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  1. We have no idea what the conversations entail between both sides. Maybe there have been settlement talks. Maybe there haven't been settlement talks. It's easy to sit here and say settle for Watson, but right now what would a settlement be? Would it be 100 million? 1 million? Is there still a possibility more accusations come forward and this all starts all over again which would have made settling pointless? This is a prime example of a situation where the NFL should do absolutely nothing regarding suspensions/fines and allow the legal system to play out. This could lite
  2. If I have a nice 2 year window give me Kelce over Kittle. The 49ers about to draft a rookie QB isnt the best thing for Kittle. Give me 2 super stud kelce seasons over 5 good kittle seasons.
  3. Nobody knows who the 49ers are going to pick outside of the 49ers organization. The 49ers organization knows who they are picking. The idea that they arent sure is preposterous.
  4. Yeah if anything keep Lamb and look to move Adams for someone like Metcalf or AJ Brown
  5. Drafting for need just wont ever work. Not at the expense of passing on better players at other positions. Needs change constantly.
  6. All the chatter is silly. The 49ers know who they are taking. They have a top 3, in order I find it astonishing that after so many years of the same ol same ol with the media that anyone could believe the 49ers really dont know who they will pick. Sure, WE AS FANS dont know for sure who they will pick, but to think the team is still debating is silly
  7. I wonder how many rub and tugs Watson has attempted in the past month........
  8. I think it can easily be good for both sides. The team trading away the players doesnt care about points from those players in the 2021 season, plus gets three roster spots to play the waiver game with all year. FFPC usually has quality waiver pickups throughout the season.
  9. The team dealing away Fuller, Mostert, and Henry is in a full rebuild with four future 1sts now. No chance of winning in 2021. In case that helps you see it from both sides.
  10. FFPC (standard) Will Fuller, Raheem Mostert, Hunter Henry, 4.05 For 2022 1st (could be anywhere but probably lean 60-40 it's a playoff team
  11. Guys like CMC and Barkley are hard to deal. You need to be able to trade to the ideal trade partner that either had loaded roster or a ton of picks from a 2-3 year rebuild. Otherwise you just arent able to get top 2 value. People dont want to deplete their rosters and have waiver guys in their starting lineups.
  12. Some of the teams listed for sale ARE pretty good. A 500 real listed for 4 grand seems sill though, lol. One team has Cook, Tyreek, Adam's, Diggs, and Ridley and has a bye it now of 699. I think that's a little more realistic.
  13. How can a 750 dollar team sell for 150?? Does the FFPC really eat that much cost? Did the team already pay for the 2021 season and taking that loss??
  14. I think Jefferson is definitely worth a lot more than Chubb. Chubb will likely have his upside capped for at least one more year by Hunt, maybe two years in which he will then be 27. When Chubb is 30 Jefferson will be smack in the middle of his prime years, not to mention I think Jefferson probably scores as much or more than Chubb every year over the next few years.
  15. Just looking at a couple startups I was doing, jefferson went 6 in one and 8 in the other. Chubb went 12 in one and 22 in the other. Allen went 54 and 58. Fairly small sample size but those ADPs would be startup pick 7 for picks 17 and 56. Pick 56 basically represents a future 1st in these.
  16. Not multiple unless its pick 12 this year and future 1st of a loaded team. He is a very good WR and will continue to see a lot of targets from his up and coming 2nd year QB. I can easily see Allen in the top 10-15 WR scoring a couple more times and almost certainly this year. There is value in points, even if those points are projected to come to an end in 3 years. Like I said, I probably go jefferson, it just might take 2-3 years to break even then maybe another year or so to reap the bigtime benefits, in which case Jefferson will be 26 or so which still puts him in 1st ro
  17. Ummmmm, it's not though. I probably take jefferson here also, but this trade makes the chubb/allen team better for perhaps 3 years
  18. I wish they would use draft slots rather than the actual rookies, then hold a separate rookie draft with all the other FFPC rookie drafts. At least for the current startups going on.
  19. For what it's worth in two FFPC startups Waller went before the 3rd rookie was taken in one of them and before the 4th rookie was taken in the other one. He went pick 25 in one and 26 in the other.
  20. I would rather have Irv Smith over Engram and take the chance he is something. Engram has been basically average for quite some time. Lotta drops. Bad QB.
  21. Pick easily. Theilen will be worthless 2 years from now
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