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  1. I was out of the market for like 3 weeks last May. Luckily I owned the mistake and got back in. Never going to try to time the market again, at least in a retirement account.
  2. We do it mostly on the cheapish. We do not all stay at the same hotel..I can see the appeal in that as getting everyone at the same place at any point in a Vegas trip can be like herding cats. One guy has status or points or whatever and typically gets an upgraded room with enough extra space to host a draft..but not a full on suite that houses multiple people for the weekend. Enjoy!
  3. Have a blast GB. We go every other year for our FF draft and 2021 will be I believe our 5th trip to Vegas. I'll buy you a beer if I see you.
  4. Wife and I are approaching this ballpark..close enough to discuss anyways. Zero to FA. We may use one eventually but not at $100K. $30k to savings for emergency purposes like medical emergency or loss of job. $10k to home projects. $60k to mutual funds. Contrary to the sharks on this board I don't advise picking individual stocks at this level of wealth. Save that fun for a portion of your egg at the $500k or $1MM mark. Use a mutual fund screener (we are at Merrill Lynch connected via our Bank of America checking/savings etc). Just diversify to 5 or 6 different 5 star f
  5. Vanessa Rubio (Carmen, Miguel's mom) could ####### get it.
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