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  1. Just so I am clear can you answer a few questions: 1. The contributions and related earnings ended up in traditional IRA accounts, correct? 2. Were you eligible to deduct traditional IRA contributions in 2020? 3. If so, did you claim the deduction on your 2020 return? You can PM me if you prefer.
  2. I don’t disagree with the point of the article which is that you need a good QB not just an inexpensive one. But even a good QB needs talent around him. If the Eagles traded for Herbert tomorrow they still aren’t a Super Bowl team. If they draft a Herbert in 2 years after a lot of high picks, hopefully they have a better chance to maximize his window.
  3. This is where I'm at. If the most valuable asset in the NFL is a good QB on a rookie deal, there is no sense wasting years on the rookie contract building a roster around him. I'd rather have a base of talent and then add the QB. Especially since there does not appear to be anything close to a Luck or Lawrence type talent this year.
  4. Thanks. I worded my question poorly, I guess what I'm wondering is how much of Paul's success is due to his recruiting as opposed to his negotiating skill. I'm still hung up on reports of him not even taking a team phone call on behalf of his client (Noel).
  5. I don't have a link but Philly media reports implied that Simmons was surprised the Sixers withheld his pay and fined him despite Doc telling him that in the summer. I would have thought Paul would have either had him show up or be prepared for the financial repercussions of holding out. In fairness, Ben seems like a stubborn guy and may not have listened.
  6. I'm not sure about that. LeBron is going to get a max deal playing wherever he wants to play and ownership will do what ever they can to keep him happy (rightfully so) regardless of his agent. I assume the fact that Paul reps LeBron is a great recruiting tool to get more clients but it doesn't prove he is a good agent. I'm wondering what his track record is with guys that either aren't max guys or are dealing with a difficult situation like Simmons. Between Simmons and the Noel accusations, this hasn't been the best couple months for Paul.
  7. Do we have any evidence that Rich Paul is actually any good at being an agent?
  8. I have Dak and Hurts in the same league and the disconnect between watching them play and how many fantasy points they score is hard to comprehend.
  9. It’s probably nothing to worry about but neither Chubb nor Hunt practiced today. Just trying to get a head start in case they don’t practice tomorrow either.
  10. If Chubb and Hunt were both out this week, is there a consensus to whether Johnson or Felton would be more valuable for fantasy?
  11. Didn't Ertz and Brandon Brooks have the same thing happen in the offseason but still showed up and played? If the benching is the problem, Carson lacks self awareness because he earned that with his play.
  12. Everything you mentioned is something I expect a top NFL QB to work through. Brady dealt with Belichick constantly berating every mistake, the team drafting Jimmy G, consistently being paid less than lesser QBs and the team banning his personal trainer from the building. After 20 years it finally became too much but he he's the most accomplished QB of all time and he put up with a lot. Garoppolo was a 2nd round pick for a team that already had Brady. The Eagles drafted Kolb in the 2nd and McNabb of all people just went about his business and didn't take it personally. I won't defend keeping Alshon, that was stupid. Wentz has never finished an NFL playoff game. Having a good backup is in the best interest of the team. They needed Foles against the Bears the following season so I'd say it's a good thing they kept him. I disagree with drafting Hurts specifically, but with an injury prone starter and having seen how important a backup QB can be I get why the Eagles drafted a QB. I think the disconnect is that you and Carson feel like Hurts was drafted to be a replacement while I believe Hurts really was intended as a solid backup with upside on an inexpensive rookie deal. Also, the Cards got rid of Rosen because he's not good.
  13. I'm not entirely certain this is where the picture came from, but if I recall the original allegations were that during a cheerleader photo shoot the team took a second video for Mr. Snyder that didn't stop rolling when the main video cut for prop or costume changes.
  14. Not really related to Gruden but I’m curious. If your direct report uses racial slurs in the workplace instead of the privacy of his own home but otherwise performs their job well, should the employer still remain agnostic.
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