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  1. Frankly I could care less how you spend your precious time on earth, so long as you don't tread on me or mine. I was merely seconding a suggestion that I think would be beneficial for ALL. I'm not trying to shame you, I don't know you. You may very well do more in your community than I do mine. Then again, maybe not.
  2. Jordan Peterson is enlightening. Thank you for turning me on to this GG.
  3. Thank you kindly! I learned a long time ago to listen more and speak less; I feel it has served me well all these years.
  4. Thank you for the response BB. As I mostly lurk around here, I have seen you have these real discussions and appreciate your attempts at goodwill and sincere dialogue. I believe you to be an outlier though. It does take an inordinate amount of time to go through an entire GG post. The amount of time GG must spend to curate the posts to conform to the rules of this sub-forum is ridiculous. He does it though and it provides an alternative viewpoint to what is prevalent around here, and I believe to foster real discussion, which is often asked for. Yet none ensues. Other than the amount of time, what is a valid excuse for not engaging GG? There are many posters (imo) who spend an inordinate amount of time on this sub-forum. They post analysis, opinion, tweets and snark throughout the day and night; these aren't meant to advance sincere dialogue and are (imo) a waste of time. Why not use that precious time to engage GG instead? Better yet, use that precious time to pull some weight for a person who could use it. Surely that would be a more productive use of said time than posting on this forum.
  5. While we're not on topic in a GG posting (as usual) I would like to take a moment to ***** and moan about anything but the OP (SOP for the regulars in a GG post). Rarely have any of the regulars refuted or attempt to discuss the topics GG has presented. Tremblay makes a rule specifically for GG; was the rule put in place to foster real discussion? Imo this was done to stop him from posting, period. Whine about emojis Whine about source materials Whine about too many source materials Always an excuse as to why a real discussion cannot be had Real discussion is not wanted here. It forces the regulars to confront their own hypocrisy, and that will not do. Pathetic.
  6. Thank you gentlemen, happy to be here. Thank you for your service Max, I hope you are back home safe and sound soon to enjoy the fruits you have helped to provide all Americans.
  7. Good morning MAGA Brothers & Sisters, longtime lurker first time poster in the great place. First off, I want to thank all the MAGA folks for the yeoman's work you have done in the PSF, it is appreciated. You have not been silenced despite insults, slurs & shaming. Kudos for staying true to your beliefs. I don't know if this article has been posted on the PSF, and my apologies if it has, but I wanted to share it. I believe it is indicative of what is happening in America and portends good things come November. https://gen.medium.com/ive-been-a-democrat-for-20-years-here-s-what-i-experienced-at-trump-s-rally-in-new-hampshire-c69ddaaf6d07 This lady gets it. God Bless America.
  8. Couldn't agree more Bozeman. The (imo) disingenuous arguments provided by many here are astounding.
  9. Probably searched for "best Harvard Constitutional Law specialist" and the wiki page for Dershowitz was the first to pop up. As the President was acquitted, ignorance is bliss, I guess.
  10. I didn't use the term "Harvard Constitutional Law specialist" nor did I state wiki did. I stated scholar of United States constitutional law, which is in the second sentence of the wiki article. When zftcg posted about his background being in criminal law and not constitutional law, I posted this: I beg your pardon if I was incorrect. I was going off the Wikipedia page I visited for the information I used. Perhaps I will have to inform them of the mistake. I have decided not to contact wiki on this issue. If either of you feel strongly enough about getting this information corrected perhaps you could embark on that journey. Regardless I stand by my position. The background in law of Professor Dershowitz speaks for itself, and I have confidence in his ability to apply that background to constitutional law. Pamela Karlan, Noah Feldman and Michael Gerhardt testified during the House Impeachment inquiry hearings. I believe they were presented as Constitutional Law Scholars. Their testimony didn't move the needle for me, but I'm not a Senator. Apparently their testimony didn't persuade a majority of Senators either. Thank you kindly for the offer, but I will decline your challenge. I believe it would be a fruitless endeavor, and I have no time to waste on those.
  11. Well that is your opinion and you are certainly entitled to that, but it is not a fact.
  12. You are correct, that was off topic. In your opinion his actions had zero to do with being prudent with taxpayer funds; if that is the case his actions must have been wasteful with taxpayer funds?
  13. The same can be said about most all of our elected officials.
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