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  1. I think all he hears about (and for good reason) is how he needs to stay healthy after risking his body so much in previous game action, and other injuries in previous years’ training camps etc. I think he knows this is a huge opportunity and doesn’t want to end up on IR for it, so he’s being cautious given his reputation as an injury-prone and small player.
  2. No he’s on the PS still, along with Freeman I believe.
  3. They’ve been letting him walk around with his signature haircut for years, everyone in his life must hate him
  4. He looked more explosive yesterday than I’ve seen him since he was a college prospect.
  5. Absolutely, I also stashed Wilson (on IR) to see what things are looking like when he gets healthy. The only way this group isn’t a RBBC mess is if injuries continue to clarify things as the season goes on. And that’s a very possible outcome.
  6. I’m not crazy enough to start him or anything but Hasty was a dynasty sleeper of mine from last year that I hung onto, and I still like him for when Mostert inevitably snaps a tibia or something after a tantalizing 200/2 game.
  7. I mean, I think this is at the heart of what’s going on, the NFL and Texans have an agreement to just do nothing about it and see where they stand after the season. They don’t want to play this player, move this player, or have him in the news beyond sitting on the bench each week at all. And idk how the NFL got the Texans to be cool with it, but it’s pretty clear they’re on the same page. And Watson doesn’t care bc he didn’t want to play on that ####show roster again anyways, so he stays healthy and gets paid to be quiet for a while and see if this all blows over. I agree it doesn’t make sense from the Texans POV, bc if it’s such a bad situation that optically, he can’t be allowed to play—then they should be able to go after his contract or at least pause on paying it. And if it’s NOT that bad, and he continues to get paid—well then why isn’t he on the field, or at least tradeable (though I doubt the offers right now are good). So I mostly agree with you, I think we’re just missing whatever the NFL and Texans have agreed to over this, bc it’s clearly happened. Perhaps hosting the SB in a few years.
  8. Extremely quiet in here considering Julio is gone. Even being generous and assuming Pitts takes most of Julio’s targets, it still seems like there’s very little buzz around this guy. I know Gage isn’t a stud or anything but he’s free money in PPR, right?
  9. This is a little bit revisionist history because Diggs flashed big time in college and went in both of my devy drafts at the time (not as a HS recruit but after a year or two at Maryland) despite his lack of a dominant season, and I only play in leagues that draft one round of devys so it wasn’t a crazy deep pool being taken or anything. If anything it was weirder that he fell to the 5th, he was very much on the radar as a talented player in a bad situation who needed to stay healthy.
  10. How you feel about the value they got for Minshew isn’t even the operative issue here, that’s separate—what is really crazy here is that they fully stole half of the key (first NFL offseason) reps Lawrence was every going to get before seeing live action this year, in the name of a fake position battle. Everyone knew Lawrence was going to be the starter unless something catastrophic happened. He needed those reps badly and he’ll never get them back before he has to play with elite NFL defenders bearing down on him. Because that starts immediately now, and he’s only half as prepared by starter’s reps as he could have been. That’s just stupidity…give your damn #1 overall prodigy every single starting snap. Especially when after you showcase the other guy as being in a “real” competition with him all offseason and still only manage to get back a conditional 5th/6th.
  11. The Jags situation with Meyer is a little different than that imo. It’s well known that Meyer wanted Kadarius Toney BADLY, and Etienne was as close as he could get to filling that role in his offense, that’s why Etienne was getting so much work at WR this offseason. I don’t really think it’s all about the RB position or Robinson’s skillset, Meyer got tunnel vision when his guy was gone and took the next best option (in his mind) to add that explosive RAC element to his offense. It says SOMETHING about Robinson of course but not exactly what you’re implying, in my opinion.
  12. I don’t think this really matters to most people (who aren’t Saints fans) because even if that’s true, Winston is much more conducive to fantasy value for the Saints’ skill players than Taysom is. People want Winston starting and slinging the ball wildly, for fantasy reasons.
  13. This is a genuine question and not a “gotcha” post, because I truly don’t know, do we have numbers easily available on the difference in hit rate between 4th and 6th round RBs over time? It’s not like Carter has any sort of impressive pedigree, we’re chasing volume in this offense. Even if you think a guy is talented, when you’re talking 4th round or 6th round you’re looking for two things: traits, and opportunity. That’s really it. People fall in love with these mid rounders every year that we swear fell too far or landed in a great situation, but the reality is that it seems like one big bucket we should be dipping into as much as we can hoping for the next Devonta Freeman type guy, without becoming too attached. Given the prices Carter is going for (with the assumption that he’s got a great opportunity at volume without much competition priced in already) isn’t it foolish to dismiss a lottery ticket that’s even cheaper than Carter, that can cover your ### on Carter if you’re wrong? Although I play in deeper leagues so stashing these sorts of guys isn’t a detriment to my roster. But these are the sorts of low hit rate lottery tickets you want to take fliers on, like Gaskin going into last preseason.
  14. Appreciate the breakdown of your thought process, we honestly share a lot of the same viewpoints on the players, within the context of this deal. I’m big on Claypool and McLaurin, but I’m win now (defending multiple title appearances in a row although I lost this past season) and couldn’t resist Adams. I actually rejected his initial offer two days ago, but he loves McLaurin so he checked back in with me to price match one last time before going for another deal. I added the Samuel for Meyer swap and took the plunge.
  15. 14 team PPR Gave: McLaurin, Claypool, Jakobi Meyers Got: Davante Adams, Curtis Samuel
  16. A box safety pulled multiple 1sts this offseason. Watson would take three, and more on top of them. He’s the rarest commodity in football—a young prime franchise QB who has gotten better every year who has cheat code legs.
  17. Congratulations to all the dynasty believers who didn’t panic sell, we’re now holding an offseason gold mine. Ends the regular season with 240+ yards and two TDs in week 17, hell of a game.
  18. Same thing I thought. They went away from him again, got pass happy, and lost. It was very foreseeable and it makes me wonder when they’ll learn. He’s finally got his feet underneath him and hit his stride, but they will not ride him to victory every week, or at least attempt to.
  19. Bet he needed some eye drops for his red eyes after playing in that snow...notorious problem for teens going outside at night to play with their friends
  20. Agreed. He flashes brilliance but he’s not there. I’ve never been happier that I dealt Murray for Mahomes in a larger deal, and my championship squads are better off for prioritizing Mahomes, certainly.
  21. Please tell me you don’t have eliminated teams cutting players right now
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