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  1. I also think that he has work to do to make the hall of fame because of the slow start for his career, so that is added motivation to continue dominating for years to come.
  2. Yeah, well, it would have been nice if he could have done that in W15 or W16. Two of his three times doing it were when I didn't have fantasy games, W14 with the bye and W17.
  3. I won in the league I faced Kamara and lost in the league I had him.
  4. I thought I had 3rd place wrapped up with Kamara. But with him having Gaskins and Evans, I’m now projected to win by 2. 😐
  5. Just in time to get me 3rd place ... while costing me 3rd place in my other league.
  6. Agreed. Wtf would he be in now? Wish Davis didn’t have such a good game last week so I could have started DJM instead.
  7. It's an easy name to remember. I've been trying to forget it for two years.
  8. Anybody else in a close matchup for the bye and have Tyreek going, while the opponent for the team battling with for the bye has Mahomes? 😐
  9. Can’t argue No. 1 or 2. I basically think he’s inarguably top 3. I have him in dynasty and am glad someone turned down Tyreek for JT and a 2021 2nd after I lost CMC.
  10. I was sure someone was going to have said Fuller.
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