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  1. To me that is the most interesting part. I doubt Denver gives up #9 so it's either a future first or something less than a first.
  2. I didn't realize that DeFilippo was the Bears QB coach. He just got promoted to passing game coordinator which may explain some of the Bears interest.
  3. I agree with this. My theory is that if Hurts plays well you don't need another QB and if he doesn't they should have a high enough pick to get a good one in 2022. The roster doesn't have enough talent for Hurts to be mediocre or worse and still win enough games to draft outside the top 5-10.
  4. You are the one that said your out of shape cousin could do what he did in college. I just don't think that's true and it's unfair to Hurts.
  5. Do the people bashing Hurts in here for transferring feel the same way about Joe Burrow? I don't think Hurts is going to be a great NFL QB but I think some of the criticism is unfair to the kid. He's not the only player to ever transfer.
  6. I think Doug deserves a lot of credit for staying aggressive in the Super Bowl but it always did bother me a little that maybe the biggest play call in franchise history was the head coach basically saying "sure, why not"
  7. I don't want to overstate this but I wonder if the Beatles legacy would be slightly different if Abbey Road never got made. They still would have been the greatest band ever, but I feel like the narrative would have been that they hit a high with Sgt. Pepper's and couldn't maintain it. Abbey Road shows they could still produce that level of work even though the band was coming apart.
  8. Pretty good piece by Tim McManus on Wentz. Pedersen gave him more latitude to change plays than I realized and then took it away so I can see how Wentz would be frustrated. Also some insight from Greg Cosell on mechanics issues. https://www.espn.com/blog/philadelphia-eagles/post/_/id/31059/can-eagles-coach-nick-sirianni-fix-carson-wentz
  9. The bolded is why I'm not overly concerned about Steichen's play calling in SD. For all we know, Sirianni is going to be the one calling the plays here anyway.
  10. I must be missing something but that sounds like he is creating more income for himself. If it's his house or vacation home, the payments would not be deductible to him personally but would be taxable income to the side business. Even if the payments were deductible because they relate to an investment property you are taking a deduction on one form and creating income on another. At best it's a wash.
  11. A couple of things to keep in mind. In order to be deductible, expenses need to be both ordinary and necessary for the particular business you are in so you need to be able to justify the expense in an audit. Necessary is defined pretty loosely so in the example you gave, your friends would need to have mileage logs to justify business use on multiple autos and be able to prove the kids worked and their pay was in line with their qualifications. There is a chance they have been able to deduct these things only because they haven't been audited. You could deduct a business loss for more
  12. Assuming you mean Chip, he was the only one that the media thought was a great hire so I'm with you in not getting too worried about what everyone else thinks of Sirianni
  13. I had someone tell me that Biden was going to take over all the banks and take everyone's money. The were seriously considering emptying all their bank accounts and retirement plans. I get that people have very serious policy concerns but I don't get the doomsday stuff either.
  14. I don’t want to defend Cruz, but I think it may have been an awkwardly worded way to imply Biden is more concerned about international opinion than the welfare of Americans. Citizens of Paris being a substitute for foreigners in general. The bigger question to me is why did the people of Versailles get to decide how WWI ended?
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