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  1. A box safety pulled multiple 1sts this offseason. Watson would take three, and more on top of them. He’s the rarest commodity in football—a young prime franchise QB who has gotten better every year who has cheat code legs.
  2. Congratulations to all the dynasty believers who didn’t panic sell, we’re now holding an offseason gold mine. Ends the regular season with 240+ yards and two TDs in week 17, hell of a game.
  3. Same thing I thought. They went away from him again, got pass happy, and lost. It was very foreseeable and it makes me wonder when they’ll learn. He’s finally got his feet underneath him and hit his stride, but they will not ride him to victory every week, or at least attempt to.
  4. Bet he needed some eye drops for his red eyes after playing in that snow...notorious problem for teens going outside at night to play with their friends
  5. Agreed. He flashes brilliance but he’s not there. I’ve never been happier that I dealt Murray for Mahomes in a larger deal, and my championship squads are better off for prioritizing Mahomes, certainly.
  6. Please tell me you don’t have eliminated teams cutting players right now
  7. Pederson also made some pointed comments about Fulgham needing to study the nuances of the position more, so I’d assume now that they aren’t strapped for bodies at the position they don’t want to rely on him for whatever reason, at least partially because he’s not living up to their expectations regardless of his raw playmaking ability. Cam Sims went through a similar process the last couple years where it was clear to WAS fans that he could make plays via pure athleticism, but the coaches didn’t trust him for various reasons until injuries forced their hand.
  8. Is this...The Big One we’ve been waiting for in terms of Snyder scandals? Finally? Snyder clashed with the original investigator the NFL endorsed, then this 1.6M sexual harassment lawsuit personally involving him was leaked, and now the NFL has gotten an ex US Attorney to look into the situation further? Might this finally be getting to the point where changes could be forced?
  9. Someone reminded me of this post by “liking” it today, so here’s a shameless bump I think it was Harstad who pointed out years ago how much free value there is in rostering athletic backup QBs in dynasty, even in 1 QB.
  10. Pretty cool to see him score three years later, never liked how his career just petered out so quietly. Idk why but I always liked him a lot
  11. Well you guys got your floor, hard to hate that. Catching up, I am surprised people are benching Claypool for him, I know he’s had a bad few weeks but he just tore up CIN a month or so ago, and DJ is coming off a benching that would make you think they’ll involve the other WRs more. Claypool’s usage has been mystifying after his hot start, but I’d still have a hard time benching him in the playoffs if the alternative is floor guys like Agholor
  12. Crazy to watch this and be like “is that my team??” He said it perfectly—“they expect to get the ball”. I’m under no illusions about the talent on the rest of the team or where the roster could go this year—but it’s fun watching tough, mostly disciplined, fundamentally sound badass defenders do what the rules make it harder to do every year. This team wants to fight for Rivera and we haven’t seen that for a coaching staff in a LONG time. Since Gibbs II? This offseason is gonna be huge because with the right moves and draft picks, and with a healthy roster, we could contend
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