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  1. Anyone have the rocks to start him this weekend? I mean my options aren't great, OK.
  2. Thank you for this color. Didn't see the game and this is exactly what I was afraid of as a fellow Ridley/Pitts manager.
  3. Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but usage aside, I thought Ty'Son looked kinda plodding himself. Yes Murray looked washed but I wasn't all that impressed with Ty'Son. He did get me a win so I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds i guess. Heck I thought Trenton Cannon looked more explosive than either of the other 2.
  4. When do you guys think we will see him? Feel like he has to play a full game before we think about inserting him into a lineup. Would have loved to have him vs Houston this upcoming week.
  5. Javonte Williams possibly. Gordon got the long TD so the results favor him, but the usage was 50/50.
  6. Also part of it is I am extremely bullish on Terrace Marshall.
  7. FWIW FBG consensus ranking agrees with me and has Darnold slightly ahead of Cousins for week 1.
  8. Waited at QB. Drafted Lance to wait for late season boom. Think I am starting Darnold over Cousins. Revenge game, plenty of weapons, young secondary for NYJ.
  9. Not a lot to report on him over the last month I guess but I see the potential for at least a decent sized passing role out of the gate. Curious to see his usage Sunday night in a game the Bears are likely to trail.
  10. Yuuuuup. Drake had 239 carries and 10 rushing TDs in 15 games in the same role last year. Gimme.
  11. Literally the same. Got him at 6.5 in my main.
  12. James Conner is not washed and will prove an extreme value drafted as a RB4/5 and finishing as a midrange RB2 in PPG on the heels of 220 carries and 10 rushing TDs. (Drake had 10 TDs last year in 15 games, and hell Murray had ELEVEN. I like Chase but i just can't see them using him as a GL back all of a sudden.)
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