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  1. JJ Watt for a lot of money seems quite intriguing, but probably not a great move.
  2. So basically an entire state isnt ready to provide power because of some cold weather? Didnt they go through this like a decade ago?
  3. Someone give me a quick fill in. Why the power outages and water issues?
  4. On a bit of a documentary kick with netflix. "Tread" is next on the list. Guy bulldozes an entire town. Should be fun. I vaguely remember this one Edit.....wow. Bulldozer dude went straight up gangster on that town. Jesus.
  5. The people who flew several states away to visit the hotel to try and figure out what happened are just the worst kind of people.
  6. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. On netflix. About the missing girl who was acting all weird in the elevator then was found a couple weeks later in the water tanks on top of the roof. I remember this from like 8 years ago. That bizarre elevator video was all over social media and the news. I remember at the time it being thought of as she was possessed or haunted or whatever, or murder. It was worth a watch I think.
  7. Send it to Bass. My thanks for a couple tips in the stock thread.
  8. Wasnt a game cancelled in week 4? I like free beer, but was I wrong?
  9. Seems dumb that a players career has to be over before hall of fame consideration.
  10. The risk of going down 11 (ended up 15 cause, well, its Brady after all) is way bigger than the reward of getting within 5. Just a bad decision. Go into the half, regroup, come out down 1 score.
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