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  1. "it" here would be our mainstream media outlets which includes those "conservative media" outlets reporting on CNN's reporting. Apparently that's a thing? I've seen things here like CNN reporting on how FoxNews is reporting as well. They all seem to be circling the wagons to make sure they get the attention they want even if it's using other outlets in the media machine to do it. ETA: And if I'm being honest, this scenario would be even worse than just consuming the media directly. That's a whole other level of lazy IMO.
  2. Ah.... NOONAN!!!!! Couldnt stay away could you GB?
  3. oooooof...try again. Youve even liked posts of mine calling out those sprinting left. The difference between the groups, of course, is the LEADERS of the GOP are doing the sprinting and people like AOC are doing their nonsense in Dem party. You will ignore that distinction, of course, but its relevant.
  4. If you aren't consuming it, how are you in these threads telling everyone what a problem CNN is or to stop watching CNN etc? You're either consuming it or blindly asserting things you have no real grounds to be asserting on...that's called fishing around here. It's one or the other...can't be both.
  5. Na....going from Cheney to Elise Stefanik isn't a sprint right...not at all...I mean....
  6. Getting and keeping your attention IS their agenda. There isn't a single part of our "mainstream media" who is concerned with "fair and equal reporting of news". That ship sailed a long time ago. I'd throw a bone to NPR and the AP as exceptions in general. The only choice you have is to give them what they want or not and as long as you're giving them what they want, nothing is going to change.
  7. I did mine through Carvana. The only pictures I uploaded were of the odometer and our licensees and title. They ask you some questions about condition so as long as you're honest, I don't think there should be a problem. I had a busted driver's seat that I listed (plastic around the bottom as cracked) and told them I thought the starter or ignition was going out. They gave me a price having told them all that and that's what they wrote the check for. As long is they could drive it onto their truck, they were good.
  8. Right on...this kind of hard hitting journalism is what keeps me coming back to the PSF. Your buddy has a different view of this sort of thing though.
  9. Only in the PSF is it "alternate reality" for people to be in the same place reading the same thing
  10. It's non-existent in this case outside of "stuff I don't like"...at least that's been my personal experience with him. We started this path of discussion a few months ago and he said he'd comment on questions I asked, and never did.
  11. I can tell you he doesn't consider our vaccine rollout to be remotely socialist even though the government is coordinating distribution, funding research and funding production which is pretty much the ultimate irony.
  12. I'd really like to believe this. I think the much more probable outcome is pissing and moaning about Biden/Harris/AOC loving other countries more than their own by the people who are refusing to get the vaccine in the first place. I'd bet my life savings on it.
  13. I find it best to always set policy based on the exceptions to the rule rather than the rule itself...what could go wrong?
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