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  1. Soap removes odors by washing away the bacteria that cause them. Scent has nothing whatever to do with it.
  2. What "principle" would that be? The screw you one? The one that is really judgmental? I find that the penalty of paying $16,000 for three days electricity is way out of proportion to the "offense". Making you feel righteous is of no concern to me. I am more concerned with what is just and fair. Also, I'm kind of not into the strawman of not paying at all and paying thousands of dollars as being the only two choices. I do like this part, though: Nothing like blaming the poor and a nice lecture on saving to bring on the warm fuzzies, is there? Do try to remember that if
  3. Nope. We just don't do any of that stuff. I reckon I'll just donate and not worry about it. Umm... How do I do that?
  4. I use Colgate- Great Regular Flavor. My dentist didn't even know they still made that stuff. I just checked. That Tom's crap has no flouride. No thanks.
  5. What sandwich goes with honeysuckle? Handwashing is great. Why would you want to add another smell to your hands? I don't want minty fresh hands.
  6. I don't use any of those social media sites. How do I show you a receipt? (Those sites give me the heebie jeebies.)
  7. I agree, consequences are important. But I fail to see how the Lord of the Flies solution really teaches anything to people who had no idea this could happen in this extreme way. Somehow, I think just the idea of this taught them something pretty gosh darn important. How do you even know what electric provider your friends/acquaintances have, anyway? That seems like an odd topic of conversation. I don't think I know what anyone's provider is. And just because you know some better-off ones, doesn't mean they all are. Perhaps a better remedy might be to prorate the cost according to t
  8. Do insects follow you guys around trying to figure out where the flowers are?
  9. We have guidelines for what to do when restrictions are lifted. Ours got lifted today as well.
  10. This sounds really nice. Schadenfreude and all that. The problem is that I don't think this consequence was made all that clear to purchasers, espcially since this scheme doesn't really exist in other states. Also, in all time this has been an option, I don't think the price swings have been even vaguely close to this large. The only lesson many of these people would learn from this is that homelessness is keen. Who pays for that?
  11. It definitely goes back to the deregulation of 2005, when Rick "The Hair" Perry was gov. Instead of a single provider being available, Texans got the "privilege" of shopping the marketplace for one. Sometimes you get cheaper electricity, sometimes the shaft. It's like going to a restaurant and buying fish at market price without checking what that price actually is. The act also made it not worthwhile to build new plants or upgrade older ones. We just kept the crap. That's why Perry was made Energy Secretary.
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