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  1. I've had an above ground pool for maybe 30 years. The first one was built as a temporary fix while we were building our 'permanent' house which was laid out for an in-ground, but we were bought out and moved to an existing above ground with attached deck. Having grown up with an in-ground years ago I really don't miss a thing--the landscaping and amenities can make either one work just as well. imo. I've worked with 16' and now 24' rounds and been happy with both--though I wouldn't want to drop back to the smaller size now!
  2. I am rarely online but this and msn are the only places I check. sooooo... I still find this place enlightening. Tx! 😎
  3. It's not, and condolences. So glad you had a chance for closure.
  4. Despite what I impulsively posted I agree with this. My mother particularly expressed her wishes in advance, and allowed for changing circumstances, and fortunately when the time came she was capable of assisting with the decision. I know that's not always the case. I am at the age when I need to define my preferences and it's not an easy topic to broach. Time to get on it. Thanks!
  5. My reaction was to the age--or more precisely, defining the age at this point. I just think that the way you write your wishes has to allow for some flexibility. My mother made that call and it worked well--but it was not based on an arbitrary age--it was much more a physical and mental capacity. It helped that she retained the mental acumen to help with the decision. Maybe that's what I would target.
  6. Personally, I think that if and when I decide to give it all up, I'll decide then--not now.
  7. Likewise. Not in the same business now but I always kept in touch. 5 minutes would keep something simple from turning into an emergency upon your return.
  8. There are times when that train commute is my me time. Even now.
  9. Try to remember the "me time". I have always been the one who never left loose ends, and there is a time when you have to have the confidence in your skills to trust that you have all problems covered--and the faith in your training of your subordinates that they are indeed well equipped to handle any surprises.
  10. This is going to sound simple though I know it's not: TURN OFF THE PHONE!! Easy to say, but I'm working at least 80 hrs/week myself as I always have. Just seems to be my base--and I am no longer on call.
  11. This is a good post. What I would add is this: You are not there to manage people. You are there to coordinate them into their best positions in order to take advantage of each of their specific skills and preferences. It sounds like you have a lot of experience to work with and you should feel good about that--invite their input so they will feel involved. Sometimes their preferences may not match your needs--but that gives everyone a sense of being invested in the operation.
  12. duh....yep. Then boil the pieces and use the broth for gravy, soup, …..anything. If you are stuffing the bird then add them. If you are not stuffing the bird then reconsider... simple soak in saltwater.
  13. I believe in king size beds. Allows for separation or inspiration as the mood strikes. eta: allows room for younger kids should the need arise as well.
  14. I don't remember exactly when I had that conversation with my Dad--but it had nothing to do with telling the teacher. My Mom witnessed a bus stop brawl when I was in first grade--the pickup was in front of the house and she was watching as I went after a bigger kid who was constantly picking at me. We wore suits and ties to that school and I know mine was torn up but he and I became friends after that. eta: I grew up with that conversation even at three--military family, back in the day.
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