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  1. She called from the home phone? I mean his family was dusted at the house, so assuming they reappear the same spot, the home phone would be right there for her to use, as long as Hawkeye has the same cell number to call.
  2. There is not a single person that works for the crappy, sub standard wage as a server or a delivery person in America that would want a standard wage and no tipping aloud. Not a single one. I worked delivering pizza during college making $2/hour and loved it. Nothing better than cash money and zero taxes being paid, while clearing close to $20/hour 30 years ago.
  3. Mine will take the garbage bag and leave it by the front door for me to carry to the pail. Somehow it is not too heavy to be carried across the home, but too heavy to make it to the main pail. Go figure.
  4. CEO pay has accelerated just like professional athlete pay over the recent years and for some of the same reasons. It is a small pool of super qualified people to choose from and each one wants to one up the dollar total from the last big contract signed before them. I do not think most are worth the amount that they are paid, but let's not act like Joe assembly line worker can suddenly come up to the board room and take over the role either.
  5. My personal favorite is the 1 cube left move, so you don't have to refill the tray. This is a popular move in my house it seems, goes well with the one cookie left in the package and the 2oz of milk in the carton.
  6. The Robbie Reyes ghost rider from AOS was done really well, so I am looking forward to this coming.
  7. The first Thanos in the movie is the retired and satisfied with a job well done Thanos, so easy pickings for the Avengers to beat. The second Thanos is prime time Thanos, which is the massive fight and even without stones, he is doing ok for himself until the stone powered super heroes come to demolish him.
  8. They are really stretching to manufacture drama to keep the show interesting and it is not working. Time to cue up some dead capt Harris nostalgia.
  9. Are Honda engines still bulletproof on mowers? Had Honda in past and loved it then, my Briggs and Stratton current mower makes me want to murder someone.
  10. Doesn't the NHL have teams with financing issues because of their own lack of revenue, or is this old info from the back of my brain? I remember teams being on the verge of ruin because they can't compete fiscally and there being a lot of drama over that and now they have to pay to help support a league no one has heard of or wants?
  11. Did anyone catch what seemed like a throwaway comment about earthquake in Ocean by Wakanda? Is that their way to foreshadow Prince Namor as in the next Black Panther movie, or am I stretching too far with this?
  12. So what you are saying is that Chase received an emergency high interest loan that they have since repaid to our government, which made a profit on the deal?
  13. But here is where you are wrong, as the comics have been so far ahead of teh curve on inclusion for years now and the comic book nerds (as you happily call them) are not complaining about that. Also, if you actually read my later comment, I do not mind female superheros and high powered ones in the movies and have been enjoying them without complaint for years. What annoys me is that in a movie where there are multiple super powered women and they feel compelled to try and uncomfortably jam the girl power scene on us with the subtlety of a street corner preacher. Meanwhile the super powered women have been kicking tail for years and for many movies without a single issue, so that is the real moment to celebrate, if you need one that desperately.
  14. Yes, but the Gamora that survived is from years ago, while she was still Thanos' daughter and not the one that was working with the gotg for a couple of years, if that makes sense at all.
  15. See this is more to my point about the forced girl power moment being shoehorned into the movie when it just is not needed. This movie was chock full of female heroes kicking ### and having multiple of the strongest of them as well with Scarlet Witch, Capt Marvel and I would also include the ancient one (slapping Banner out of the Hulk makes her a total top end badass to me), so why not focus on the actual characters of the movie and celebrate the fact that Marvel has been showing and developing strong female characters across the entire series of movies?
  16. But no worries, they found time to squeeze in their female avengers/girl power moment to get the SJW squeee in.
  17. Even more so, the infinity stone usage wrecked Thanos too, which is even more a show of their power.
  18. The movie theaters of today with the recliner style seating hold so many less people than the old style seating theaters, so the only way to accommodate this many people is to keep it showing more times and with more screens than ever before.
  19. When they figured out exactly how to mix the humor into the comic book action, that was when they really picked up steam and started to roll with all of the more random characters.
  20. That is one thing that no one is really bringing up. The fact that the dusted people knew that they were dusted and are now back. What a total mind trip that must be for them and then Dr Strange having to give the run down to Spider Man and the Guardians before slinging everyone back to Earth for the final battle royal would be an amazing extra scene for the director's cut dvd release later on.
  21. Burlington is fine and yes, it is not the store that it used to be before ownership changed. Tailoring thought is still the same.
  22. I know it is a joke, but you realize that the CM hate really stemmed from the idiot actress and what she said IRL and had nothing to do with the actual movie itself, other than the SJWs who want to make it sound like there has never been a woman lead in a big movie before and yay girl power, creating a big something out of nothing. But none of that will actually make sense and you can just Reeeeeeee at the people more.
  23. Get a decent wool suit from men's warehouse, have it properly tailored and you will be fine. Just to avoid the sticker shock. Tailoring can be really expensive.
  24. Monoprice.com has bulk pricing on generic wires. They have been good to me in past.
  25. Beware the spoilers that have been leaked. The word is that the footage is real and full blown spoiler.
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