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  1. I really like how much he seems to just enjoy playing live, actually trying to have fun at a concert and entertain the crowd.

    Having seen some you tube videos like Kiss Guy playing Monkeywrench and the birthday concert with all the guests coming out and playing their songs, giving over frontman status all evening (which is something a frontman never really does) makes me enjoy him that much more. 


    Funny thing is that in general, I am not a Foo Fighters fan. I only know a couple of songs but watching these videos made me want to see more of them.

  2. So who in here is doing cash out refi for 15 years in NJ and can get me under 3% without points?  Assume FBG level credit and under 70LTV.   Funny thing as I work for a bank and can't get good cash out rates from our in house, so outside I look.

  3. On 1/17/2020 at 10:22 AM, Sand said:

    Yes, but interest rates are so low the price of munis has gotten pretty expensive (driving yield low).  I usually have some of this and have none now.  I'll hold some of the levered CEFs, but last I checked they were going for way over par.  Sold out of mine.

    Typically these fall into the "tax free" category, though some have an AMT component.  Non-REIT equities typically get the qualified dividend treatment.  REITs get a different, qualified structure thanks to the new tax law.  Nothing like simplifying complicating the tax code even more!

    I had not seen anything before about changing tax structure on REITs. Are they now better or worse? I have a little too much in them at the moment for the income.

  4. 2 hours ago, Wrigley said:

    Illinois MJ sales taxed at 37%


    black market isn't going anywhere

    Looks like pretty much what most of the legal states are trying to do, but then again, look at the price of a pack of cigarettes in Illinois and compare it to the true price of cigs in the Southern states.

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  5. 26 minutes ago, timschochet said:

    I think I said it because I was tired of the guy I was conversing with saying OK to everything so I decided to end it by saying OK to him back. 

    White nationalism is not really to my taste. 

    But it seems like you are of the opinion that those using this are all Klan based white nationalist racist dolts. I am confused by this. Someone is capable of still using ok and mean ok? 

  6. On 12/22/2019 at 12:44 AM, DJackson10 said:

    Right Wingers hijacked it to start trolling the left and SJWs. However it's been adapted by some Extreme racist right wingers including the New Zealand shooter and others to give it meaning. SO today yes it has the meaning of White Power now. I mostly blame 4chan for this. Nothing but a bunch of immature children living at home getting their ####s and giggles in and now we have this issue 

    A crazy shooter can still be a troll when he arrives in court. They are looking to cement their 15 minutes of fame and even continue it, so to give credit for them doing this as a thing is just falling right into their plans.

  7. 9 hours ago, Jobber said:

    Agreed. Basically a horde of Nazi/alt-righters in the 4chan cesspool hijacked a perfectly good symbol for their ilk to “secretly” use as a white power symbol. Now you see those people flashing it in photos all over the place. At the very least though, they out themselves publicly which is nice I guess.

    I wonder if minority recruitment is hurt by this kind of stuff.  

    Does it hurt being this confused about what happened?

  8. Went to pick there today with my daughter and wowza...the line inside is 15 deep and the drive thru was backed up so far it made me laugh.  Then the army of workers busted out the orders and we were sitting down with a tray being delivered in a couple of minutes.  No wonder people swear by this place and with all of the crowds, not an unhappy worker face in the store and not a single person that did not maintain their politeness too. 


    Oh yeah...the sandwich was really good too.

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  9. 2 hours ago, KCitons said:

    I'm happy for him. 

    And I'm going to be curious to see how things shake out over the next few years. My daughter will be finishing her Biology Masters next spring. Depending on where she ends up, I think they'll be close in salaries. Except she spent nearly 5 years longer to finish school and spent considerably more. (She didn't, but we did). 

    He is definitely in an in demand field, but the best money and best opportunities will require moving to where the work is.  Of course he can stay with the place he is in now and make a career if possible, but 100K a year for a welder is not unheard of in the least.

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