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  1. It is a draft and go. I have a live draft Wednesday that i can work through. I'm in if there is room. Thanks bts
  2. Well, you got 21 teams under an hour. That's good management. Let's to you.
  3. I wish I could, but I can't. I really appreciate the invite. I share your passion, as you know. If it was a draft and go I would definitely do it.
  4. (RotoWire) Fairbairn (undisclosed) has returned to practice, Sarah Barshop of ESPN.com reports. Analysis: The Texans signed Nick Rose to fill in for Fairbairn, but he missed both of his field goals attempts in Saturday's preseason game against the Rams. Assuming no further setbacks, Fairbairn is locked in as the team's kicker after making 20 of 25 tries in 16 games last year, en route to recording 92 points.
  5. I love the write ups. I really believe this was the most strategic draft year yet, because of the rules. Absololutely the best group of teammates to draft against. The League of Champions.
  6. Terrible weather here in NE PA. intermittent internet,water everwhere. all hope all is well with everyone.
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