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  1. Many? Really? Other than the 4chan trolls trying to make this a thing, or the Twitter idiots looking for any history of random white supremacist idiots having used the ok symbol in any picture in their history? People can find all sorts of things to "prove" their point yet it does not make them right. Unless you believe the flat earth and the anti vax people too that is.
  2. The hollywooding that people do to make it look like they have a tough decision when someone 3 bets them is crazy. If this is your rent money, maybe you need to reconsider your life choices.
  3. I can top this with the newer Ezpass pay lanes with surge pricing that they have on I95 in Maryland and Virginia. There was an accident on 95 and I watched as the price cranked up as we crawled towards that pay lane entrance. Then naturally with some traffic diverted, the main lanes loosened up and start moving as well.
  4. I think that the ads are based on Mrs O's search history.
  5. I was seeing that the are talking about starting Lock this week in Denver, so any talk about chemistry between Sutton and Lock? Are they on the same page?
  6. Zero and like keeping an online persona different than my real life one.
  7. Cruise I am going on has me in a balcony cabin (look at me) and if I fall overboard, whose fault is it?
  8. Battery longevity is still the biggest issue IMO. What do we do with all the used and useless batteries and how many cars become junkable after 7 years suddenly as the cost to repair/replace is too high compared to value of vehicle.
  9. This is what happens during full employment, we start to realize why there is a percentage of people that deserved to be unemployed that are now hired.
  10. Roast beef, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a nice roll and I am a happy man.
  11. Good work. The trick will be keeping it off and not picking up the bad habits again. That was the toughest part for me, Xmas cookies, Halloween candy and the crap like that. Shrimp and lean beef are both awesome ways to get good meals in without gaining a ton of calories.
  12. It took me many years to really grasp this completely and now I can have a poor diet and eat random crap and still maintain my weight because of it
  13. I figured that you would be in for 5K and not 10.
  14. The thing with edibles is that you have to know that it takes time to hit and can last a really long time. Consistency is a little hit or miss, but watch that thc number and stay in your comfort spot and it is nice.
  15. I have an old pic of a mobility scooter on the drive thru line in front of me at McDonald's and that concept always cracked me up.
  16. That would be awesome to see. I would not to as big as you are talking, but to the size and weight constrictions of the Robot Wars house bots would be good. They run about twice as heavy and adding that much weight capacity to the batteries, armor and weapons would open up some great damage battles.
  17. You can argue that, but you would be wrong. Control your towel and you are not wiping the walls with it while drying yourself.
  18. Biggest difference to me is how fast the smoke is vs edibles. But edibles seem to last a lot longer and if you get consistent product, you will know what you are getting into and how long it takes to hit you.
  19. Renting porn VHS tapes from the little room off of the main room at the video store worked back then, so having a few around today would be no problem. Seemingly unlimited cash at my disposal since no bills to contend with sure makes me want to be there again. We all had cb radios, so I could reach a lot of people easily if I needed to meet up. I'm in.
  20. Went and saw Journey last night and while the group sounded good and Arnel Pineda has a lot of voice and the range of Steve Perry, he sung like he was a drunk guy doing karaoke that could sing, but was refusing to look at the words on the screen. So if you weren't listening to any of the actual lyrics, it sounded great, but to recognize any actual words in the song being played was a bit of a stretch. Strangest concert review that I have ever written in my life, but my wife that is a massive Journey fan was annoyed by him too. Plus the vocals were not being helped by all the electronic aids that they were using. So much echo and vocal doubling or repeating or tracks...other than the echo part, not sure what the other vocal shenanigans were.
  21. Literally nothing. No delivery attempts to house to catch us and I heard nothing back from the sender, although he says that he uses a bogus shipping address so it should not bounce back on him.
  22. I wonder about women all the time, but I sense that is something different.
  23. What do you guys think about all the stories going on about vaping and illnesses that tie back to MJ usage? Bogus cartridges using strange additives and the like. Just curious as wife looking at maybe getting a pen, but I am not certain about the person that supplies the cartridges and the media hype etc.
  24. Should have been 95% edibles from retail shops, so will be fully labeled as such. Might have had a couple of prerolls within as a bonus..lol. I will discuss the no sign rule with wife to make sure no nonsense happens to us. Thanks all.
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