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  1. I doubt anybody on conservative radio is dreaming about a Kamala Harris presidency
  2. Here are a couple studies that say invermectin is very effective against C19 link to studies
  3. You can see him tonight in the Home Run Derby
  4. Not sure if anybody here is watching the live feeds... without giving any spoilers.... they just did noms and frenchie is indeed in the running for worst HOH reign ever
  5. 4 teams of 4 players for the first 4 weeks Lots of gambling style deals and offers will be in play this season Frenchie seems to be playing way way to hard for week 1 good start!
  6. Tweeted something Dumb TEN YEARS AGO.... CANCELLED!
  7. One allegedly racist member gets an entire American Legion post shut down? Sounds about right.
  8. same also at any family gathering where chip dip of any sort is present, double dipping talk will be brought up multiple times
  9. There's nothing people love more than an elected official who just lies right to their face
  10. Caranddriver.com says "Expect a starting price of around $70,000" $70000 $70000 $70000 Hellllllllllllll no.
  11. current zestimate plus around +10% seems to be the going rate?
  12. Second this. It remined me of Walking Tall, but on steroids Christopher Lloyd looked like he loved every second of his scenes. Also looks a lot like a live action Madness Combat
  13. Godzilla! This movie kicks ###!
  14. depending on the projectors audio output, all you need is This or possibly This adapter as well
  15. You very well could output the projector sound into a tiny Amp Like This and use those speakers
  16. why would they possibly draw this? Were they just waiting to get into the canal or what?
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