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  1. 11 for 21 for 90 yards without the long Td? Lol holy ####. RIP Seattle fantasy skill players for a bit longer
  2. Good God - not even start able anymore. Not even against the jags
  3. Well, it's getting close to halfway through the year, they can try it out for 5-7 games All I know is that the Flacco trade and practice squad pickup is giving me some bad feelings about hurts viability ROS that I had to pluck cousins up lol
  4. He won't be resting anything because $$$ is on the line here. If anything he rushes back out of agent fear and gets reinjured
  5. I'm betting Wilson is hurt more than they are saying and will not risk him coming back ROS if they can avoid it The team is constructed so poorly to protect him. Getting more talent should be the first priority before investing high rookie picks into QBs IMO
  6. Gonna get that corey Davis contract and underwhelm somewhere else
  7. Not a fan but pretty impressed with how this team has bounced back. Maybe gruden truly was a problem in the locker room and his act wore thin?
  8. Now because they can acclimate him to the roster sooner and now you know which teams draft picks are likely to be
  9. Better change the title to unleashing Joe Flacco!!! Great news for Carter shares lol he DGAF and will just check it down
  10. Is this Meyer's C Patt? What he wanted Etienne to be? Because it seems clear he doesn't want Viska doing it
  11. I don't think the Packers have any interest in being the same high-flying Packers of last year. Their defense is playing better because the offense is slow and lethargic and methodical. Packers games rarely shootout it feels. Even the Bengals came was barely below 50. It's not great news for Packers skill players, even Aaron Jones is struggling. Adams should be fine but IDK about the same TD total this year vs. last.
  12. I'd look for Cousins on the waiver wire. I just picked him up for free since he was dropped, and he should be an adequate starter / backup for Hurts. I'm nervous about him being my only QB1
  13. Lucky for him he can resume his old #2 role when Pitts is being trusted as the focal point. The risk here is that Pitts is a rookie and there will be growing pains as he adjusts to being trusted as the #1. IDK- this is bust city, and who knows if he was even THAT talented to begin with? 6'1 190 lbs is nothing special, that's almost Devonta Smith size. Ridley should be a #2 at most with a big guy across from him, and now it looks like he has that wish. However, not sure if that leads to good production this year. C-Patt is a legit AF weapon this year.
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