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  1. Just one? I told someone at work that Hurts would never win more than one Super Bowl and I don't want to say I told you so but I was right.
  2. 8-9 (372) @Atlanta Falcons W San Francisco 49ers L @Dallas Cowboys L Kansas City Chiefs L @Carolina Panthers W Tampa Bay Buccaneers L @Las Vegas Raiders L @Detroit Lions W Los Angeles Chargers L @Denver Broncos W New Orleans Saints L @New York Giants L @New York Jets W Washington Football Team W New York Giants W @Washington Football Team L Dallas Cowboys W
  3. To quote Michel Scott "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious."
  4. Stupid question but why do CONCACAF matches seem like they always start so late on the east coast? I'm assuming a significant number of the venues are eastern or central time zone but they often have 9 or 10 pm start times.
  5. In general, I'm of the opinion that a mix of both is ideal to be able to control your AGI and taxable income in retirement. Between taxability of SS benefits, IRMMA, and various other income limitations there can be advantages to keeping your income below certain thresholds that go beyond ordinary tax rates.
  6. I assumed Rodgers would be back but with Stoll making the original roster, moving Jackson to IR and resigning Rodgers still leaves them with 4 TE which seems like a lot (unless Ertz gets traded).
  7. What is the alternative though? Picks don't help maximize Embiid's prime and trading Simmons for Brogdon or Hield doesn't get them any closer. It's hard to find a deal that makes sense for both teams and makes the Sixers better in the short term.
  8. I think the disconnect is that people who have Medicare coverage seem to be satisfied but people that need to bill Medicare and expect to get paid are not.
  9. Doesn’t really fit the criteria but I’m coming around on the idea that Ertz is ranked too low. He was bad last year but the team was a mess. He’s getting good reviews in Eagles camp and I think he could bounce back with decent numbers whether he’s still with the Eagles or gets traded.
  10. Now I'm rooting for the Patriots to miss the playoffs so Goodell can force Belichick to have cameras there every day.
  11. I thought McCarthy's act came across as contrived as well, like he was trying to be a tough guy. One of the things that I feel like Hard Knocks has been missing is the behind the scenes coach and GM meetings. I feel like after the Bengals Todd Haley and Hue Jackson drama teams got scared of showing those conversations.
  12. Ertz related https://twitter.com/JamieApody/status/1427304577494396932
  13. The Simmons situation is a decent comparison. It's pretty clear that Howie wanted more than the league was willing to pay for Ertz around the draft, but it was never going to be a pure salary dump. At this point, I think the Eagles are hoping to repeat the Bradford deal where a contender loses a TE in camp and needs an immediate replacement. If not, Ertz will play out his contract and give Hurts a reliable target this season. By all accounts Ertz has looked good in camp and does not appear to be causing any problems. I still think the right move is for the Eagles to trade him for a late round pick and some cap relief, but if it doesn't work out there's not much harm in keeping him around for another year.
  14. To be fair, multiple reporters have mentioned the extra work Sanders is putting in working on catching the ball. This does not appear to be a lack of effort.
  15. I agree. Without Ertz, Rodgers makes sense as a veteran backup. With Ertz, Rodgers will never play so keep the young guy.
  16. I would absolutely watch this reality show Two-time NBA champion JR Smith heads to college with eyes set on playing golf
  17. My business partner's son is playing AAA right now and I was surprised when she told me most of the other parents are planning on prep school, juniors for a couple years and then college. I'm pretty sure 6 years of AAA hockey plus 4 years of prep school costs more than just paying for college.
  18. My 8 year old begged me to sign up for travel solely because her friend's dad was the coach. 4 years later we are playing in 2 separate fall leagues, multiple tournaments and practicing 3 nights a week.
  19. Pretty interesting piece about La Liga essentially selling a stake in the league to a private equity firm. https://www.theringer.com/soccer/2021/8/11/22619166/lionel-messi-barcelona-la-liga-real-madrid
  20. It’s situational. I actually do injury discount McCaffrey a little this year but he’s still my #1 because Cook has his own history, Kamara lost Brees and Henry doesn’t catch much. Last year I had him #1 without a second thought, this year I spent legit time evaluating the alternatives and couldn’t come up with anyone I trust more.
  21. It's a little bit of both. The packers had a loss from operations of $38.8 million but ended up with an overall profit because of unrealized gains on investments. https://www.packers.com/news/pandemic-season-produced-uncommon-financial-report-for-packers
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