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  1. Ok....so we have one in four pages (taking him at his word) and several anedcotal "maybes". Hopefully that is making people feel better?
  2. Worker Shortage ANECDOTE ALERT!!!!
  3. I had the EXACT SAME issue buying a gaming gift card on Walmart.com......they never helped me, so I had to raise a credit dispute with my card company to get the money back.
  4. I'd probably do a "whataboutism" too if I managed to post something like that. Congrats on being the other side of the coin.
  5. Sad thing is, here in Florida, that's pretty much the precedent that's been set
  6. Apparently, this new model was quite the contentious fight internally...a stark divide among those for and against.
  7. no...stop projecting. You can get the fully FDA approved vaccine at damn near any Walmart, Sam's Club, Walgreens, CVS, Urgent Care...they're everywhere.
  8. No it doesn't: https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/qa-comirnaty-covid-19-vaccine-mrna#:~:text=The FDA-approved Comirnaty (COVID,any safety or effectiveness concerns. I gave you the explanation and you rejected it. The distinction you are making is one with no meaningful difference.
  9. There is no "market"...the government is paying for it all right now. This is a distinction without a difference.
  10. It's not just this vaccine.....but I agree pause should be taken. That's been true for decades. It's interesting that people are just now concerned about this.
  11. It's approved for 16+, it is NOT approved for 12-15.....those are the facts
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