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  1. It wasn't a big deal...remember 99.99% of the people were peaceful. It was only 10ish that weren't according to that math and the account that there were approx 10K people there that day.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure that's obvious at all. If I'm being honest, given what witness here and IRL, I'd be surprised if that happens
  3. Oh, this challenge will ABSOLUTELY be accepted
  4. to lead this country that's what we need for a President ? someone who can be steered and long hours confused him ? sorry - that's not a strong capable leader and shouldn't have nuke codes You actually have a point I agree with...I knew it was only a matter of time. Though I'd modify the bold to "someone who can be steered and is confused by or has no clue about the simplest of concepts". Unfortunately our inability to clear that bar didn't begin with Biden....better late than never having you on board though
  5. So...dumb question I guess, but that seems to be common in this thread, so here it goes. What is the number of covid cases we have in the world where we didn't use masks? Seems like that information is out there somewhere. How else could we claim that masks aren't working? We need to know what the number is with masks out of the equation, right? ETA: I mean we had that one predictive study that said if we do "nothing" we could estimate 1-2 million deaths. Right now we are passing the 500K mark, but that seems to be supporting the opposite narrative of "we know masks don't work".
  6. We continue to be unaware of how low the "unfit to lead" bar has been set. At this point "alive and a heartbeat" is pretty much all we demand
  7. this is an insult to Sci-Fi
  8. I started making fun of them when they thought GWB was the mastermind behind 9/11. Then that got boring. I picked it up again when they asserted Donald Trump was single-handedly bringing down the world sex slave/trade network by himself. If you haven't started yet, you have some catching up to do!
  9. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's the best outlet to watch the "real" inauguration? Breitbart? OANN? Info Wars? Anyone have a program so I can follow along?
  10. One of the things I love about our district is their transparency. It's been that way since we moved here in 2017 and took me by surprise..refreshing. Our district has allocated (not spent yet of course because they don't pay future salaries) monies for all the extra teachers they needed to staff both online and in person learning. That money still isn't enough to pay all those required. They also fronted a million bucks or so for equipment (computers for the kids, tablets etc) and these new funds will be used to replenish those funds. To say the money won't help is a pretty bizarre thing
  11. So, no? You havent read it? Started reading through the unemployment part tonight. Bill states this is to support those who have lost their jobs during covid. If we're going to pretend that extra money isnt there because of the hardship caused by covid and meant to help ease the hardships, i doubt we're going to have a productive conversation. :shrug:
  12. Its baffling to me how less than half amount (allegedly...havent read it myself yet) is the flashpoint. How dumb are we as a colective? Its like harping on entitlement prgrams outside medicare and SS in terms of what we can "afford" when you could remove all of them and not change the budget deficits in any meaningful way
  13. Yeah you would. Look at the points of contention. They are bickering over what to give us, not the pet projects. The argument is being made that individuals are getting too much money
  14. If there's one thing we've been shown it's that they will not raise the bar on their own
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