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  1. The premise that the Pats, while yes they win a lot of games by a narrow margin, KEEP ON WINNING critical games. Year in, year out. Obviously the Rams have a chance, but they're going to have to play lights out, get lucky more than once, and get to Brady from the get-go and all night. Not a lot of teams have been able to pull this off. The other premise being my very subjective opinion that the Saints & Chiefs were better equipped to beat the Pats and they're both out. I have very little doubt the Pats wind up with another Lombardi trophy. I'm not a Pats fan, and I'd love to see the Rams win. I am just completely mind-boggled at what the Pats have been able to do. I have so much respect for them as competitors & winners it's just insane.
  2. frig this is the only matchup i didn't want. goff vs mahomes -great either vs brees -great agreed that this one is going to be a snoozer.
  3. EXACTLY my thoughts after this game. So annoyed we stuck w Parkey. Surprised he made the first 3. Did not like the offensive play calling much at all.
  4. whoa wait the worst QB the BROWNS have had since 99? cause that's sayin' somethin
  5. Trubisky looking good. Arob with a big catch earlier. Roquan Smith gets a sack his first play. And Mack Mack Mack!!!
  6. Wow I have not been this excited about the Bears in a long time. They look great.
  7. What proposals have their been made for proportional representation? Is there much support for that idea?
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Hence my Elon Musk thread. Oprah would be fine too.
  9. So you're telling me there's a chance? Ok, how do we start?
  10. I wonder what the result would be IF we could poll the masses and ask if they'd be interested in a 3rd political party with different (somewhere in the middle) views than the other two. I feel like people would be open to this but the powers that be won't allow it.
  11. Lots of people are sick of the right vs left divide. I feel like we need a new party entirely. People scoff at this idea like it could never happen but I don't understand why. What were the circumstances in the past that lead to the formation of a new political party in the U.S.? Secondly, is a 3 party system possible or would a new party have to replace an existing one?
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