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  1. They do in raw numbers. They arent close to doing so in terms of % Thats how the system is designed. The more you make, the more loopholes there are to say you didnt make that much.
  2. These are daily stories on our news and i have three of these people in my extended family
  3. When did the UN try to force covid related things on us?
  4. But what about 6 million dollars? What would you do then ?!?!?!??!?!
  5. Many here look at the poster and just assume. "Hey, he didnt agree with me before so he doesnt now. Hes on the other side" Its really stupid
  6. Shes an idiot and spews nonsense to the detriment of her party
  7. You wont do it, but you can actually ask me about my positions and set the record straight. Im just assuming you wont go back and read them as theyve been stated already....many times
  8. You can give whatever you like GB. The most important thing id point out is your perception that the BBC reporting and its completeness. That is almost always the way it is when you get "just the facts" kind of reporting.
  9. My thought is you should stick to sources like this and not venture into the nonsense of our "media" GB. When you get pure reporting, it shines a spotlight on how many holes and questions there still are. In our "media" all those holes are covered with opinion and and people unable/unwilling to distinguish between the two.
  10. This wouldn't surprise me. Isn't there a witness that's already said he saw the kid pointing a gun at someone earlier in the evening or some such? All these little tid bits are exactly why I want to see what makes it to trial and what is said under oath. At that point I can take it all with more than a grain of salt.
  11. Shouldn't they face the penalties for their specific actions? I have no idea why so many insist on making these "comparison punishments" rather than punishments based on their individual actions.
  12. Hopefully you're right. I have serious doubts
  13. What you quoted has been my position since the days of old yeller. My "side" isn't represented on this board or in Washington DC in any meaningful way. Those positions have been pretty much silences by all the whining and pissing by those of you who refuse to acknowledge you are merely two "sides" of the same coin. Keep building those straw men and attacking them with the veracity of a thousand virgins though You really have no idea what my positions are. We've never discussed them and it's clear you don't read my replies to others all that well.
  14. The ENTIRE mantra of our federal government is "do as I say, not as I do". This is a UNIFYING principle between the parties. The inner fight some of you must be having trying to resist the reality of the "sides" making up the coin must be incredibly depressing.
  15. We've been down this path already and it wasn't long ago, but it seems like we need a refresher on what treason is: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2381
  16. They just want to make a bunch of money What's the next talking point we have regarding the government and big business being in bed with each other on these vaccines?
  17. Most states....mine for example has all kinds of vaccine requirements for state employees.
  18. Do we have polls pitting these two against each other already? If not, this means nothing in the grand scheme of things. One can disapprove of this administration all they want, but the question of what they will do if it's Trump vs Biden again? I disapprove of this administration right now, but sure as #### won't be voting for Trump under any realistic circumstance
  19. Is this different than a "red" state pontificating on "freedom" with respect to vaccines only to have a requirement that their employees be vaccinated?
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