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  1. Bump - to be clear, the dispersal itself is a snake draft. The annual rookie draft, including this year's, is an auction. The rookie picks convert to dollars to use during the auction....
  2. 4 team dispersal - 14 teams, DEVY, $105 yearly Leaguesafe, 1 PPR, 1.5 TE PPR, superflex Dispersal draft will be a snake draft. Rookie drafts each year are auctions, however. Draft picks will be turned into cash for auctions. Rookies and devy's available in the auction. L Jackson, J Allen, Elliott, Chubb, Kamara, Jacobs, Ertz, J Fields, C Hubbard, N Harris and 9 draft picks in the top 26 (LOTS OF AUCTIONS CASH) scoring - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=46533&O=09 bylaws - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=46533&O=26 dispersal assets - https
  3. Interest.....in that opening in ppr





  4. Sitch did you bite off on that open 12 teamer from gianthater?  He wants 50% of 2017, plus did you see the RBs?  The WR pool is nice, but $225 is a big jump from 150.  Are you getting in that one?

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