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  1. Yeah I also would not deal pick 2 for that package, let alone Jefferson. But both?? Something fishy there
  2. Can you show me all Rodgers quotes this offseason? Maybe the ones defending this comment?
  3. I didnt say he would be "totally cool" about it, but if you cant see the difference between that and what happened, so be it
  4. Referencing how well they have done the past year or so adds to the Rodgers side. Maybe they win the super bowl with another impact player rather than drafting a waste of a roster spot in the 1st round
  5. Holding them hostage? He either plays or he doesnt. If he doesnt, they already drafted their 1st round QB last year.
  6. Silly. Of course they wouldn't call Rodgers when they are on the clock on draft day. However, they could rather easily tell him they may draft a QB that slips if they have him rated highly.
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