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  1. I traded for Chase in both my dynasty leagues on the same day 10 days ago.😆
  2. “This is huge. This could determine the game” on 4th and goal from the 1 up 35-3 end of 3Q. What are these announcers smoking?
  3. The good thing about rebuilding is you can wait until CMC is back healthy and he recovers his elite value.
  4. Yeah, while this team was winless last season, I saw it had Burrow and Lawrence for me to build around in SF. As well as DaVonta Smith. I somehow left him off of the players I traded away. And that I had some trade chips in Chubb, Mixon and MT. Though you start 2 RB, 3 WR and 3 regular flex in this league. So my team had a woeful lack of depth. You can start 6 WRs, and I only had DaVonta Smith as startable (with MT on IR). In four weeks, I turned that into Chase, DJM, MWill, Deebo, Toney, CPat, ARob, Boyd. And actually improved my RBs while doing so, while maintaining Borrow and TLaw. Of course, I’ve given away almost all my future picks. But I did target young players who can win now, but also win later. All isn’t lost for you. I’d just consider it part of the rebuild. The key for you is to wait until CMC comes back and puts up a good game or two, then see what you can get for him from a contender. In a rebuild, the best thing is that players aren’t worth what they are now. They’re worth whatever they are at their peak. Since you’re not winning now, you can wait for them to hit peak value and sell then.
  5. Yeah, I didn't see that roster as competing this year with CMC, and now even less likely. Here's what I did with the orphan team I took over which I decided to go for it, as a comparison. In this one, I've made 13 trades since taking over the team two days before the start of the season. This team was actually winless last season, so I'm hoping to take it from last to 1st. Gave: Chubb, Mixon, MT, Fant, Tua, Winston, Henicke, Njoku, Hines, 2022 1st and 2nd, 2023 1st and 2nd, 2024 1st Got: Chase, Kamara, Najee, DJM, MWill, Deebo, Kittle, Toney, Moss/Singletary, ARob, Boyd
  6. I mean, I'm kind of wondering what you're doing. DJM and possibly now Marquise are guys to build around, as of course are the two 1sts. My thinking in a rebuild is get young talented WRs (and QBs if SF) built up along with picks, then draft RBs, the position that is more tailored for players to come in and succeed as rookies. I took over two orphaned dynasty teams this year too, SF PPR with TE premium. I decided to rebuild on one of them and win now on the other. So for the rebuild so far I've traded Burrow, Godwin, MWill, Diontae, Wentz, and 2023 2nd for Chase, Fields, Claypool, Gainwell, a mid-2022 1st, mid-late 2023 1st, Renfrow. So you see the plan there to get some talented young WRs and some extra 1sts. Didn't necessarily want to trade Burrow, but I did it to get the 2023 1st along with Fields. Then with Fields, Lance and Javonte, I knew I was in full rebuild mode despite my strong WRs and traded to get Chase and Claypool to fit that plan. I'm not sure what your plan is. Like why are you worrying that your RBs are weak when you're rebuilding this season anyway? Having weak RBs is how you manage to get a good pick while building up your WRs, and then you can hope to draft RBs ready to be on a competing team right away.
  7. Guess it depends on your record and other players. But cuffs are overrated if you can get a guy who will start for you, and it sounds like as your WR2 no less.
  8. A late 1st and late 2nd isn’t much for Zeke. I would want a decent prospect who might have been a borderline 1st/2nd last draft plus the 1st.
  9. Then I’d trade that depth for better starters this week. Because your depth won’t matter if you don’t win this week. I’ve started 1-4 twice before in about 60 leagues played over 25 years. I’ve only missed the playoffs twice in those 60 leagues, and both times came down to the final week of the regular season. This is how I’ve done it when starting 1-3 or worse. I sold out to win every week. One of those times, after a 1-3 and 2-5 start, I barely took a rag-tag group into the playoffs after selling off all my big-name players and diluting my team multiple times to win the next game and get into the postseason, and I won the title. Because anything can happen if you get there, but you’ve got to do whatever it takes to get there first. That’s my philosophy when my team starts poorly.
  10. Yeah, that’s how I felt about it. Plus I liked the idea of pairing Chase with Burrow. Now, I just traded for Chase in my dynasty where I’m building. Gave: Godwin, MWill, Diontae, Stevenson Got: Chase, Claypool (ChaseX2!), P Campbell, G Davis, Parham, 2022 2nd Figured that the two Chases will go better with my youth movement that also includes Lance, Fields, Javonte, Waddle, Toney, Carter, Freiermuth and an extra first in the next two drafts.
  11. I don't agree. I think when you're 1-4, you sell out to win this week, then you sell out to win next week, then again the week after. The cardinal sin of fantasy football is losing a must-win game with assets on your bench. I would look to trade CPat for an upgrade to your lineup this week.
  12. Only problem is CPat being on bye for your must-win game.
  13. I don’t think many will like my side of this, but I decided to overpay to get Chase to go with my Burrow in SF PPR. Sent: DK, Higgins, Renfrow Got: Chase, Toney, Frisker, Parham
  14. Maybe with one day to prepare before game, the Dodgers should have got a good sleep and focused on the next step rather than waking up hungover from having celebrated winning a wild-card game when they are the defending World Series Champion.
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