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  1. Bump - good league, nice list of assets - just need 2 more to fill.
  2. Final Fantasy - $105 yearly, 14 team, superflex, 1 PPR, TE premium. DEVY, auction for rookie draft. 4 team dispersal. 1 spot left! scoring - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=46533&O=09 bylaws - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=46533&O=26 dispersal assets - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kkeopRzmLcs2Own7xubdVQvPgLehy6txO05nIvAxDjY/edit#gid=0
  3. Bump - to be clear, the dispersal itself is a snake draft. The annual rookie draft, including this year's, is an auction. The rookie picks convert to dollars to use during the auction....
  4. 4 team dispersal - 14 teams, DEVY, $105 yearly Leaguesafe, 1 PPR, 1.5 TE PPR, superflex Dispersal draft will be a snake draft. Rookie drafts each year are auctions, however. Draft picks will be turned into cash for auctions. Rookies and devy's available in the auction. L Jackson, J Allen, Elliott, Chubb, Kamara, Jacobs, Ertz, J Fields, C Hubbard, N Harris and 9 draft picks in the top 26 (LOTS OF AUCTIONS CASH) scoring - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=46533&O=09 bylaws - https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=46533&O=26 dispersal assets - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A629V-LcINIZ9BLrYC5hvej4fSg4s9ALTbuO8GpN66Y/edit?usp=sharing Awesome league, fun theme....
  5. Yeah I'm pretty happy overall - and I forgot to mention I also have Bell here, so next year I'll have Bell, Conner and Hunt.
  6. 12 tm PPR - standard lineups. Made 2 deals back to back 1) Gave Zeke and got Conner, mid 2019 1st (not his 1st, another he had acquired) - so I probably didn't get enough for Zeke but wanted to shake things up, but then trade 2 2) Gave: A.Jones/J.Williams, my 2019 1st (let's say mid for now) and another 1st I owned (not the one I just acquired, but also mid to late) for Hunt So basically I traded Zeke, A.Jones and my 1st for Conner and Hunt. As an added bonus, the team I got Hunt from, I own his 1st so it will help me in that regard as his team is now worse...
  7. Made a bunch of deals in various leagues: 1) 12 tm PPR. I'm a top contender who needed a RB or 2 (have Bell and Freeman as my top 2, so basically nada from them so far) but deep at WR. Traded G.Tate to another contender for a 1st he acquired from someone else (middle of the pack right now, let's say 6 or 7 for the pick) Turned around and traded the pick for T.Coleman and Cohen....I still own my 1st 2) 12 tm superflex PPR - deep devy league (roughly 50 prospects rostered, so literally every top guy in 2019 and 2020 are taken already) Traded: N.Harry (one of my devys), Sutton and my 2019 1st (but again is probably a 3rd rounder with all the devys rostered, and likely towards the end of the round too) Got: JuJu and Clement 3) 12 tm superflex (auction league). I'm one of the top teams but I was starting Eli every week as my 2nd QB (Ryan is my top QB) Traded: McKinnon, my 1st (auction dollars) and a 2nd Got: Rivers, A.Jones
  8. I have Kamara and Ty.Hill but the rest of my team has under performed (this was a startup this summer). Off to a 1-3 start but believe I could still make a run if things go well. But that would be icing on the cake if I do...looking more to next year
  9. I was the side getting Engram. I now have 4 2019 1sts (its a superflex, so just traded Carr to the Jimmy G owner for Jimmy and a 2019 1st) and want to move on from Gronk before he moves on from us, lol
  10. 12 tm PPR - superflex A gets: D.Lewis, Hogan, Gronk and ASJ B gets: Mack, Engram, 2019 1st (let's say mid round for now)
  11. 12 tm PPR, standard scoring/lineup Gave: Kelce Got: Engram, J.Washington, 2019 2nd (team is a top contender) Starting a rebuild and felt like this was a good return...even with Engram's injury last week
  12. I called last week and they only offered me a monthly discount off my bill, but nothing else, nothing for Sunday Ticket. So I put in a cancellation for this Thursday. Called the magic # today saying I had a missed call (even though I didn't) - the result: $70 off my bill a month for 12 months Free ST Max $200 Visa gift card Done and done.
  13. Going to make my call this week - do I just ask directly for retention, see what they have to offer, and if its crap, set the cancellation date?
  14. I was team A. I have Kelce at TE and don't value Engram as highly as others (with a healthy OBJ, Shepard, now Barkley, etc I think his production goes down, not to mention Eli is getting older and less productive). I think Sutton = Agholor and don't think I'm losing anything there. The other guys don't move the needle much although Walker is a solid backup TE for a few years. I can now start AB, Cooks, T.Hill and Thielen at WR which is an upgrade for my team. With Agholor and Hogan as backups. But I understand those liking the younger guys as well...
  15. 12 tm PPR A got: Thielen, Agholor, D.Walker, M.Andrews B got: Engram, Sutton, Hurns, Ty. Williams
  16. In this league, I'm kind of setup to swing for the fences with the future 1st (I have Bell, Zeke, Nuk, AJG, Cooks, etc)...so rather than take someone I don't really like in Penny or one of the other backs or WRs, I'll take a shot on next year
  17. I traded the pick during the draft - ended up being Penny (it was 1.06). If I kept the pick, I likely would have taken him as my other options were Freeman, Johnson and all the WRs
  18. Part of my thinking in dealing Foreman. Apparently he's not fully recovered yet and with this type of injury, he may never be...but the deal is definitely a 50/50 proposition for me. If the 1st ends up being top 3 or 4, I'll be pretty happy...
  19. Definitely fair - but for me, I'm not high on Penny for many reasons and Foreman coming off a torn achilles, much tougher injury to recover from, especially for a RB. I think one of Williams or Jones will have established themselves as the man by mid season, Meredith now has Brees throwing to him and the pick should be nothing worse than mid round so willing to take a risk. Edit: I have Zeke, Bell, Nuk, AJG, Cooks, Gronk, etc in this league so I felt I could take some chances...
  20. 12 tm PPR, standard scoring/lineups Gave: Penny, Foreman Got: A.Jones/J.Williams, Meredith, 2019 1st (projected mid but easily could be top 3)
  21. 12 tm PPR Gave: DT Got: 2019 1st (if I had to guess, non playoff team), Gesicki It leaves me weak at WR (Allen, Crabtree, Golladay, Kirk, DJax and not much else, and we have to start 3) but couldn't pass this up...
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