually think Johnson would be a good president.
  5. No, of course not. Romney hasn't quit yet.
  6. This binary thinking is a problem. It's like saying petty theft is the same as premeditated murder because they're both crimes. One party is committing worse crimes against democracy than the other. One party has at least SOME people with good intentions working for it. Your false equivalencies are not helping the situation.
  7. I don't subscribe to DLF so I can't comment on that article in particular, but in Arians' defense, while he was in PIT, they were winning by playing defense and playing it safe on offense. So Arians the OC didn't have the pass attempts to produce a QB1. That's not to say I am confident he's not overrated. Your premise might still be true. I just don't think it's fair to hold his PIT days against him. He did run a very efficient offense there given what he had. I'm just so curious if Arians will be able to adapt his vertical offense to Brady's dink and dunk arm.
  8. The important thing is they will not be like Kavanaugh. I'm not defending any of the items you mentioned, but you've got to take a step back and try to put a weight to it. Nobody is saying the Democrats have been perfect. But you're fooling yourself with these false equivalencies/whataboutism. In no uncertain terms, the Republicans have been worse. If you're being honest with yourself, you may not want Democrats in power, but you want Republicans in power even less. And one of them will be in power. So vote third party at your own peril. Signed, Someone who voted third party in 2016
  9. Do you want another conservative hack on the supreme court? Because that's how you get another conservative hack on the supreme court. Biden is unlikely to accomplish anything meaningful, but he won't brazenly break laws/commit impeachable offenses while making us the laughing stock of the world. He won't invite foreign interference in our elections. He won't set back climate change progress and pandemic response. As you can see, it's not so much about what Biden will do, it's about what he won't do.
  10. Brady's arm is not nearly as strong as Carson Palmer's. The Arians-Brady combo seems exceedingly odd to me. I'm very curious to see how it pans out, but I'll be watching from the sidelines.
  11. Preaching to the choir, brother. But just for some more information, I looked a little bit up. It sounds like the limit is $50k, so I don't think people taking out six figure loans to go to private colleges would be out of the woods at all: From this article.
  12. For sure - vote for who you want to in the primaries. I'm not keen on anyone in particular, but I like Warren's stance on lobbying and campaign finance reform and I feel like she's more likely than the rest to attempt to balance the budget... although some of her plans are pretty costly, but being "more likely than the rest" is a very, very low bar.
  13. I have a strong desire to vote for anyone who isn't: a draft dodger someone who has bankrupted six businesses someone who has been accused of sexual assault by over twenty women someone who speaks at a 4th grade level successfully impeached for abuse of power successfully impeached for obstruction of Congress spending 10x as much tax payer money on golf than Obama after relentlessly b****ing about Obama spending taxpayer money on golf illegally killing people for political gain, then lying about the reasons for it
  14. I'm not a fan of cancelling student debt and I'm not even THAT well versed on it, but I'll tell you what I can. No, people without debt get nothing, but in the end I'm betting our taxes end up helping to pay that bill. Not all people with debt get it cancelled. I think there's something about how much debt you've got and how much you're currently making, so it's prorated. While I am absolutely opposed to this idea of hers, I can reconcile it a lot easier than giving tax cuts to the rich or war mongering. In the end, I'd rather put money in the pockets of students than give tax cuts to the ultra rich. Further mental reconciling: when thinking about the effects on the economy, which do you think will actually impact consumerism? Tax cuts for people already hording wealth or increased expendable income for recent graduates? I'd rather cancel student debt (a limited scope with a defined end and defined total amount) than provide free college indefinitely.
  15. Hah, it's all good. I don't really see the stock market as a partisan thing, although when nothing else is going right, we do get a lot of "bUt TeH StoNk mARkeT!1!" lines as if that justifies corruption and outright campaign lies ("I'll fix the deficit quickly"). I would've settled for lower stock returns if it meant our debt would be kept in check, our annual budget would be balanced, and our regulations got stronger instead of weaker... because I'm in it for the long haul. If we have another recession for any number of reasons, these gains will all be erased. And honestly, my story won't change if a Democrat gets elected and pulls this same crap. We're burning the candle at both ends right now... hell, we've actually got more than two ends burning. We've got: stupid tax cuts, reckless spending, reckless deregulation, and to top if off all trump appointees are industry insiders. What's going on just isn't sustainable.
  16. But it's true that Hillary was the second most disliked ever. Even if Faux News is able to manufacture some questionable dirt on the Dem candidate, it still won't reach Hillary levels of hate. That's the key. Mr. Bankrupt Bone Spurs has only become more and more hated, so the gap is widening.
  17. You think that bloated corpse is going to be above ground in 5 years? I don't think you have to worry about that. He would be 78 when running for a third term. I'll take the under on him making it to 78. He's not healthy enough. He's going to have a stroke while rage tweeting. It is known.
  18. This is the correct take. We were (un)fortunate enough to witness history - the two most disliked candidates of all time in a face off. In the past 3 years trump has become even more disliked than before, while any Democratic candidate will be less disliked than Hillary. People like me who voted third party in 2016 may think Biden is the worst candidate of the whole lot (and I'm not overly fond of any of them), but we'll VBNMW. I'm sure some will, but I assume you are correct that the majority will be out en masse to "flush the turd on November third." I told my wife in 2016 that the best thing to come out of the country the electoral college electing a clown would be that both parties would realize how badly they screwed up and would do better next time. I was clearly wrong about the Republicans, who obviously pushed all in on this atrocious hand, but if Biden gets the nomination then I'll have been wrong about the Democrats, as well. I totally get why people say Biden=Hillary, because in a lot of ways he does. But Tim is correct that he differs from Hillary in one key aspect in that he's not largely reviled.
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