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  1. I totally got the sarcasm. I figured I'd heap on the scorn.
  2. Nope. Still not okay. It's only fine if you're four or under.
  3. And now we'd like some help from the FBG Brain Trust. What the actual cluck is this?
  4. Bonus time! Always room for more. It's not as if one or two more songs will add much time to the channel. Bonus Faction - Set Your Goals - CIV Also: Can't Wait One Minute More - CIV
  5. Politico - Cult of Personality - Living Colour Radio Alpha - Texas Rodeo - Jim Croce The sound quality is going to be a bit off on this one. It was 1966, and the album was made for $500. Radio Omega - Working at the Car Wash Blues - Jim Croce Lilith Fair - The Troubles - The Roches Somehow, they haven't been dafted yet.
  6. I slept for about thirteen hours last night, and I don't have Covid. Get well soon.
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