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  1. Why not ask the guy leaving to keep hosting or for suggestions since he is in business and might know a guy...or might let you stay for a small hosting fee?
  2. I agree with this if done well and as a more adult level cartoon as opposed to one aimed at the preteen level kids. Imagine this is the thing with it involved in the actual phase 4 rollout, but just worry because I have high hopes for this.
  3. I heard elsewhere that the What If series will be animated and I had the greatest Hope's for it, as the comics were some of the best weird and random thoughts that I can remember. Done well, the episodes of one off random stories could be awesome, just not sure how I feel about this being animated.
  4. And they threw in a random hint to the future movie concepts in the middle too, which I now look for since they easter egged the last batch of films like that.
  5. Yeah the fact that it was a 3 hour movie came into many decisions I would bet. A lot of fans are willing to see a 4 hour director's cut too, I wager.
  6. The Robbie Reyes ghost rider from AOS was done really well, so I am looking forward to this coming.
  7. The movie theaters of today with the recliner style seating hold so many less people than the old style seating theaters, so the only way to accommodate this many people is to keep it showing more times and with more screens than ever before.
  8. I know it is a joke, but you realize that the CM hate really stemmed from the idiot actress and what she said IRL and had nothing to do with the actual movie itself, other than the SJWs who want to make it sound like there has never been a woman lead in a big movie before and yay girl power, creating a big something out of nothing. But none of that will actually make sense and you can just Reeeeeeee at the people more.
  9. Beware the spoilers that have been leaked. The word is that the footage is real and full blown spoiler.
  10. The spoilers and other wacky movie theories are all over my feed. Between Nerdist and a Marvel page, I am seeing more potential spoilers and some absolute goofy guesses than I can handle, so I understand why someone would turn it off now.
  11. I had my wife do this for me and the kids because of the website is totally crashed. AMC website stinks to begin with and the traffic it must be getting today totally crushed it. Maybe they spend a couple of dollars on an IT upgrade and solve the issues in the future.
  12. Is anything new from the movie in there? Was that the Benetar we see flying in or a quinjet? On phone and work so not really able to watch it.
  13. This is a perfect analogy. Just shows how much better Marvel takes the identical premise and where they can go with a story. 2 billionaires with crime fighting toys.
  14. This is the closest thing that I could come up with too. And it wasn't direct contact with the Tesseract until later in the movie, after she has transformed or mutated into her super self, so we can go with this thought.
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