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  1. What are you asking for in return?
  2. I saw that as well. No way they intentionally leave Julio off a team schedule promo like that unless they know he’s not going to be part of the team. Seems almost too obvious though, would love to hear an explanation if he remains a Falcon. Makes me think they’ve already got a June 1st deal in place.
  3. One of these years will be the year he drops off, but I’m not sure there’s a lot of reason to think this is the year. In 2019, just the season before last, Julio once again put up elite numbers of 99/1394/6. Then last season he had games of: 9/157 8/137/2 8/97 7/137 6/94 So even in 2020, battling injuries much of the season, he was still dominant putting up elite numbers. The only real question is can he still do so consistently? I think he can, but in a different manner. Perhaps fewer targets/receptions on a weekly basis, but in bigger chunks and more TDs. If he stays in Atlanta with Ridley and Pitts, for the first time since his rookie season Julio could be seeing one-on-one coverage. Give Juilo more plays off. Look to Ridley and Pitts more often while targeting Julio more strategically, for big plays and more red zone targets. Used in this manner I can see Julio easily beating one-on-one coverage a few times a game for big plays/TDs. Instead of a volume-rich 9/157/0 we may see 6/102/1, or 5/75/2 which is fine by me fantasy-wise. The question of trade looms large though, and destination is obviously important. That said, a likely suitor would be one of a serious contender with complimentary weapons already in place. A team that could use him in the manner I described above. How do we think Julio Jones would fare with Aaron Rodgers in GB? Or In Buffalo with Josh Allen? What about with Patrick Mahomes in KC? If Julio lands in a destination like that I think elite numbers are very possible, if not likely. He may not get the volume we’re used to but should see plenty of beatable one-on-one coverage and scoring opportunities. Again, he proved just last season that he can still dominate. Of course, if he lands on a bad team it could spell trouble, but a bad/rebuilding team taking on the massive contract of an aging WR just doesn’t make much sense, and is therefore unlikely. I just think some are writing Julio off a bit too soon, and he may turn out to be one of the best fantasy values in 2021.
  4. Edwards keeping his role, and Dobbins becoming a star aren’t mutually exclusive imo.
  5. To a lesser extent, I suppose. But he was a rookie with no training camp or preseason. Still, as a rookie in a timeshare he averaged 6.0 ypc, with 9 TDs, and 8 runs of 20+ yards. And looked awesome doing it. Dobbins enters 2021 as the clear lead back with a year of experience in a now-familiar system. If we safely assume he will improve in year two, with more volume, I think we should expect a pretty great season from JK.
  6. I get the Gus Edwards concern at this point, but I think Dobbins is going to have the kind of year that makes us look back and say “I can’t believe we were worried about Gus Edwards.”
  7. Actually, 3 runs of 70+ yards. Sanders 2020 season was an historic one, accomplishing something most Hall of Fame RBs have not. But yeah, Sanders is a JAG with no explosiveness or upside. Makes zero sense at all. If anything, Sanders is one of the most explosive RBs in the NFL. Honestly, just about everything in that article is rubbish. The writer wants Sanders owners to be concerned about them adding a couple middling free agents, and drafting a RB. The real takeaway here is that Philly didn’t bring in any free agents who would realistically challenge Sanders atop the depth chart, and they bypassed any potential Sanders replacements in the draft, opting to add only a receiving back in the 5th round. All of this should be interpreted as a strong vote of confidence in Sanders as their lead RB. The coaching staff is clearly content with Sanders in that role, and likely pretty excited to have one of the leagues most explosive starting RBs. Why wouldn’t they be? While he may have a limited role as a receiver, Sanders will likely set a career high in touches providing even more opportunities for those explosive plays that can turn a disappointing fantasy day into a week-winning one in an instant. He likely won’t be drafted as an RB1, but I won’t be shocked if he finishes as a top 12 fantasy RB by seasons end, providing many exciting plays along the way. It’s becoming clear that the perception of Miles Sanders is being skewed by the overall mess that was the 2020 Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, Sanders was one of the few bright spots. In 2021 Sanders gets a fresh start, with a new coach who features his RBs, and what should be a strong offensive line. Having something to prove may be just what Sanders needs, and I think he proves his doubters wrong in 2021 with the best season of his young career.
  8. Sanders’ rookie season started slow due to splitting with Jordan Howard, but he showed major flashes over the second half, particularly as a receiver, and was considered a breakout candidate heading into 2020. Unfortunately, 2020 was marred by awful Wentz, and bad coaching/play calling. Impossible to accurately judge Sanders on the overall mess that was the 2020 Eagles. Heading into 2021, Sanders is slated to be the feature back in the same RB friendly system, and under the same head coach, that helped Jonathan Taylor become a star in 2020. Sanders should be leaned on heavily, and has a clear path to finishing as an RB1. Seems like a great buy-low imo.
  9. To be fair, most of us don’t, and never will, know the Dalai Lama, but should we discover his fetish for deep taint messages and surprise rollover ejax I think it would be fair to say a character change appeared to have taken place.
  10. Wasn’t the last Colts game the one where he dropped what would’ve been a long TD down the sideline?
  11. Which one of Trump’s trusted advisors in 2016 was an extreme far right conservative who embarrassed him by nominating another candidate at the RNC? I’m not claiming it didn’t happen, I just don’t recall it.
  12. What’s the “conspiracy”? That those on the far left intend to push their extreme agenda on a susceptible moderate left president who doesn’t have the mental acumen to realize what’s happening? More of a likelihood than a conspiracy. One of Biden’s own advisors already had the balls to nominate Bernie Sanders for President at the DNC of all places.
  13. Sorry, I don’t fully understand that question.
  14. Not really. They’re supporting Biden, while reassuring their far left base that they haven’t lost sight of the end game.
  15. Bernie was too obvious and had no chance to win. Biden actually has a shot to win and be controlled, or at least heavily influenced, by the extreme far left. He’s already being advised by people like AOC, who continued to support Bernie Sanders for President at the DNC.
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