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  1. I doubt you’d find a Chase owner who would go out of their way to build a deal around Javonte as the main piece even if they did want to move him. He’s well on his way to overall WR1 status due to his youth and pedigree AND he’s producing now. He’s probably about to be the most coveted single player in dynasty, if he isn’t already. Javonte is not really the name I want to see in my inbox if I’m looking at packages to sell him—whether it’s to fuel either a further rebuild or a further leap into a win now window.
  2. 14 team PPR TE Prem Gave: Waddle, Logan Thomas, late devy Got: Claypool, Jacob Harris
  3. Someone stupid and arrogant who feels untouchable, which is exactly how I’d describe Bruce Allen.
  4. Because the emails were discovered in the NFL’s investigation into the WFT workplace (they were sent to Bruce Allen and others over the years). That’s the answer as to why after 10 years they were discovered. Why were they specifically released now and specifically Gruden? Great question. Maybe the NFL is still going through the 600,000+ emails they got from the WFT, and it was THAT bad. Maybe it’s more targeted than that.
  5. So has racist language and the coded language that goes along with it that everyone knows about. Yes, including in the mainstream liberal Hollywood you mentioned—not sure what that has to do with my post that you responded to, though. My entire point was that once someone has displayed their ignorance on multiple other fronts (in this case, homophobia and sexism), why do some people fall all over themselves to go “woah woah but in this other directly related instance they weren’t purposely being racist”. As if to say, that’s where the bad guy line is, let’s not label things “racist” all willy-nilly here and destroy a person’s life! And that’s (imo) because people are afraid of saying the wrong thing and being labeled racist themselves, something they’ve been taught is a next level offense beyond even the aforementioned homophobia and sexism—a blanket state of being that makes one despicable. The idea that doing or saying something racist or having a racist thought makes you a hateful bigot is a gross simplification and the reason why so many struggle with the idea of “systemic racism” and “white privilege”. Because if they believe in those things then *gasp* they have probably been racist or benefited from institutions of racism! Which again, would make them hateful bigots and despicable, so that can’t be the case. They’re good people! But that’s the whole point. You don’t need to believe in segregation or want lynchings or hate anyone to perpetuate racist ideas or fall victim to implicit biases. It’s pervasive—woven into the fabric of our civilization and takes active thought to be aware of and combat. But that’s exhausting and hard to get people to embrace, so instead, we get people being canceled, a resulting fear of “cancel culture”, and this type of conversation where asserting that something that is obviously racist, IS in fact racist—is threatening to even people who aren’t themselves hateful. Because they’re worried about the slippery slope, not the offense in question.
  6. Weird. For me when I get proof that someone is sexist, homophobic, and just generally ignorant I would have no problem taking it in stride that they’re also racist when the evidence is there, because all those types of ignorance tend to come together in one bucket. It’s not hard to believe and expending energy on that one aspect of the leaks when the context is now known is an extremely bad look imo. When it first broke as the only data point…okay, maybe, if you must. But now? It reeks of a certain agenda when we already know Gruden was saying ugly things with hate in his heart.
  7. Let me be the first to tell you that every single WFT fan in the world (the few of us who are left) are hoping that Snyder was CC’d onto some of these emails and made his own remarks. Unfortunately the owners wouldn’t want one more of their own going the way of Sterling/Richardson in case their own skeletons fall out of the closet. And it would be good leverage to have over him. But if Snyder continues to fail to pull his weight, and can’t get a new stadium deal for the already unmarketable WFT, let’s see how long it takes before the league wonders if it’s worth pushing him out. Sorry, tangent.
  8. You guys realize this has nothing to do with ESPN right? These emails (sent to Gruden’s buddy Bruce Allen) were discovered during the investigation into the WFT workplace, which involved like 600,000 emails. ESPN didn’t turn them over or leak them Maybe this has been pointed out already but no way I’m reading 6 pages of this dreck
  9. He and Lattimore were having good battles all day, and Hienicke is struggling big time. Disaster scenario for McLaurin’s production. Heinicke is just not good and barely has an NFL arm, as fun as he is.
  10. We’re watching history, the dude is a freak. I’ll believe he’s getting too many touches when I see it have a negative effect on him. Someday it will hit me like a truck and I’ll be stuck with him, but owning him is just too fun.
  11. I think all he hears about (and for good reason) is how he needs to stay healthy after risking his body so much in previous game action, and other injuries in previous years’ training camps etc. I think he knows this is a huge opportunity and doesn’t want to end up on IR for it, so he’s being cautious given his reputation as an injury-prone and small player.
  12. No he’s on the PS still, along with Freeman I believe.
  13. They’ve been letting him walk around with his signature haircut for years, everyone in his life must hate him
  14. He looked more explosive yesterday than I’ve seen him since he was a college prospect.
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