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  1. Yeah, like I said, I have talked to some people since this happened that have told me this is NOT new behavior for the guy. Also a couple reviews a read from a while back were right in line with what happened with me.
  2. I deserve several slaps to the face for getting myself into business with this company. This is what happens when you assume things.
  3. Cops were there. I will pick up the report later. Photos taken No money was exchanged. This was for material only. Owner was not there The cop that was there and that I did the report with also had a terrible experience with this company a while back. Small world eh?
  4. Dont forget the racism. He claimed racism. Cant forget that evil racism we showed.
  5. I have actually been told by a few people now that this is how he has operated for a very long time.
  6. The past couple days I firmly believe he is trying to specifically make things difficult for ME personally. Cutting off his nose to spite his face type of behavior. Oh well, the stuff was taken back with two officers present. I will get the report and I took some photos. The hothead owner was not there. He actually delayed the dropoff till 12:45 so that he could have a guy there to unload. Well, sure enough, no guy, so I unloaded it all myself. Not a real surprise there.
  7. Come to find out he has a history of this. He also has severe emotional problems. Fairly sure he is untreated bipolar 1
  8. Who knows. He was arguing with the officer over the phone telling the officer this was a criminal matter even though the officer told him 5 times it's a civil matter, then told the officer he would make him (the officer) lose his job over this.
  9. LooooWhelp, that did not go well. I showed up with half the material in my car, the hothead owner was there. I introduced myself. He immediately says "I'm not signing anything, and I am filing a report for stolen property". I said "ok" and I walked out, got in my car, and left. Such a tool I went up to the police station to add to my previous report, showed them a voice mail, texts, material in my car, and certified check. Fast forward a couple hours, after this owner yelled at the police officers, I am meeting the officers at the store to deliver the product. The officers said I had to since the owner has been paid no money. Fair enough. I just want witness documentation that he is getting his stuff back. What better form than the police. Who still wants to defend this clown? He is still taking me to civil court and filing liens.
  10. I am receiving documentation from them for the return of the property and receipt of payment. I am also having them sign a form basically saying I returned everything, I am all paid up, and anything and everything both monetary and legal is done once signed. Does a reliese of lien for need done if there is no actual lien?
  11. They called back again. Willing to accept materials and 250. Asked for cash. I said no. They said they were "leary" of a check. Funny. So, ideally this stupid unneccesary headache will be over with tomorrow. I expect something else stupid to come up though.
  12. I called back. Willing to accept materials and 600 bucks............600??????????? 2 guys for 2 hours. 150 bucks per man hour? Around here 50 would be too much.
  13. So the company just left me a voicemail asking to set up a time to come pick up their materials. For one, these a-holes are not coming to my property. I will take it to them. It's a pain, but an hour worth of my time is worth it. Obviously I will get a receipt and/or have them sign something about the materials returned and not being charged any other fees for the materials. Still not sure what will happen with that whole 2 hours worth of work they did.
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