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  1. That's a better job of investigating than those police.
  2. Oh it did. At the time I could not find the thread in the search. Right now it pops up. Odd.
  3. Wondering if they asked anyone if that was the actual key she used. I mean, who carries just one key? No house key? No other keys? Yeah I guess Avery could have just thrown the other keys away, but that means he planned to keep the car and use it???? And "hide" it on his property as the only car with a few branches covering it??? So weird
  4. Thanks. It wasnt there a couple days ago, but now it is. Fitting for this thread.
  5. Pick and the future picks easily. With the draft in may, and how this draft looks, you might easily get your 2nd rated guy at 5. If not still that side easily
  6. I am gonna read through this thread for giggles, but before I do: Horrific the way they railroaded Brendan into the confession. The kid though that if he told them what they wanted to hear he would go back to class. Just awful, but 100x more awful that his own stupid lawyer was not even on his side, and 10000x more awful that "confession" was admissible. As for Kathleen, she is fantastic. So what if she is a publicity seeker. Without any of that Steven is guaranteed to rot in prison forever. Obviously the documentary is a biased approach, but wow that whole situation sti
  7. I wanted to stop cluttering up the documentaries thread. I had thought there used to be a dedicated thread to this, but I cant find it anywhere. Anyway, I have binge watched all but the last couple episodes of part 2. Wow. So much going on with this. I feel especially bad for the kid going to prison. So wrong. Obviously I think he had nothing to do with it. I really wish I had read through that previous thread. I imagine there was a lot of good discussion.
  8. I would rather have a coach or a team position. If the team wins you get points. If not, no points. I absolutely hate the kicker position.
  9. Absolutely. With the draft in May, quite a bit can happen before you have to make cuts again in september to get down to 20.
  10. Well sure. Once you drop a guy, he is in the player pool. If a guy is the most valuable guy on your list then you draft him, regardless of whether or not you were the one to drop him. The FFPC is supposed to be designed to increase the parity a little bit by cutting down to 14 and preventing "super teams", so obviously most of the teams will end up dropping at least one guy who has 3rd, or maybe even 2nd round value in the rookie/free agent draft. As for a strategy of dropping a guy knowing you will draft him with pick 12???? That's some sort of screw up in your roster mana
  11. Well, I mean, I certainly wont be waiting until 1 hour prior. Life happens. I rather maybe the day before or a couple days before. In the case of FFPC, free agency begins March 17th and cuts are due march 31st. I would imagine that by the 12th day of free agency we should have a much better outlook on the bubble guys. But yeah, cutting now is silly. I have spent a few 5ths and 6ths on guys who could potentially have a value spike during free agency. I probably end up cutting one or two of the handful of guys I traded for. Well worth the gamble for me in my situation.
  12. I made posts a couple weeks ago saying I am able to take on a couple cuts from people, and those guys were still cut.
  13. Saw a couple guys just cut. James Conner and Denzel Mims
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