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  1. It’s also why those people have gladly accepted that small businesses, churches and schools have been shut down and decimated for nearly a year. They like being controlled.
  2. Will it be remembered as the most important day in American History?
  3. I appreciate all of the people scared to go outside. Cheap hotels, vacations, less traffic. It's been wonderful.
  4. The great thing is when things get really bad they will criticize the police for doing a really poor job.
  5. This type of stuff is amusing. I also appreciate the states that test the same person on Monday and again on Tuesday and conclude that should equal TWO positive cases to report.
  6. What does this have to do about COVID-19? Can you keep it on topic or do I need to report you?
  7. Uh, maybe because the WHO said it wasn’t necessary for healthy people.
  8. Show me your calculations. I’ll wait with bated breath.
  9. Healthy people can die from the flu. That seems like some really bad permanent damage too.
  10. Because it’s statistically improbable when looking at the age stratifications of deaths for one person to know that many under 50.
  11. Mass shooting in Minneapolis kills one and injured 11. They are going to be a great test city to show the rest of the country defunding the police is the dumbest idea ever.
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