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  1. Ask Baltimore how their city's computers are doing (almost all blocked and shut by ransomware currently) and just know that it is only a matter of time before some random power company gets blocked.
  2. I used to have friends who would talk about banging strange when out and about then I know that they were going home to their significant others after and I had to remove myself from their company for the most part. I found that I could not look the spouse in the eyes afterwards knowing the things that I knew and I don't want to feel complicit in the cheating.
  3. Some type of sediment or something blocking the flow? Did they try to back flush the pipes? Had this happen in past and worked for me, but I am a total home repair donk.
  4. Jim Brown the former running back that spent years physically training himself to become a professional athlete vs me, that has spent years preparing to take on anyone with a Netflix binge watching challenge. Even with the age difference and number of years removed from sports, I would put money on the former athlete. PS: Rhonda Rousey would totally kick my ### too.
  5. If I am picking a fight with anyone, I am avoiding all former professional athletes.
  6. My list for 83 must be different. I have Alan Alda, but my easy choice would be Woody Allen. I might also take on the Dalai Lama and know I could take Ron Paul. I would avoid Marion Barry and Jim Brown for sure.
  7. Creditboards is the forum to assist here. They have tons of people helping tons of people that have been through this very thing before. There will be step by step instructions on what to say and what to not say to these people and ensure that the debt is valid or just a phantom claim.
  8. Has there been a robot yet that has used fire as an effective weapon? Just wasted weight on the bot that could have been used elsewhere better IMO.
  9. Say what? This is a made up thing someone said as a goof to humor a customer. They gave you provisional credit and cleared the fraud, which is good. Thankfully they did clear the fraud for you and the provisional claim went final
  10. The money is not gone forever. The process for disputing fraudulent charges is the same for both debit and credit, however until the charges are reversed, the cash in your account is gone vs the random mystery charge on your card that you know will be gone shortly. Really sucks when you have no cash left in your account and your mortgage is due while waiting for the reversal. Some banks will issue conditional credit back to your account, but that is not a guaranteed thing.
  11. Wow I am seriously impressed with people who can do this and imagine all of the man hours involved to make a 2 minute video.
  12. This has been something that has been built into Star Trek from the beginning and Seth McFarland is just continuing the tradition of showcasing current social issues within the story telling.
  13. You definitely can lose a decent throwing arm via non use. I tried throwing a softball across the diamond from third to first and was amazed at how much more mustard I needed to put on it than I first felt like I should be using.
  14. This show is a true throwback to Star Trek TOS in the sense that they do try to show social injustice and needed change within the storylines, while telling a good story. Look at a couple of the things that they did in that vein: Moclan gender issues Social media "likes" planet
  15. Also don't forget that the power supply in existing case might not be big enough for a new computer. The builds of today seem to require a much larger supply than in past.
  16. There are so many zip codes in NYC that have super rich and super poor. Going to be weird to impliment this.
  17. I was referring to Paul McCartney actually, but Pete Best might have been better. Don't think that I have ever seen him play. No one ever was heard to say that they wished they could play the drums as well as Ringo is all I am saying.
  18. He wasn't even the best drummer in the Beatles.
  19. I agree that almost any Male with athletic training would do well in a fight with a super lightweight fighter, but her knowledge of submission holds and ability to bend and force people to tap out would take down more people than you might envision. Toe to toe fighting gets her killed 99% of the time, no doubt. But throw some mma at me and I know that I would more than likely lose to her and I am a 245 pound guy.
  20. I think any professionally trained mma fighter could beat up an untrained person of equal size and stature. Choke holds and submission holds are a real thing and while the man would have a huge power advantage, a well trained mma person should win. That said, all things being equal and no shot, other than that true one off lucky moment.
  21. Do not be afraid to talk to someone close to you. That is what they are for, the tough times.
  22. You say that and yet during every movie up until Capt marvel came out, not a word was said about any of the females in any of the movies prior. Black Widow...loved in all her appearances from Iron Man 1 straight until her death. Scarlett Witch...loved her and she might be the strongest Avenger arguably, which also had zero grumbles from the mysogonyst crowd. So the anti female mantra does not fly. Anti sledgehammer of a mantra at us is viable and being called out for what it is.
  23. Yes it is his blessing and his curse. He rapid fires some questions at celebs and throws them off of their past answers that they have burned into they brain and they start just speaking during the interview. But in saying that, he cuts off celebs when they are giving long answers to questions because he has this boredom meter in his head and he feels that their long answers have people tuning out.
  24. So that works with the next Black Panther movie, if they include Namor, adding the Silver Surfer to that mix would mirror the comics pretty well IIRC. Been many years, but I seem to remember Namor going up against or with the Silver Surfer in the comics. So setting up Galactus from there would work.
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