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  1. You'd be wrong, but it IS nice to imagine this would be true. We have short memories if we can't remember just a few months ago where a direct proposal of X dollars per person with NOTHING else in it was rejected by the GOP. This is all about "sides".
  2. Yeah....and if I remember the Lt. Gov was also part of something...that seems like forever ago.
  3. Virginia state legislature could have done the right thing and removed him. He had NO power there. Leadership decided to hide behind "it needs to be bi-partisan" and punted on removing him.
  4. There's no reason (other than inaction by the state legislature) that he shouldn't have been removed. One of the most bizarre events I ever watched unfold. Leadership may have been consistent there, but they definitely dropped the ball.
  5. These are my favorite ones to watch unfold and it happens all the time
  6. He doesn't have a shot at Florida if it's a repeat. They are still having Trump rallies on street corners in this state. It's all in on Trump and his minion types. He has a shot to win some over with his immigration policies. Many here are in need of cheap labor immigrants provide and many immigrants here want to be with their families.
  7. Perhaps a different discussion but id treat the alogrythmic buying selling by computers as a completely different kind of transaction.
  8. Said this a billion times on these boards. Captial gains needs to be scheduled. Now bring on all the fear mongering that says it will be the end of the stock market if we do this.
  9. meh....when the bar is "you can't hold me accountable for my actions because there weren't enough law enforcement there to hold me accountable for my actions" you can damn near declare anything you want
  10. That's because you're a fan of history over narrative.
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