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  1. I have a family member that is an ultimate Karen with a MMJ card in Florida and other than having to go over county lines to shop (apparently every county gets to decide), she has no complaints about it that I have heard.
  2. Hire someone? I know multiple people that would love to fill that role for free.
  3. We have a no trade back rule in my dynasty league, or else the player becomes unretainable. Basically it avoids trading a player to help another avoid bye week waiver pickups.
  4. Why not ask the guy leaving to keep hosting or for suggestions since he is in business and might know a guy...or might let you stay for a small hosting fee?
  5. I really like how much he seems to just enjoy playing live, actually trying to have fun at a concert and entertain the crowd. Having seen some you tube videos like Kiss Guy playing Monkeywrench and the birthday concert with all the guests coming out and playing their songs, giving over frontman status all evening (which is something a frontman never really does) makes me enjoy him that much more. Funny thing is that in general, I am not a Foo Fighters fan. I only know a couple of songs but watching these videos made me want to see more of them.
  6. Lots of debts and kid free living makes for a fun adult life. Not my style, but I see it all the time via work.
  7. So who in here is doing cash out refi for 15 years in NJ and can get me under 3% without points? Assume FBG level credit and under 70LTV. Funny thing as I work for a bank and can't get good cash out rates from our in house, so outside I look.
  8. I thought that the leftists were cancelling her for her transphobic comments recently, not the Trump fans. She is a target of the cancel culture outrage people, not the religious kooks.
  9. So that you can spread the virus around the store and onto all the other items really well.
  10. My first thought went to Raphie, but I voted Christopher. He has the drug addiction, general mafia killer, and was also a rat via his writing/acting desires.
  11. None of these are mlife, which is what borgata is
  12. Kiss now has David Lee Roth opening for them on this leg of their tour. This is his setlist: You really got me Unchained Jaime's crying Panama Dance the night away Running with the devil California girls Ain't talking about love ---encore--- Just a giggle Jump Really solid set list, but encore for an opening act?
  13. I finally figured out timing to get tix to a monthly Billy Joel show at the Garden. Wife's complaining finally wore me down to get them. Hate dragging into the city to see concerts these days. I would rather see them in Atlantic city.
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