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  1. Bump - to be clear, the dispersal itself is a snake draft. The annual rookie draft, including this year's, is an auction. The rookie picks convert to dollars to use during the auction....
  2. 4 team dispersal - 14 teams, DEVY, $105 yearly Leaguesafe, 1 PPR, 1.5 TE PPR, superflex Dispersal draft will be a snake draft. Rookie drafts each year are auctions, however. Draft picks will be turned into cash for auctions. Rookies and devy's available in the auction. L Jackson, J Allen, Elliott, Chubb, Kamara, Jacobs, Ertz, J Fields, C Hubbard, N Harris and 9 draft picks in the top 26 (LOTS OF AUCTIONS CASH) scoring - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=46533&O=09 bylaws - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=46533&O=26 dispersal assets - https
  3. Yeah I'm pretty happy overall - and I forgot to mention I also have Bell here, so next year I'll have Bell, Conner and Hunt.
  4. 12 tm PPR - standard lineups. Made 2 deals back to back 1) Gave Zeke and got Conner, mid 2019 1st (not his 1st, another he had acquired) - so I probably didn't get enough for Zeke but wanted to shake things up, but then trade 2 2) Gave: A.Jones/J.Williams, my 2019 1st (let's say mid for now) and another 1st I owned (not the one I just acquired, but also mid to late) for Hunt So basically I traded Zeke, A.Jones and my 1st for Conner and Hunt. As an added bonus, the team I got Hunt from, I own his 1st so it will help me in that regard as his team is now worse...
  5. Made a bunch of deals in various leagues: 1) 12 tm PPR. I'm a top contender who needed a RB or 2 (have Bell and Freeman as my top 2, so basically nada from them so far) but deep at WR. Traded G.Tate to another contender for a 1st he acquired from someone else (middle of the pack right now, let's say 6 or 7 for the pick) Turned around and traded the pick for T.Coleman and Cohen....I still own my 1st 2) 12 tm superflex PPR - deep devy league (roughly 50 prospects rostered, so literally every top guy in 2019 and 2020 are taken already) Traded: N.Harry (one of my de
  6. I have Kamara and Ty.Hill but the rest of my team has under performed (this was a startup this summer). Off to a 1-3 start but believe I could still make a run if things go well. But that would be icing on the cake if I do...looking more to next year
  7. I was the side getting Engram. I now have 4 2019 1sts (its a superflex, so just traded Carr to the Jimmy G owner for Jimmy and a 2019 1st) and want to move on from Gronk before he moves on from us, lol
  8. 12 tm PPR - superflex A gets: D.Lewis, Hogan, Gronk and ASJ B gets: Mack, Engram, 2019 1st (let's say mid round for now)
  9. 12 tm PPR, standard scoring/lineup Gave: Kelce Got: Engram, J.Washington, 2019 2nd (team is a top contender) Starting a rebuild and felt like this was a good return...even with Engram's injury last week
  10. I called last week and they only offered me a monthly discount off my bill, but nothing else, nothing for Sunday Ticket. So I put in a cancellation for this Thursday. Called the magic # today saying I had a missed call (even though I didn't) - the result: $70 off my bill a month for 12 months Free ST Max $200 Visa gift card Done and done.
  11. Going to make my call this week - do I just ask directly for retention, see what they have to offer, and if its crap, set the cancellation date?
  12. I was team A. I have Kelce at TE and don't value Engram as highly as others (with a healthy OBJ, Shepard, now Barkley, etc I think his production goes down, not to mention Eli is getting older and less productive). I think Sutton = Agholor and don't think I'm losing anything there. The other guys don't move the needle much although Walker is a solid backup TE for a few years. I can now start AB, Cooks, T.Hill and Thielen at WR which is an upgrade for my team. With Agholor and Hogan as backups. But I understand those liking the younger guys as well...
  13. 12 tm PPR A got: Thielen, Agholor, D.Walker, M.Andrews B got: Engram, Sutton, Hurns, Ty. Williams
  14. In this league, I'm kind of setup to swing for the fences with the future 1st (I have Bell, Zeke, Nuk, AJG, Cooks, etc)...so rather than take someone I don't really like in Penny or one of the other backs or WRs, I'll take a shot on next year
  15. I traded the pick during the draft - ended up being Penny (it was 1.06). If I kept the pick, I likely would have taken him as my other options were Freeman, Johnson and all the WRs
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